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Who is the best turtle / trap? – Guide to solo defense turtles in Game of War – Part 13


Does your kingdom have a great turtle / trap account?  And how do they compare with the best of the best?

This site has an updated leaderboard for power / kills / enemy power destroyed.  That will not work as well for turtles / traps, so let’s see if we can come up with a slightly different approach to find out who really is the best of the best turtle / trap.

In part 12 of this series we gave our view on how the turtle / trap game has evolved over the past 6 months or so since this series started.  And it was a mostly optimistic view that there will always be a role for a solo defense turtle.  Not everyone agrees with that perspective.

Now we are interested in hearing from the best turtles / traps in the game as to how they have seen the game evolve from their perspective.

We are seeking nominations for the best turtle/ trap in the game, and we are primarily looking for solo defense turtles, not larger traps designed to take full 2.375M rallies.

If you would like to nominate the best turtle / trap in your kingdom, please send an email to turtle@insidegameofwar.com, and include:

  1. kingdom number
  2. the player name of turtle
  3. their alliance
  4. their current power level
  5. number of kills
  6. enemy power destroyed

And of course, it is easiest in this situation to simply screenshot their profile and email that through.  I know how frequently good turtles change their names and identifiable characteristics, but a snapshot of profile makes it a lot easier to track them down.  Simply posting a comment on this post of K48 jugganought is not all that helpful, as whilst a lot of old school players know the name juggernought, tracking the account down with a single letter spelling mistake on a commonly used name like juggernaut makes it very difficult to find the individual.

Ideally what we are looking for is people who are approaching a 100:1 ratio on enemy power destroyed : power.  For example 5B power destroyed, 50M power.  And we want nominations from younger kingdoms as well as older kingdoms.  Those who succeed in continually taking hits despite having well over 100M kills are the kind of people we are looking for.

So, please send in your nominations.

We will then contact them to see if they are willing to get involved in sharing their thoughts on the evolution of the turtle / trap game.  It may be that some of them have retired from the game, and if so, we will try and honour the best of the best turtles / traps in a future post.

Let’s see if we can convince a few to come out of their shells, to take off their masks / disguises, and share some of their thoughts.  Remember, please send through nominations to turtle@insidegameofwar.com.  The more detail you can include the better.  Thanks all.

Who knows, we might even put a crown on one of these turtles.  (^:^)



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  1. Earlier today zeroed a 200mil power player with 17mil t1. He also dropped 130mil power.

  2. The game has changed too much for a solo trap to be anything more than a points machine. In the last KE over half of my alliances top 10 points scorers were solo traps under 700M (we are the largest power wise in our kingdom at over 800B total power). But you can’t hardly cap a hero anymore as a solo trap with the 925k solo March size and cores like FB and Zeus out there. Here’s to hoping that soon enough there will be a way for a solo to survive a hit from a 100B Max research player sporting Zeus loaded with defense debuff gems. And if you’re looking for the best still… His name is Pcas and at 675M, he has more kills than power.

  3. Heisenburg in 418….100 mil power and has over 200 mil kills and close to 7 billion power destroyed….best solo I have seen at that size. I could not beat him with any set of regular gear and I am 30 billion in power.

  4. I have just made the perfect rally trap. I can cap a hero of a cored rally (even set cores like odin, emerald dragon, etc.). And if I boost correctly I don’t even core but just use my regular haunted xena gear. Most of the time only t2 go to beds and I don’t even clear my 1.5mil beds. I just heal and am ready for another hit. And it’s possible to have t2 and not burn. You just need to have the right build.

  5. I’m sitting at 100 mil kills in K330 at 325 mil power. Have 15 mil T2 and 4.5 mil T3, all reg. Before this I used to be a sub 70 mil trap using 10-14 mil T1. To put it simply, an SH21 T1 trap simply is not worth it anymore. I have kuniochi gear with a few pieces of haunted kuniochi gear but even with that, cored 600K solo hits would cut right through 2.5 mil T1. Yea, I win points wise but training that many troops back after just a single solo hit simply isn’t worth it. With my current set up, I use 600K beds, 2 barracks, and 3 villas. I can take 600K T4 with any non-core gear with ease. For cored hits, I end up with around 1.2 mil wounded/dead when hit by a full set (fisherman, ra, etc.) and closer to 800K wounded/dead from a mix batch of cores. I can also take non-cored rallies and win points wise.

