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Wolf’s Introduction Video

Hey guys. This is my brief introduction video for the channel so make sure to subscribe and leave a comment letting us know what you would like to see in the future!


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  1. I’d like to see a series on building up for monster attacking – best research path, hero equipment, how to afford that equipment without paying for packs, etc. Thanks!

  2. How long will the game be down and it would be nice if we got advance notification that it will be down. What if my peace shield expires and I get zeroed

  3. Hero point allocation. I’m a higher powered solo trap. 500m power with about 1m troops mostly t3 (because people will solo t3). 270k t4 traps. Lv54 hero. I never know what’s better…troop attack or trap attack hero point allocation?

  4. How about a guide to make rayen work as a team insted of making it a shit fest lol

  5. TutoriAl on crafting….especially secret recipez

  6. I would like to have an update on turtle accounts in the current state of the game in the post lvl 60 hero update. i’m afraid all my hard work building this sh18 turtle will be for nothing with the increasing power of the pay to play ppl with crazy cores and all.


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