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Vote for the Next Feature on Inside Game of War

What Feature Would you Like to See Next?game of war poll

Time is precious so I want to make sure I spend it working on something you guys really want.  You can cast up to three votes so vote for your favourites.

Note: Battle Calculator has not been included as, well, I’m pretty sure that would win 🙂


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  1. I would like to see more information for intermediate players….. those not quite a newbie, but don’t spend money on the game….. I have been at a steady 13-14 mil power depending on if I participate in KVK or not and feel like I am stuck in a rut. I cannot spend money on this game and have already bought the cheap packs.

    Any other advice for someone like me?

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      Hi, have you checked out the guide to turtle accounts? That is a solid play-style for people not looking to spend money on the game. Also if you are not spending money then getting yourself into a top alliance is very important for growth.

  2. Need solo event point calculator

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    Do you have a room at all were anyone can ask random questions about the game and we’re people can just generally chat

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      Hi, there are the forums, you can try on there:


      Otherwise just find the most appropriate page and ask in the comments on there.

      • Thanks

      • Hey Slaggy. Could you add a question page? Because that’s what I’ve been searching the site for lol. There is a rumor about alliance city quests that I want cleared up.

        Questions: does collecting the lower quests one cycle give out better next cycle? Do all basic and or common have to be started and collected for this to happen??
        Finally is there any method to ridding of so many basic quests and more rare or higher quality quests in hall of war.

        Thanks!!!! Great site!


  4. No More Core Help!

    For god’s sake do not put any more cored building tips on here. Core crafting is the one thing that separates the idiots from the skilled players (and makes this not just a game about spending money, to some degree). To the extent you further spoon feed the idiots who can’t strategize with their cores on their own, the further you ruin this game. So many people in my server were pissed when you put up all the core information. Beginning guides and informational pieces are fine, but once you start babying people on the more complicated aspects of the game it ruins it and this becomes akin to game genie.

    • You are 100% right. If this had came out sooner the alliance that once ruled our kingdom would probably still be ruling it. This game is 80% money and 20% strategy. If you eliminate the strategy portion of this game how are us who don’t spend thousands a month on this game ever supposed to compete?? Make everyone learn how to craft the same way myself and many others have, trial and error. Digest your stats and study your battle reports then compare and contrast.

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    “Hey, you know that feature that’s been hinted at for months and which everyone wants the most? Yeah, you can’t even vote for it.”


  6. I would like to see an event calculator to see if using speedups/gold will net a reward, it would need to be interactive since everybodies research/build/training time is different but would be worth it.

  7. Slaggy, would it be possible to make a monster killing calculator? I haven’t been able to find anyone with the numbers behind hitting monsters. I understand there is some variance there but maybe some kind of calculator to ballpark the number of hits (both individual and accounting streaks) to kill a level X monster after inputting stats.

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      I would love to if someone is able to collect some basic data. There are three stats Hero Attack, Monster Defense and Monster Health. And Damage = Hero Attack – Monster Defense. (this is expressed as a % of total health).

  8. Battle Calculator. By far.

  9. I think after buying a package, All Gifts should auto load in game (treasure), I spend too much time and my fingers are sore after opening treasure for 30 min to an hour.. !! Id like to see lower research time as well. This game cot too much and not everyone has money like i do.

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      Hi, that is a good idea although I should add I have no connection to Machine Zone so am unable to make any changes to the game 🙂 This is just a vote for the next feature to the website.

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