  6. hahahaha lol it doesnt matter how big someone is in power, its how much they invest into there cores that will decide how good or bad the hit will be, I ran a trap k80 AFROZZz that at 40mil could dual solos from any power in perm gear, my mixed setup could take a hit from any cores and win on both points formats, now I run a much higher trap at 500mil called AFROZZz in k60 that can take on any core solo hit, any player no matter power. actually it would take a lot to do damage, biggest key to trap is knowing where to take a hit and your set up

  7. 418 has the best solo traps

  8. I have a 200mill sh21 trap acc.. can take a hit from 7bill power very well

  9. Hospitals are a waste of space in a rally trap. You cant hold the T1/T2/T3 troops you will loose and catching T4 doesn’t help you on points, rebuild savings are marginal at best if you screw up that bad.
    Go all barracks and villas up to the points of diminishing returns on troop training speed. Train 6 million each T1, T2, and 2mil each T3. As many T4 as your budget can handle…2mil each is ideal as you won’t get counter rein to a 1min hermes rally. Have at least one mixed core preset, ideally 3 troop counter presets. Check it’s not a 1 troop rally before you pop core, or instant dirty port before they can switch out of hermes.
    Shield or hide somewhere else while you pump out the T1 you lose each hit as fast as you can and be ready for the next set.

  10. Built a new turtle account with a couple packs and gifts from my 4 bil main. He is 400mil power, 360 million of that is T3 troop power, 5mil each reg. No strat research, no T4 research. 760k beds. 4.7mil kills, all of them T4 for 169 mil power destroyed in only 2 KEs played. Eats cored missile solos whole and is yet to loose on tier points (not viable for pd events). Has cappped 4 perm geared heros that tried sending single or single in colossus, sammi, fire age 1 troop. Instant heal cost for full hospitals 10k gold. 40k gold prize takes 1 hit. It is simply the best cored solo missle trap in GoW. Hehe. No I’m not providing screenshot for identification.

  11. I am in 386 and have over a billion power destroyed for around 50M sh power normally so easily over 50:1 ratio, though internal conflict in kingdom made me push power up a little. I have gotten 2nd place back to back in coliseum for the 15-20 bracket since I am sh16 kills. My kills are over 50M and can eat cored solos. In one event I scored more points than some alliances by myself.

  12. i am 92 mil with 76 mil kills and 2.5 billion power destroyed…not close to 100:1 but still can win any non core hit…..i run 1.5 mil t2 and 1.2 mil t3….880k beds

    • I am now 97 million, 3.9 billion power destroyed..106 million kills

      • What kind of gear are you rocking? With the max march size being 600k now, how much of that 600k do you kill per march? You are by far the lowest power trap that claims to effective I’ve seen since the march size increase.

      • reg….I run same troops…2.8 mil total still. With the new 600kmarch I lose 4 mil to their 7 mil…and that’s from a 30 billion , hero 60 in glowing colossal…..in that hit they wounded 487kt2 and I killed 187k t4 …..my 125kt3 traps were not touched……….I now have 116 mil kills …i am 98 mil power since i had to hero up to 55………..i run 2 set ups in gear…the one i wore with this hit was 710 attack/ 800 health and 760 defense….238 attack debuff..100 health debuff.

      • my gear is …. shogun kabuto helm/ collosal armor/haunted tabi/ 3 chaos/ shogun masamune……all gemed with health and rose…and the other is hallow/troopboost/defense/shadowtime……..i did non of the defense tree

  13. I now have 912m power with 3.2b power destroyed 🙂 not to shabby I guess

  14. Tinkerbell is from 452

  15. Awesome little trap

  16. Butt Spackle is a trap guru! ?

  17. Appreciate the responses for the rally trap. I have a different layout right now to train troops, but will transition to 13 Hospitals, (2 Barracks, 2 Villas), (rest being Trinity, Watch Gymos, Embassy, Academy, & Forge). This should get me 936k bed (with Defense Tree completed Hospital Capacity Lv 10 give 80%).

  18. How long are you giving for nominations?

  19. Do you sit in a hive Serina? If so, you’re going to get rallied. Nobody sees a 500m account in war gear in a hive and thinks, oh this person is definitely not reinforced; I should solo them. I get hit all the time still at 635m power, and it doesn’t take long. But I move around and farm opposing hives in the other kingdom with either small marches or I train some T1 just for that purpose. I also don’t run anti any longer, ever. Unless it’s just to mess with someone that scouted from like 4 minutes away, but I put combat boosts back on right away.

    I’ve taken two rallies in the past two kill events, and won the first, both on power and troop loss, and lost the second on both, but not by a devastating amount. I had 6m combined T4/ST4 with ~1.5m ST3 the first one, and 5.9m combined T4/S4 and 1.1m ST3 the second, both times with about 600k beds. I don’t have presets and lost a combined 386k total T4/ST4 between the 2. None in the first actually, and 386k in the second since full dragon cores hit rather hard. I’m not big enough to be comfortable doing this, but I just wanted to point out you’re probably not as far as you think. See who’s rallying you and how big they are, and if they have their cores already visible. Most important thing is to have your 2 minute/5 minute combat boosts/debuffs on when they land from my experience, but the more cores you can pop, the better (since you don’t have presets either).

