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The Zeroing of KSA – Former Super Wonder Contender is No More


Another 55 Bil Power Player Zeroed

Just over a week ago, the account of former super wonder regular K S A was zeroed in k252. K S A apparently left the game approximately a year ago, based on having VIP 12, the Xena’s Balanced Set II gear with the gold outline of the full set bonus, a level 50 hero at the start of the zeroing, and on what those that know him outside of the game have reported. The account was zeroed over the course of a several days, and with a remarkable number of hemlocks used by those attacking.

Among those present were SCHOOL BUS from Bx$, Ctesse from nPX, and quite a few other prominent players and alliances. Those two are who I have screenshots with identifiable information from specifically though.


K S A was approximately 55 billion power at the beginning of the effort to wipe the account. He was likely closer to 56 billion power, but I don’t have a screen shot from that power. These are the earliest in the zeroing that I have:


Lots of troops. At the very least, 1.2 billion troops of all tiers combined, based on this screenshot from Ctesse. I don’t know when in the zeroing this occurred, however, so it was likely many more than that to start with.


Apparently, K S A’s hero was level 50 at the start of the zeroing. The first screenshot I have is with his hero at level 57, and it finished up at level 60. Not that this would be any consolation should he decide to start playing again, but it goes to show the sheer scale of troops and number of rallies involved. It’s three billion XP from hero level 59 to 60 alone.

145642929968014559821383231455982096510 (1)

This was his final zeroed power. So ~53 billion power was in troops.


And here’s the final rally and hero capped, which SCHOOL BUS led.


I don’t know what prompted the zeroing, or if it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I doubt it, since it took about 29 hours and ~1.2 billion T4 troops. If anyone that was involved happens upon this article, please leave a comment and let us know. Also, if you could let us know what cores were used if possible, that might be helpful for readers to know as well.

K S A, if for some reason you happen upon this article, we here at iGoW wish you the very best in the real world. You will be missed (in the game).

The takeaway here, and from every article about a massive player being zeroed is: if you have even the slightest doubt that you might be rallied, just shield. And never go offline in crafting, monster, or research gear, as a general rule (though that was not the case here).

What do you think about this trend in zeroing big-power players? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Profile photo of Chris johnson

    Remarkable, since I have seen several 50 billion plus players, sans hero, swallow full rallies while holding the wonder, KSA must have had lots of t3/t2 troops else, I don’t think they would ever have burned. I would like to know how many hits before they burned and cores used.

  2. Learning HOW to zero bigs is actually what should be taken away from this article. I’ve recently encountered large T4 accounts that can withstand rallies without the hero at home while holding the wonder. From what I read in the above article, there must have been a lot of t3 or t2s in KSA. It used to be that if you had a decent set of cores, you could hold a wonder, but now, anything under 60 billion has “none” chance. It would behoove the smaller players to learn more about how KSA was zeroed, and apply it to others.

  3. Ok want to update my comment. About the 38 bil player hit. Sorry all I asked the guy about the hit and his hero was gone. So again sorry not trying to put out false information.

  4. So I don’t really understand. Why post this article? You clearly state he left a year and not even the prominent (rich as a bitch players is what you should have said) couldnt hit him in crappy gear and win? Hahahha that makes me smile.

  5. Everyone is fair game now. I watched last night a 38bil player in frost lord gear get hit and drop 200 mil power by rally and leader was wearing frost cores. This is a game changer for sure.

    • Aren’t you making this up? No way a 38B with full frostlord would lose 200M in troop power from a rally. Something doesn’t add up.

      • LCr hit him. Ask them, it is true. Why would I make it up? What would it benefit?

      • Agree. Even in Zeus and gemmed to the hilt, that rally bounces straight off the defender. Probably loses 50k T2 if even that high.

      • Come over to 527 and let LCr hit all who think they are to large to hit.

      • Some of the biggest buffons in the game… they will hit you alright, just to say they did… they are perfect example of the more money than brains mz fools that plaque the game. Doesn’t mean they win… just means they don’t care how many troops they lose. Battle of attrition and wallets with them – that’s all.

