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Why I feel sorry for MZ – the economics of Game of War – Part 2

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  1. This is crazy! Silverhair’s post about the terms of service on Oct 10 was also deleted by MZ. They are silencing all criticism and legal challenges.

    • WI finally got to read this on Reddit, and I just wanted to say that it was exceptionally well-written. Took me like 45 minutes, and I’m a pretty quick reader. The quality of analysis is such that it can’t even be argued against, even if someone wanted to. Well done, silverhair.

  2. xxxSALTHEART #136

    MachineZone is strong arming websites to remove any articles that have potential criticisms about them. They are that petty and scared. Please find me on Instagram but sadly you need to google xxxSALTHEART To be able to find me for some weird reason. You will find lots of links and info regarding the steps players and lawyers are undertaking to send a message to Mz.

  3. Can you please define ‘temporarily unavailable’?
    2 weeks is a bit silly.

  4. why is this post unavailable? please advise new address for this posting. i smell infringement on 1st amendment rights under the us constition. i have a right to read what was posted.

    • found the link. nevermind 🙂 great read! i have not agreed to any tos yet and i consider my gow acct has a value as seen by the various forms of real world commercial value which they are currently trying to stifle with their updated tos.

  5. C’mon Silverhair, your silence is unsettling. everything ok?

  6. The analysis I read last week about hyperinflation hit the nail in the head, I had noticed what MZ was trying to do prior to the report becoming available. Hyperinflation had everything to do with attempting to halt the transactions being placed outside the game because I believe a recent decision by US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) that defined bitcoin and virtual currencies as commodities. Consider what this would mean to MZ…..the GOW community had put a value on the virtual currency (gold, silver, food); this determination by the CFTC would now put MZ and all MMOs that have virtual currencies and virtual economies under the purview of the Securities and Exchange Commission. View articles below:



    If you have been a gamer for any length of time you will understand that the gaming industry has been fighting regulatory oversight for years.

    With the ease consumers have now to transfer funds easily between each other and exchange virtual currencies for real cash, MZ had essential created viable economy and MZ is the bank printing the money. The tax man will come eventually for their share. This is what MZ is trying to avoid by stating:

    “You agree that you have no ownership interest in your Game account or any In-Game Items associated with your account, regardless of whether you “earned” or “purchased” such In-Game Items. You agree that In-Game Items, including “Gold,” “Silver,” and any other virtual currencies within the Game are for personal non-commercial entertainment purposes, have no independent value outside of the Game, may not be redeemed for any cash value, and is simply a measurement of your limited license.”

    This state declares that MZ gives no value to your account or its printed currency in an attempt to put itself in a legal position to defend itself against regulatory bodies. Take a look at this excerpt from a report viewed on Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA) website:

    “In contrast to a real currency, virtual currency is a medium of exchange that operates like a currency in some environments, but does not have all of the attributes of real currency. In particular, virtual currency does not have legal tender status in any jurisdiction.9”

    “Therefore, under the Bank Secrecy Act, virtual currency does not meet the criteria to be considered currency because it is not legal tender.10 Nevertheless; it acts as a substitute for
    real currency and can be exchanged for real currency.”11

    “Virtual currencies are also referred to as fiduciary currencies, which means that they have no intrinsic value (i.e. they are not backed by gold, silver, oil, wheat, or other commodities), and their value is determined by government fiat or the market price.”12

    “There are many different virtual currencies. For example, World of Watercraft (WoW) Gold, is used in a game designed by Blizzard Entertainment, and Linden Dollars are used in Second Life, a virtual community in an online game.13 Facebook Credits (FB) can be used to buy virtual goods on the Facebook platform, and Frequent-Flyer loyalty programs offer vouchers and bonus points that can be exchanged for flights.14 Bitcoin is a virtual currency that will be discussed in detail shortly.”


    The idea of virtual currency is debated in multiple reports by qualified educated individuals. The new MZ TOS is more than trying to take ownership of digital content away from consumers who make purchases; the new TOS is about MZ trying to disavow any knowledge of the virtual economy the GOW community has created.

