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Xena Valentine Gear and Nian Lion Gear Added

xena-valentine-zian-lionXena Valentine Gear and Nian Lion Gear

The latest Xena’s gear and Nian gear has been added. Full reviews to follow but they both seem very good in their own right. The Xena’s Valentine’s gear has taken the Best Combat Gear list by storm – displacing even much of the excellent Fire Age gear.  A lot of the gear requires Ripped Hearts, which along with Wax is infamously hard to get hold of .

The Nian Lion gear requires a new set of materials to build and it remains to be seen how rare these will be. The main attraction here is that they only require hero level 45 to build and at least one or two of these will top the pre level 50 list I’m sure. Silver costs are fairly reasonable as well.

We also see the release of three new gems. Dynasty Gem, Rose Gem and Scarlet Gem. Reviews to follow!


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