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Xena’s Valentine Gear – Review

Game of War – Xena’s Gear ReviewXenas Valentine Gear

This is a review of the new Valentine’s gear from the Xena’s Gear set. No sooner have we finished raving about the excellent Fire Age 2015 gear then another incredible set comes along. And with much lower silver costs as well. Xena’s Gear is now one of the largest equipment sets, containing 15 items. It is not linked to any particular event or monster and instead uses a selection of materials found in previous events (including standard materials). All of the materials can be found in Xena’s chests.

This latest set comes with Ripped Heat and Demon Tails being added to the list of necessary materials. Along with Wax and Blue Flames, these are the rarest and most in demand materials right now.

The boosts contained in this set are quite simply stunning, so without further ado:

(Note: You can see our full list of reviews see here.)

 Hoops of Heartbreak Review

Only two weeks ago we were raving about how the Lava Wielders changed the playing field for combat equipment. The Hoops of Heartbreak are arguably not quite as good but they are very very close. The materials required are imposing but these are still 150m and 2 blue flames cheaper than the Lava Wielders. Substantially better than any non-Lava Wielder accessory.

Hero Level50
Item SlotAccessory
EventXenas Gear
Lvl. 6Overall Ranking
Troop Attack30%9
Troop Defense30%17
Troop Health30%23
Strat Attack30%9
Strat Health30%23
Marble Ripped Heart Wax Demon Tail

Pumps of Peril Review

Kapow. There goes the competition for best combat feet. Pumps of Peril are missing a March Speed boost which is a shame, but in terms of combat boosts they have no equal. Much likes the Hoops of Heartbreak, if you don’t have these or the Slag Stomper boots, you are way behind the competition. ‘Only’ 2 super-rare materials required and a relatively reasonable silver price.

Hero Level50
Item SlotFeet
EventXenas Gear
Lvl. 6Overall Ranking
Troop Attack23%11
Troop Health40%4
Strat Attack23%11
Strat Health40%4
Enemy Health Debuff33%2
Strat Enemy Health Debuff33%2
Glass Ripped Heart Wax Yellow Leaf

Vulture Tiara Review

#4 in the Attack List, #1 in the Defense List. The Vulture Tiara is another excellent item. 42% is an enormous amount of troop attack. Elephant Headress and the Hell Vent Helm beat it when attacking with cavalry and infantry respectively, but in terms of an all round item this is the best helmet there is. Only 2 super-rare materials required and a relatively reasonable silver price.

Hero Level50
Item SlotHelmet
EventXenas Gear
Lvl. 6Overall Ranking
Troop Attack42%1
Strat Attack42%1
Enemy Health Debuff30%3
Strat Enemy Health Debuff30%3
Cloth Metal Ripped Heart Wax

Needled Heart Review

This is the best weapon. Don’t think there is much more to say – look at those boosts. The Ornate Tusk is arguably better for cavalry (gives you a troop load boost at the expense of some March Speed), but this is very nearly as good and works with all troop compositions. The materials requirements are brutally tough though.

Hero Level50
Item SlotWeapon
EventXenas Gear
Lvl. 6Overall Ranking
Troop Attack33%8
Strat Attack33%8
Enemy Defense Debuff33%4
Enemy Health Debuff33%2
Strat Enemy Attack Debuff33%4
Strat Enemy Defense Debuff33%2
Cotton Ripped Heart Wax Demon Tail

Risque Gown Review

Poor Hera’s Gown. It spent so long as the number 1 Armor. The Risque Gown completely ruins its fun by brining a whopping 30% Attack Debuff and 40% Health to the table. This is substantially better than any other armor.

Hero Level50
Item SlotArmor
EventXenas Gear
Lvl. 6Overall Ranking
Troop Health40%4
Strat Health40%4
Enemy Defense Debuff30%4
Enemy Attack Debuff30%5
Strat Enemy Defense Debuff30%4
Strat Enemy Attack Debuff30%5
Cloth Deaths Ashes Ripped Heart Demon Tail


Once upon a time a guide to the best combat gear was incredibly useful. Now you just need to build Xena’s Valentine Gear. Fire Age 2015 gear does offer some competition in the form of its non-combat boosts, but considering how much harder they are to build, Xena’s Valentine Gear should be your first priority. The research boost on the Hell Vent Helm is superb and many people will take the fun of the March Speed on the Slag Stompers over the extra combat on the Pumps. Nearly everything else is out of the equation though. Of course the main issue here is the reliance on a few very rare materials. Building a full set of these requires 36 super-rate materials which puts them out of reach of all but the biggest spenders. The gap between core gear and standard gear continues to narrow whilst the gap between spenders and non-spenders continues to grow.

If you can build only one, I’d probably go for the Gown. Its not that it is necessarily the best, more that it is substantially better than any other options in the armor slot.

Game of War - Xena's Gear Review This is a review of the new Valentine's gear from the Xena's Gear set. No sooner have we finished raving about the excellent Fire Age 2015 gear then another incredible set comes along. And with much lower silver costs as well. Xena's Gear…




Currently the best Combat Gear by a long way. Not easy to build but much easier than Fire Age Gear.

User Rating: 4.07 ( 13 votes)


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  1. How are debuffs calculated? like if i combine 2 or free Items with attack debuff ?is it subtracted from their attack % or does it really mean -25% is you loose 25% of overall attack value?

  2. Profile photo of DTWRP

    I would be curious to see how a set of hero gear with defense/attack/health debuff compares to a set of hero gear with an equal boost in those categories, in battle.

  3. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    Because of the introduction of Xenas Legendary Chests, which give level 4-6 Materials, you can get the best gear at a fraction of the cost of trying to get Fire Age gear through Event chest Epic packs ( theyre near worthless at 1-6 with mostly 1-2 mats ) . Is it posssible MZ is finally catering to the mainstream now,instead of just the whales? Its about time if they are . Hope to see more Legendary chests for other categories . For example , an pack that gives 50 Legendary chests for each event Chest would be vastly superior to the packs that give 150 each Epic Event Chests

  4. We used to be able to see stats at all gear levels, now I just see gold. Is there any way to all those number or from now on we are just ging to see gold lvl stats?Nice website and the addition to the Hero gear is great (i am alsoo going to be sending a great idea for you check out and see if you add to this tool)

  5. This gear is cool, and a sigh of relief for those trying to get Lava Wielders! I think this will be the end of Xena gear. I think something new for spring. Maybe Ares gear in March? If we have learned anything, maybe one should wait until the end of the season to invest. My bracelets and wings are oboslete and kind of a waste in hindsight.

  6. Some stats on some of the Xena’s Valentine Gear are wrong. The Needled Heart for example has Enemy Defence Debuff, not Attack Debuff. Still excellent gear though.

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