  7. Just saw the latest GOW TOS update. Please note that retroactively slapping on a TOS does not prevent a class action lawsuit for money that was spent prior to Oct 6 2015 when the new TOS was put into place.

  8. Well, just read this article via Google cache and it was fascinating. I’m going to hold off on selling my account on the off chance of being able to participate in a class action lawsuit in the future. I had totally forgotten (and not noticed) that when I downloaded and installed the GoW app there was no ToS that I was required to agree with. Not being a legal beagle I am not sure what the ramifications are to that but it sure seems more than a little unusual. I will stay tuned.

  9. For those who missed it go to Reddit and type the name of “missing” article.

  10. Profile photo of Rob

    I have a sneaky suspicion that MZ used the portion of the article which opined that folks would take extraordinary action against them as the reason for the article to be pulled. Probably a “terroristic threat” accusation. Total BS imo.

  11. Profile photo of LeCat

    Well, it’s happening! I woke up at 3am to use the restroom and had a notice that I’ve been attacked but cannot log into my account until I accept the TOS. I DID NOT ACCEPT! Logged on to iTunes support and started writing emails for them to contact me immediately. Left my phone number and 3 email addresses. Let’s see what happens.

  12. I volunteir myself to spread the article in many ways possible on web. Don’t let your time be wasted. I imagine how long took of your time to write such briliant article. Send me pls and I’ll do the job, Mz wont be able to link myself to you. Your article will be famous!

  13. What thread did you use?

  14. @Ryan – not sure how what you point out, and what author pointed out would give MZ legal grounds to make a claim or demand to the website to remove the article. Perhaps a copyright infringement on having the video displayed link was borderline, but Just because author pointed out the obvious? And second obvious point was there hasn’t been a TOS AGREEMENT with anyone. It wasn’t presented to anyone upon install, before game play, or MZ account creation, or even via email… Again, author pointing that out quite clearly. And as far as class action… I can see that coming for a number of valid reasons… Not just account devaluation scheme, but in-game purchase do constitute an implied pay for service type operation and they’ve failed at maintaining that service for a good many people – IMHO

  15. Want to try and have your voice heard, ask that burning question that never seems to get a reply or if you do it doesn’t even seem related to then original question… Want to send a complaint and perhaps have a little hope it may be seen and read??? I think we all do. Well here is possibility – go to 4:256:512 and you will see several MZ cities – can’t miss them as they have a unique MZ banner – pull a profile on one and go to alliance button – there ya go – now you can see members and have access to mail them. These guys aren’t your tier 1 robots all hate – they a likely the app dev engineers that are strings behind the curtains. Have ago – would love to read a post from someone that gets a reply. Lol

  16. Jeffr – you must be very very young – I appreciate that attention spans are short these days but really …. – anyway I have to assume as well that the post no longer exists for legal reasons.

  17. @Jeff B There was a clear underlying feature of the article I can see MZ would take offense to and their legal team more probable than not got involved in my opinion. First, I will say the article was long winded and greatly needed an editor to remove the repeated concepts. Second, the item MZ would take issue with is the fact that the agreement between the user and MZ is the account is worth $0 USD or nothing. Clearly people sell their accounts and people believe it’s worth something. In the court of law, I would guess they would agree with the users. Just because we checked a box and hit agree doesn’t mean we were completely aware…need lawyer on the legal ease, but it’s not a strong position for MZ. Hence, if a class action lawsuit were to be launched, MZ would be in a risky place. Clearly they provided items in the past that are much more cheaper now. 1 freaking material chest included in your $99 purchase and now you get over 300 of the same chest? The original users spent more money to get where they’re at than new users. Now they’re being told fight and lose and you’ll be merged into another group of people like you that paid too much. Not smart in my opinion, more voices that might say, let’s sue them to recoup the $ we lost by playing your game earlier than others! Anyways, hopefully it get’s posted back after some editorial work, but I somehow doubt it will.

  18. I did. And found it more than interesting. It says too much of the analytical mastermind who wrote it. I use to read much lenghtier material everyday.