    • xGOLDSx,

      There are only three scenarios in which this hit could be possible and to preface it would require that you reset the 40k enough times to get the perfect DD special bonus.

      First: the 38 bil player would had to have been well over the nerf limit with t2 or t1, otherwise it is statistically impossible with the hero home. A player in Full Frostlord gear with 800+ mil T4 is impossible to burn in Frostlord gear. Even the perfect Zeus set wouldn’t be able to kill more than 63k troops.

      Second: the 38 bil player had Frostlord equipped but didn’t have hero home and had lots of meat.

      Third: the 38 bil player had no meat, was one troop type heavy, had Frostlord equipped but didn’t have hero home and was all villas (no barracks, hospitals, or alter). Even in this scenario 200 mil is beyond what’s possible for any core set regardless of the special bonus. I think you exaggerated when you said 200 the best I can calculate is 178 mil and that’s with 75% one troop type and all strat (being attacked by wild of course).

  6. For starters the Xena balanced set is nothing compared to the current sets. If it had been even haunted Xena it would have been impossible to zero him. 55bil players stand no risk of being zeroed if they have Frostlord which most do. In fact if you set up with mostly barracks you can easily eat all rallies sent your way even if you lose your hero.

    What is currently happening to Game of War has happened with all the big games that have come before Game of War. The model starts out the same, tie people into a time investment and they stay dedicated as they accomplish milestones. Most people don’t understand the time investment creates a stonger sycoligical addiction than money for nearly all personality types. For some it’s so strong they become obsessive and neglec other life essentials.

    GOW has graduated into an accelerated model because the previous final milestone is so easily reached, it’s like a steam engine going faster and faster. They have to amp the excitement or they will lose players quickly. It wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t encounter serious programming issues with the alliance city as a new slower paced direction would have delayed the accelerated model. Just take. Look at the packs these days, they offer 2 mil gold where just a few months ago it was a big deal to get 400k.

    Alas here we are, and unless the MZ developers come up with a truly interesting and unique twist to GOW the game will be nothing but a distant memory for most within 8 months. Even the addicts will quit because zeroing a 50 bil player is more work than fun. The first time is “Epic” and the second also impressive but after that it’s old news. Imagine needing to tap the same buttons over and over for 29 hours to zero such a player. Only to have to tap similar buttons for hours after that to retrain the 50 mil troops you lost in the process.

    Admittedly GOW was very entertaining for me for some time, once I figured out the equations for combat and troop count it became less interesting very fast. A part of me wishes I had not figured it out but once you crack the egg you can’t put it back in…. I can usually predict kills on both sides to within 1% using my equations. I can even calculate exactly what core stats are optimal for specific gear sets. Just two days ago I used a 2 bil account I have to solo a 3 bil in Xena gear that had 40 mil T4 using only 473k troops and burnt it with ease. I guess what I’m saying is the challenge has faded from the game as so many others have also found. It’s just going to get worse too. The T2 nerf made it interesting for a short time as well as the core traps but now it’s common knowledge to nearly all.

    Enjoy it while it lasts the end is soon upon us all.

    • Would you be kind enough to share your equations for me? I have been working on my own for some time and I’m having trouble with it. The math involved in calculating things like this a ton of fun with me just ask anyone I play with lol

      • I don’t believe the account mentioned above of 2bil power only losing 473k troops while taking out 40mil T4 of 3bil with a hero in Xena… even if switching core sets… perhaps something like that will work on players of decent size who are offline and hero in something other than more recent combat gear… that’s the only thing the bigs can count on anymore… of course they will always win hitting the real low powered player below 2-300mil… so to keep things interesting for them they swarm and infest the new kingdoms as soon as they open and hyper zoom to 1+bil – think i am kidding?? check the newest addition k831 – there was a kingdom killing jumper over a bil within hours… and many just shortly behind… all accumulating over 100mil kills in just a day or so… k829 was similar. it’s pathetic really… but hey… at least MZ is making money from them on the avatars. lol

      • I said it burnt it with ease, not zeroed. He shielded after I killed 2.3 mil t4 on the first hit….

