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Zeroing Record Broken Again – Now 114 Billion Power

New High Zero – 114 Billion Power Zeroed to 9 Billion Power

The old zeroing record has been broken, as we all knew it would. It took a while for 100b to be broken, but we’ve now had two 100b+ zeroings in two weeks.  There could have been several more,  but defenders have managed to log on and change hero gear during their zeroings and cap a hero or two. Small consolation, but kept them from being featured here. Unfortunately for (+Ch) t5555 of k352, he or she did not ever get on, so we have a new high zero. t5555 started at 114,239,478,335 power and finished at 9,174,856,115 power, a drop of around 105 billion power total. Here’s a before shot:


K352 is still a protected kingdom, so the non-native participants in the zeroing all used multiple Random Ancient Teleports (considerable numbers in some cases) to get there. iBrij of the alliance AmpZ is who sent us this specific information and screenshots, so much of this will be from his and their point of view since that is where we obtained our information. He also led the vast majority of their rallies. This is the initial scout, and what t5555 was wearing. Folks, don’t go offline in Hermes please. It doesn’t end well.


The initial scout showed nearly 3 billion T4, and no meat shield/cannon fodder. Given that the majority of the inhabitants of k352 are located in the Eastern hemisphere along with the Hermes gear, iBrij and AmpZ decided to try a YOLO rally. They used three sets of custom cores at first, one of each troop type. iBrij estimated the minimum required stats to zero out t5555’s defensive/health stats, both overall and troop type, by the building list from the scout. Then iBrij stacked attack after achieving those minimum values along with a small cushion to add a margin of error. Here’s the first hit:


After the three custom core sets burned out, iBrij switched to Zeus and Ares. Once the initial 150% march size boost expired, a “bargain” march size boost was used, since it seemed apparent that t5555 would not be getting on.  Here’s more hits along the way:


Here’s the final solo:


And here’s the ‘after’ shot, along with a shot after the first rally, and a shot of the obligatory gathering that occurs whenever someone big is zeroed:


Here’s a few interesting stats from the zeroing. AmpZ and iBrij tallied a kill/death ratio of 3.8 throughout the zeroing, which is quite good for such a large number of troops to kill. t5555 started with 466 million kills, and finished with ~1.225 billion kills, so 758 million kills versus 2.9 billion T4 lost. iBrij said that the whole zeroing took about 3 hours and 20 minutes, and that he accounted for about 700 million of the 2.9 billion total kills. Another alliance started hitting most of the way through, but he did not specify which one. As all of these articles end, please check your gear and shields before you get offline and keep your notifications on. It’s way cheaper than rebuilding this many T4.

If you witness or take part in a zeroing that tops this one, record info and take screenshots and send them in to mhy@insidegameofwar.com or lubears@insidegameofwar.


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  1. Just out of curiosity, what indication did these players have that t5555 wasn’t going to be on? Was there something personal against this player or insider information they weren’t on? Or is there a group of players that go around looking for huge accounts in crap gear and monitor for awhile to see if they haven’t been on for a while and just go for it?

  2. So $700 for 700m t4..

    When I quit in mid 2014 you could get a 200m t4 account for $2k. When I quit a second time (lol) in October you could pick up a maxed 10b account for $2k. What kind of accounts can you pick up for $2k now? I love economics

  3. So that’s about a $1000 + loss with the new packs? nice game LOL
    On a serious note you guys seriously need to stop…just stop, your making the human race look bad!!!!

    • Exactly. What other game are you playing where you just decide to give a company another $1000 to play another couple weeks? It’s ridiculous. Imagine if you had to but a new PS4 every 2 weeks for $1000 and at any time, another player can just brick it online randomly so you have to go buy another one to play. Sony would be considered the worst company in the world for trying to sell that crap. I hope these remaining addicts wake up before it bankrupts them all.

  4. What is amazing is how little research these accounts have

  5. How many packs to speed build 758m t4 these days?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Choose your packs right, buy when spend infernos are on, train troops along with infernos and kvks only (don’t go beyond the 3rd prizes) and you can get away with about 6-7 packs.

      • Wow, packs have definitely inflated a lot since my playing days if 6- packs will get you 758m T4 troops. The game is obviously all catered to research now instead of training

      • If you could boost troop queue even more and utilize all those 600, 700… 1000, 1500 and 2000 days, could get even more troops with those packs.

  6. Makes me wish that Mtmmmm from VEW didn’t get on, W=D, FKYO in addition to Tess and Luball dropped him from 148b to 66b before he managed to get on

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