  19. In fact, yes, it is for children. The game asks if you are older than 13.

  20. @jeffr: I am also an analytical type, and I appreciate the great detail that silver puts into his articles. I read them very thoroughly and often multiple times to absorb all the data. If you want the TL;DR, then just read the introduction and conclusion.

    That said, I do sometimes wish that IGoW was more prescriptive with its information.

  21. @jeffr must work for MZ. The length and time required to read this article pales in comparison to the amount of time it takes to just to open chests and combine material. This site has done nothing but provide excellent content on GoW.

    @Jeff B What a shame if MZ did in fact have the article taken down. If so, their arrogance and greed knows no bounds. I won’t jump to any conclusions, but its hard not to.

  22. I’m very disappointed Mz is threatening you. If you don’t explain, everyone will reach same conclusion. We all want the article back. Screw Mz. Post somewhere else anonymously. Don’t let this shit company shut up your mouth.

  23. I didn’t see anything in that article that I thought could give MZ legal a legitimate basis for any action. They can proclaim anything they want, but opinions and analysis (even if it’s flawed) are not a basis for any legal threat and unless there is a patently false claim made with malicious intent, they have no standing. I didn’t see anything in that article that would rise to that level. That said – it’s not uncommon for less than honest operations that are looking to conceal unfavorable or highly critical publicity based on the truth to employ strong armed suppression and intimidation tactics with threats of legal actions in attempt to scare smaller operations such as independent websites, etc… to remove or suppress the negative information. Many don’t have the financial wherewithal to employ legal counter measures and they know that, and unfortunatly it works sometimes. I hope that’s not that case in this situation and look forward to the authors of that excellent article clarifying the status of the information that was pulled.

    I agree with one comment that it was excessively analytical and could be hard to comprehend for some, but the points made and conclusions drawn were spot on in my opinion and I believe it was good sound information that people who want to weigh their options about continued involvement in this game should consider.

  24. Did anyone screenshot or copy this article? Can they host it somewhere else and post a link to it?

  25. Oh MZ read it….and their attorneys replied. Truth is a jagged pill to swallow..especially when it cuts into profit.

  26. Removing This Article was BULLSHIT

  27. I hope it’s just gone for editing – I was just about to refer fellow members of alliance and kingdom to the site to give it a read…. It is very good way of explaining the state of the game.

  28. where is the part 1 and what happened with part 2? I was almost at the end of part 2 and now I cant read it! BRING IT PACK! BEST ARTLCLE EVER! DONT LET MZ SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH!

  29. As a big spender myself, I’m very upset that it is so easy for new players to reach the same same level as I have for 1/10 of the money, and speed-ups. Part of the fun of the game was aspiring to be great and trying maintain it. This game is not for children – its for adults with money who would rather spend it on 365 days of fun then a 5 day trip. It saddens me that StayAlive has such power over the game – I strongly disagreed with half of his points for boycotting. All I want to see is the merging of kingdoms with low populations. Want to really fix the game – make it so that players under 100 million have 15 instant resurrections and level 1 and 2 monsters drop those resurrections. Players quit playing because they invest in their hero only to lose it all when the big players farm them. Big players need them to farm, and we need their heroes.

  30. TLDR Game of War economy is inflating at a rapid rate.

    You what drives me crazy about this site? That you post an article 12 pages long where the entire contents of the article could be said in 2 pages. Like seriously? Nobody will ever read all this content.

    You make the content appear analytical and prove 10 points that all lead to the same conclusion. Whoever writes this stuff needs be WAY MORE BRIEF.

    I would bet a lot of money that no one ever will read even 50% of this article.

  31. I read it and it was brilliant. Just came back for comments to see it gone! Hmmm…. have the MZ t4 legal team already shut this brilliantly incisive article down ?!?!