    From what I’ve been told and seen, 9m combined T4/ST4 and 375k ST4 traps is enough to handle a full cored rally with full set bonuses, etc. Another guy told me 10m-12m T4, and another told me I needed a bajillion T1 meat shields, all of which you then have to retrain after every rally, and 10m T4. I’ve watched the first guy (9m total T4) take a fully cored rally from a dragon set with him wearing all regular gear except 2 level 5 cores, with no reinforcements, and he had zero troops killed (1.5m beds, they injured 990k), compared to killing 2m Dianas. He has since researched level 6 cores and a couple of presets so now he’s a bit over a billion power. This is questionably large for a rally trap, but I do know that his set up works. So take that for what it’s worth. His recommendation and my experience as well is that all T4 is easier to manage, and you can actually win rallies. Mass T1/T2 meat shields sound great in principle but if you lose 10m-15m troops in a rally, even if you win on power, to me that’s a huge loss personally, and he agreed. The speeds you use retraining 10m T1 are a huge waste IMO. T4 cost a ton of rss to heal, but if the point of a meat shield is to keep your t4 from getting killed, don’t the 1.5m beds in his case render them redundant? Hope this helped some, good luck.

  20. Im from #484, have 833 million power with over a billion enemy power drstroyed. My build cosists of 13 lvl 21 hospitals, 2 lvl 21 barracks, 2 lvl 21 villas and the rest of normal build all lvl 21. I kept my gymnos, prison, and altar but i have no market place. Needed that extra hospital.

  21. yea that guy is good. We just faced them.

  22. I’d say the most effective at eating a full rally is having 10m of 1 start t3 troop type and 2m start t4 of same type. i also keep 375k of each of start troop type so you can still join rallies, just ghost rally or send the extra troops to a tile while taking the cored rally from just 1 troop type is the only downfall, you can use t2 meats but then you will burn and no cap the hero.

  23. please delete. this was supposed to be a reply to Ian Kings post

  24. i have run several different builds for my rally trap, and its best to keep prison/altar for the added boosts. especially at hero 55 with altar points in effect. I still have 17 hospitals(2m beds) with my trinity buildings and gymnos.

  25. The best I have fought is [xAB] PaintLicker in 418 – 69m trap with 312m kills and over 10B power destroyed.

  26. Read parts 3 and 4 of this guide

  27. Butt Spackle from k246 has a kickass sh14 trap, with 47 mill kills. TinkerBell is k454 is a sweet sh14 trap as well with 71 mill kills. These two guys are adjusting their game to deal with the new gear/hero levels and still kicking ass.

  28. Seems a new trap form is out players load billions of rss u scout no hero only 375k troops rallied non in beds as u mass farm 1.3M troops and LV55 hero pop out of the sky

  29. Who knows who the best trap is? After the latest update the game is virtually unplayable.

  30. I recently had my t4 acc take major damage from a t3 rally trap, he had 4.9 Mil t1 and same t2 then almost 8 Mil. Each t3 mixed standard and strategic, he lost a lot but for his entire ke points from the one hit so there’s an idea… Not the best but effective and cheap

  31. Best trap in the game is Juggernaut k48 Legion Valeris. Had near 150 mill kills at 40 mil power. With core and now the 60 lvl hero he has adjusted his game and is now t4. But forever trapping in the Legion Valeris alliance recognized as having many of the best traps playing. And they should. Jugg trained them.

  32. I kept the altar and prison simply coz the boostsat lvl 55 hero are too good to ignore. Only problem is you need to instant execute

  33. Can you do an article about how to build a rally trap? I’ve been following your turtle series but with all the new gear and cores coming out, I found that my turtle kept slowly growing in power. I was still getting a lot of solo cored hits at around 300mil power that made KE fun. However, now that I’m around the 500 mil mark I find myself only getting rallied and no more solos. This makes KE boring cuz all the smaller accounts I can hit are shielded and I am too small to take a rally so I end up shielding. I am working on making cores and getting presets so that I can take a rally but I need more information about what troops I need and other strategies more aimed at being a rally trap than a solo trap.

  34. What are good SH 21 rally traps inside building composition? I have heard many like 12-14 hospitals, etc. But I am wondering on full composition ( Villas, barracks and even prison – altar). The reason : I have thought about tearing down the prison and altar, but some in my alliance shudder at the thought due to the build requirements. Thanks for any and all comments.

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