        Lord Sky, after thinking about it. I was about to post the equation here but I decided not to for fear of possible MZ retaliation (devaluing their programming) and more importantly, knowing it is what killed the fun for me and so long as others enjoy the game I’ll keep them to myself.

  7. I left the game just before xmas.. best thing i ever done. This is just another example of it not mattering the size of your build or your wallet someone is always willing to spend more and do damage simply because they can.. on the subject of can most these wallet warriors are probably living on a can of beans a day to play the game like this. It amused me for a short while but deffinatley one of the worst games to date. Most deffinatley the most money orriantated game. Peace out gow addicts. Remember u will burn and you will loose your money at somepoint doesnt matter who you are.

  8. I’m sure he quit and didn’t tell anyone. Probably just walked away. I can’t wait for bigger strong holds so I can drop shield and get zeroed then walk away. This game is not fun anymore and selling is useless.

  9. Flushing troops down the toilet, fighting a guy who quit a year ago. What was accomplished other than wasting troops?

    • Exactly my sentiments. There are many within my kingdom who get “kill happy”, and want me to join them for rallies against ??? (anybody) , but, why? I don’t “win” anything (no MZ Prizes), and it costs a ton of RSS and speeds to rebuild a few million T4. MZ needs to change the game so players that want to go fight can go to a “collesium” type of kingdom at anytime, and do battle, and win prizes. And change the scoring on KVKKE’s so there’s more prize ranks to win. I am a rally trap, and 1 hit get’s me prize level 3, about 20 minutes after KVKKE starts, so, why play anymore in that KVKKE? No “upside” for me. (I do it for the heck of it, and to boost my alliance and kingdom points, but it still costs rss to heal and/or re-train troops).

      • First its a war game thats the point is to do battle second there is a coliseum and has been for a long time third there are prizes for the top scorers in every event ke or otherwise. Your prize is having fun if you dont then its not the game for u

  10. So… if any more of you guys wanna quit the hame, find (prik)xxCLETUSxx in #484. Dont just walk away when i will pick up where your leaving

  11. What a colossal waste of troops. The only one who wins is MZ.

  12. It’s just great being free of the GOW shackles and fretting that you will miss your shield reset or heaven forfend a fall that you can join without being zeroed yourself ?

  13. It seems strange that most comments are from guys who have supposedly left the game?

    • The ones who have left the game are the smart ones. Listen to us.

      • Why hang out on this website devoted to a game you quit playing?

      • Because of friends still playing and the desire to help other players with wisdom gained. It’s like if someone underwent chemotherapy and beat cancer. Why wouldn’t they go and talk to other cancer patients and share their experiences even though they no longer have cancer? This game is designed to take your money in some of the cheapest ways possible. truth

  14. Shit game , so i take IT as a warning that u Will be addicted like heroine and tons of money Will be Waisted , IF Will feel IT Only IF its hard earned,

  15. was simply a mercy save kvk points killing, nothing more, & to generate buzz and pass the baton to next generation of mz sponsored players. costly yes!!, testing to see new mixes for big troop count zeroes yes!!, but I tip my hat to guys who spent the money to find out the limits of whats doable. 🙂

    • agree, but why even bother? So you lose a KvK and dont get 7000 in gold chests farming from a KvK victory. So what? The other Kingdom now has to burn off 1.4b in troops and spend thousands of dollars trying to rebuild from hitting this target. It’s better to let their kingdom go broke on this SH than emptying it for points.

    • Something tells me if it survived for a year or more being dormant and not giving up any KVK points, it would have survived even longer… and by the sounds of it in the write up, with amount of hemlocks needing to be used, etc… it might have won for the kingdom many times over those who wanted to try during any upcoming KVK. At least you recognized it was costly… but I don’t agree those who participated need to have a tip of the hat… perhaps a tip in the hat is a better way to put it… I am sure MZ or those sponsoring the event found a way to make token appreciation shown…. the only thing it really showed limits of or what is doable is that $1000 will outlast $990 in a game tossing $1 bills in the toilet. But does anyone really need to prove what happens in a game of attrition?

