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Who Won the KvK Battle Royale?

The dust has settled and the battle is over, and only one can be crowned victor of the KvK Battle Royale.
There were many tough competitors but the winner is:

C Q (~NBS)
As the winner, C Q (~NBS) has received this incredible reward:
● 5 Million Platinum
● 50 Million Demigod Ultimate Grand Conqueror Gear
● Improvement Material Level 3
● 6.4 Trillion Demigod VIP Points
● 80 Million Demigod Key To Marvelous Auxiliary Buildings
● 300 Jackpot –Demigod Executioner Gear Set Chests
● 300 Jackpot –Demigod Samurai Gear Set Chests

Look for your rewards to be delivered to your email soon. For all other warriors, be sure to participate in
Recovery Events to get your empires back in shape, and stock up on supplies from the Gold Store.


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