  32. Please bring article back up

  33. thanks and congratulations for the effort, is really amazing. in my view this increase has another reason, I started to play the past September 2014, to reach 2 bill you had to spend at least 10000 dollars, now to do that you just need maybe 1000, and that has an explanation, MZ is trying to maintain the players to quit, make them cheaper rebuild, and tempt the smaller guys to growth and be competitive, the problem here is MZ haven’t been able to deal how to maintain the profit rate with this inflation, their answer were in two ways GEARS and research, if you remember MZ released the fire age gears, and the costs to get it were too high, they dropped the rates of all chests, waiting everyone spend more money, but the answer was the opposite, at that time they released MARCH tree, the same objective, but the results weren’t what they were expecting, they started to support the players with more speed ups, but again the did wrong again, DEFENSE tree, and later SET BONUS, so the road was too high and put the things so bad for most of the players, now with that research you could zero easily a bill player. but the bill player or below wont have the money to try to growth and be safe, so the answer from MZ have been more and more speed ups, to have the people exited with the chance to be at last be strong and competitive, and that is happening now, in my alliance the guys that always were farmed and played just for social, now are growing and fighting. but following MZ politic, more speed ups more chests, harder to get the new GEARS. but that needed to explode someday, and is happening today. so concluding MZ is in a tremendous problem now, how keep their super high profit if the players quit the game because they are not available to follow this stupid increase in the money they ask to get the new GEARS and research. well I think I see their answer in the DUNGEON DRAGON, MZ is trying to move the gameplay from a war team social game, to a more personal game.where you invest and don’t lose easily your “money”, but that is a big mistake as the city was. Sorry guys but the game was screwed by their own creators. and the only way they can fix this, can be the temple, to keep ppl fighting. and modify the rewards for battles etc, in a way that worth to lose 100 dollar or more per KVK.

  34. Briliantly written and spot on in so many ways!!! I enjoyed reading it and agree with the conclusions of many points and mostly on them having essentially 1 shot at getting things on right track. Unfortunatly I think both MZ and StayAlive shot from the hip without thinking a couple days ago and made some bold proclamations that people will and already are holding them accoutable for, and by looks of it, they’ve failed already. Unfortunately I don’t share the feel sorry for MZ sentiment, but do believe in end they will get what they deserve. Their legal department and expenses likely equal their technology expenditures at this point and I suspect that legal will even surpass it in coming weeks and months. The move of tech to Nevada isn’t just because it’s a great state… Know what I mean??? 😉

    Nevertheless – all of what you say in article will be damned and pointless if they don’t do one thing very quickly – and that is make the app stable enough to work on the all platforms and devices they certified the apps to run on. Right now they have failed miserably with that, and it’s impacting their bottom line no doubt – StayAlive has run out of gas in the save our ass department, and actually represents everything wrong with the fundamental structure of the game.

  35. Poor MZ with only 1.4 million in daily revenue, let’s all shed a tear for there difficult struggle and tough times.

  36. You really outdid yourself. Unbelievably good work Silverhair – this ones a keeper. Nailed it.

  37. Excellent article! As always Silverhair and Slaggy have provided information on their website above and beyond. Inside Game of War has been an invaluable tool to help me in all aspects of the game.

    Imo, MZ knows all of this. If they really cared about the players they would have done more to curb the inflation, even if it meant decreased income on their end.

  38. GOW was the single most expensive game I ever played. I truly miss the wonderful personal connections I made but this article shows exactly why I could never sustain playing. As always, thank you for your cutting insight, Silver. ^_^

  39. Profile photo of Rob

    How will MZ ever compensate those of us who spent serious money completing research trees? I must have spent 5x the money someone new to the game will have to spend to reach a similar level.

  40. Well written, and well thought out. A+ article relating to the economic and political happenings in gow.

  41. Agree with above commenter. Great post, love the analysis. MZ needs to hire an economist STAT! I hope all MZ leadership reads this post.

  42. Whoa….I just did a brief skim of this article. And to say its overwhelming is the least of the words I can think of. Where did you find the time to do this analysis? LOL. But seriously, I hope someone from MZ reads this article. You bring up a lot of valid points. GOW can end up being the star that burns bright and hotter than other stars, but burns out much, much faster if they don’t address some major issues a lot of us players have with this game.

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