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Wild Troops Research plus New March Tree Research – Now Live


All the research times and requirements have been updated on the site.

You can see Wild Troops Reseach here.

The New March Tree Research up to level 13 here.

And the Research Calculator here.

Here are some data points for you:

Wild Troops

  • Research Time: 3,762 years
  • Power Gain: 5 bil
  • Silver Cost: 47.5 bil


New March Tree Additions

  • Research Time: 3,020 years
  • Power Gain: 4.1 bil
  • Silver Cost: 120 bil


Which brings the total research in the game to:

  • Total Research Time: 9,995 years
  • Power Gain: 13 bil
  • Silver Cost: 219 bil

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  1. i havent even finished with these and they come out with new research… MZ, you are gonna lose most of your customers with these stunts you guys are pulling off

  2. Good thing I NEVER play without my tin foil hat

  3. So…. Does anyone wanna talk about how now even profile avatars cost real money? Absurd.

  4. Hilarious comments. If what MZ is doing, wasn’t working for them, they would stop doing it. Or change strategy. But they have figured out its easier to increase the prices to those that are addicted already…nothing to see here…

    • I think you are giving MZ way too much credit for having an intelligent long term business plan because that statement would imply they are having success.

      Perhaps they are if you mean their only strategy is to “milk the most foolish of weak minded fools”… while trying to alienate the vast majority of people who have been playing the game, and will continue to do so until there isn’t enough left to justify keeping the game running;… then, I suppose that is working for them; because the most foolish of weak minded fools are about the only types that will throw real money for the opportunity of having a gold frame around their avatar. But if you think it is for retaining the average mobile app customer or building a large loyal player base, it’s not working, and frankly has failed miserably compared to any of it’s competitors, like supercell or zynga. I think that is about as evident as it gets.

      I think you are correct in one part of your statement though… they decided it is easier to do that, and spend their revenue resources and time launching another similar con/scam than to actually fix their broken POS bloatware apps… Doing that would actually require them having intelligent and competent leadership; and that is something they are completely lacking. Any venture capital investors that put money towards this group should be concerned… but I don’t have any pity on them either… because half of them are likely the same as types I describe above… if they weren’t, they would have never invested with this group in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them are part of the pod of whales in this game.

    • It’s not working for them. Read the comments again. Lots of spending customers are quitting in droves. MZ is just trying to cash out as much as possible before they shut it down. A stable, fair and playable game in the long run would be much more profitable for them, but laziness and greed rule the decision-making it seems. It’s like a shady plumbing company that rips off its customers and then is out of business in a year. Yeah, they could have made much more money over time if they were honest, but too greedy and stupid.

  5. Are the durations base on Original time or with full Mag gear and helps

  6. It appears you ran into the max size of an Integer data type in your database If you look at some of the numbers for resource requirements on level 13 march research.

    • Im trying to read that chart on my phone. What does it actually measure as “interest”? Is it mentions on fb? That’s a huge drop off for sure. It looks like they spent a ton of money on advertising right after it started to climb and then it didn’t pay off as it crashed afterwards.

  7. U guys still looking at this site but bashing the game is what’s funny to me. If u don’t like it then don’t play it. It’s really very simple.

    • Here’s my perspective. A lot of players paid a handsome amount to – in essence – have full access to all features of the game. For those enjoying wonder fights, that feature is basically now denied to the player unless you enjoy running 3m troops against 3.2 million for a near 100% guaranteed loss.
      We are held hostage to basically participate in the racket and plunk down another $1500 to catch up or lose access to a significant portion of the game.
      That is what people are griping over. The change was not gradual, it was sudden within a span of three weeks.

      • You and others like you are only held hostage if you choose to be led by those who pay that $1500 to get ahead of you. If no one participated or bit on the lures MZ throws out there, then they would have to change things… but the problem is there are still people who, for whatever reason decide to swallow every piece of stink bait, hook, line, and sinker.

        MZ has shown they will gladly keep fishing the pod of whales as long as they keep biting.

        Answer – long term bubble… don’t do anything at all. Repeat for as long as necessary.

  8. Here is proof of GOW user interest dropping off dramatically in the last year.. Its now obvious why MZ is focusing on their new game.


  9. It’s no accident that this site and another have articles on converting to a rally trap, on a “budget”. MZ basically gave the middle finger to all mid level players that have the common sense to not spend on the these ridiculous researches. So their only recourse is converting to a rally trap to maintain even just a minimal amount of interest in the game. Soon the packs will be offering year speedups because at this point it’s just numbers and has no relevance to time on perceivable scale.

    • You are right, it’s no accident or coincidence both well known game themed sites are peddling the same idea and MZ propaganda… (BTW – IMHO, there no such thing as a “budget” rally trap)

      I am surprised this site hasn’t re-branded itself and started calling the site “inside Machine Zone” now that it’s taken on the task of promoting the sales and marketing propaganda for the other piece of defective bloatware MZ has tried to hide it’s association with… and it wasn’t too awful long ago when I pointed out my concerns this site was indeed acting as a front operation for MZ, and I got blasted… I’m not hearing anything now and I know why…

      It’s a shame – I used to trust this site was giving me unbiased information, particularly as it relates to core recipes, now I have to wonder if there are older cores and pieces that people may have plenty of that would be comparable to the stuff that the latest and greatest pack contains, but not mentioned in recipes here because it’s not in MZ’s best interest to have people use the old stuff.

      There is another one out there I just ran across… it’s called GOWcraft, and I used it recently and got the best stats for a custom set of cores yet… and many of the pieces in the recipe were older things I had plenty of… not all the newest stuff that makes this sites lists.

      • You’re not hearing anything now because people probably can’t be bothered repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over to you because you don’t listen! The irony is that your type of mentality is what’s best suited to work for those at MZ!

  10. What a waste of money it’s unreal how bad this game had become

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