  16. Biggest take away from this write up… someone got a clue over a year earlier than the rest of the like kind wallet warriors did. Well, let rephrase that… those who participated still haven’t learned, and their grand marshal set are now getting some use. The cynic in me leads me to think SchoolBus and the like got an executive memo handed down telling them to lead a movement to remove a reminder of someone getting smart off the map… sure, MZ could have removed it with a click of a button… but they needed a way to monetize it and what better way than to get it’s game sponsored minions to encourage some unsuspecting lemmings into participating in a HISTORIC event… that way MZ wins on two fronts… those who aren’t game sponsored have to spend to recoup the lost troops and MZ generates more game news that can be published to try and give the weakest of minds something to aspire to.

    Meanwhile, without much fan fare – the app has bloated to a MASSIVE and HISTORIC 1.16GB in size with all it’s EPIC features, and the chronic crashing is happening with RECORD SETTING frequency. Not to be found anywhere else in the mobile gaming industry!!!… (except for it’s twin that was orphaned off to the illegitimate parent)

    The good news is – MZ is regurgitating the VIP con… they had to find a place for all those at 17 and accumulating points… Hero will be next, mark my words as them being prophetic.

    Oh, and on a side note – the newest of kingdoms, the 3 day old K829 has already been consumed by those bored with their established kingdoms with many having broke the 1bil level and kill counts in the 100’s of thousands – all those new little sh 2-5’s a like skeeters in a swamp to the lemmings.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Jeff, you once had an interesting point to make, but now that you’ve made it over 100 times it’s becoming a bit tedious to read. It’s also disrespectful to the contributors to dismiss everything they write with some whacky conspiracy theory or regurgitated cynicism. Seeing as this website and this game seem to bring nothing but misery to your life perhaps it’s time to move on.

      • “It’s also disrespectful to the contributors to dismiss everything they write with some whacky conspiracy theory or regurgitated cynicism.”

        Perhaps you are in position to debunk the “whacky conspiracy” theories or answer to the cynicism if you feel it’s that far off base or outright wrong.

        Show me and others where I am wrong in what I’ve opined or stated… It too easy to just say something is a conspiracy theory to dismiss someone… kinda like those posts you removed from someone else a while back that required tin foil hat to think about… I suppose you never have heard of “easter eggs” in software?… it’s an old programmers trick and a gimmick since code has been around and has been particularly prevalent in gaming software…

        As to the cynicism, it’s deserved for many reasons.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy


        Here is one of the conspiracy theories from the post you mention:

        ‘Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has been subliminally inserted for fractions of a second in place of Athena on EU versions of GoW along with the text commands, “Obey Merkel” and “Merkel is always right.”’

        I would say that common sense alone debunks that theory. As it does the notion that School Bus et al only zeroed KSA because of an executive memo from MZ. It’s obviously not impossible, but hopefully you can agree that the bar should be set higher than ‘not impossible’ to qualify something to be worthy of writing about.

        In any case, regardless of whether the cynicism is deserved or not, it is simply becoming somewhat tiring to read the same things rehashed in different ways. Particularly when it seems to be directed at the contributors who have no other agenda other than trying to write content that others find interesting to read.

    • I totally agree.. although i was never zeroed at a big size i did fall into the trap of spending and checking my shield. Because mz crashes so much and there are so many bugs in the game it put me of as you would get kicked so often.

  17. Profile photo of Troll

    Likely what happened is that KSA work up one day and wondered what the hell he was doing. I’m sure “MZ” misses him and his money. His friends likely have him on LINE.

    Zeroing the Bigs will be a more common event as MZ comes out with stronger cores every week. It means no one is safe… In all likelihood it will expedite the demise of this once great game as eventually the biggest of the Bigs will realize the wasted money being spent or at some point there will literally be a few dozen players left that can afford to play and MZ will not be able to sustain the maintenance

    I was finally zeroed and it feels great, no stress that I need to remember to shield to protect a non-existent investment. I missed my chance to go out in flames and save a few people but hey life goes on and I’m happier without GOW.


  18. It would have been fun to reinforce him with t4 until his troops were whittled down. Tons of easy kills and experience.

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