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Wild Troops Research Data Now Live – Part 1

wild-troops-researchThe First Week of Wild Combat research data has now been added. This includes the unlocking of Tier 3 Wild Troops and research up to level 7 for most of the other researches.

Some stats for you for the Wild Troops Research released on the site so far:

  • Total Research Time (so far): 238 years
  • Total Power Gain: 327m
  • Total Silver Cost: 1.8b

Will hopefully have the rest of the research for you shortly.

Check out the research tree here.

And the Research and Building Calculator here.



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    Waiting on Part 2. Thanks for all the hard work!!!!

  2. It should be illegal for a “free to play” game to have timers that are longer then the average life span of a human being (unless you spend $ to speed them up)…we need some updated laws in this regard.

  3. I was shocked at the research times on Wild troops. I have full magister (or however it’s spelled) and it already up to 100 days plus at level 2 attack for T1 troops. I do spend on the game but I also like my investment to go as far as possible. I know I know it’s for hardcore spenders but I was hoping it was close to strategic troops. Boy am I wrong

    • Wild troops were a nice addition to the game, but I don’t expect I’ll ever use them, would also add I was pleasantly surprised to see existing gear sets having Wild Troop bonuses added to them.

      I unlocked T1 then went to train the next tier of skills…. Over 100 days for Rank 1???? WTF….

      Gimme a break, the only way these will become viable for non whales are when the gold packs come with 10 years worth of speed ups…

      As seems to be a common theme here, great idea from MZ with lousy implementation.

    • MoMoneyMoPowerNoBrains

      There is no “investments” in Pay2Win

      Just very expensive entertainment value

  4. when will Wild troops be added to the tools?

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