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Xenas Crown – Gear Review

This is a review of the Xenas Crown equipment for Game of War which is part of the Xenas Gear equipment set.

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Xenas Crown

Hero Level 50
Item Slot Helmet
Type Standard
Event Xenas Gear
Silver 114,425,000

Xena’s Gear Overview

The Xena’s Gear set was released in December 2014 and is comprised of 5 items. They are all combat focussed and three of them include the new boost – Enemy Defense Debuff.  MZ have stated these are some of the best items they have ever created, and the boosts are certainly looking very high. They primarily use standard materials which is great but the two violent items need a rare seasonal material. Silver costs are expensive to very expensive.

Purpose: Combat Attack/Defense

Without any troop specific boosts or movement boosts, this item is equally suited to attacking and defending.


Lvl. 6 Overall Ranking
Troop Health 36% 5
Strat Health 36% 5
Enemy Defense Debuff 33% 2
Strat Enemy Defense Debuff 33% 2

Total Combat Boost: 69%

The Troop Health boost is great, only 4% below the current best item – the Helm of Fire. Enemy Defense Debuff has only just launched so there are few other items to compare it to. A total combat boost of 69% makes this the second best combat Helmet behind only the Helm of Fire.


The two boosts go well together, both being combat related. This is great all around combat item useful aggressively as well as defensively.


Silver Cost: 114,425,000

At 115 million silver this item is bordering on very expensive.


Cloth Jewelry Marble String

All standard materials for a premium item of equipment is superb. This will be a very widely constructed item. The high silver costs offsets this slightly, but silver is much easier to come by than legendary materials.


The second best combat helmet but much easier to build. This item is going to be extremely popular.


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  1. I currently have a blue reaper hood but can craft a gold xena crown, should I swap?

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