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VIP and Set Gear Levels

Raise your VIP to help Level Gear Faster and Higher

Being a VIP gives you another bonus.  Along with the extra stats/boosts, it will make set gear levelling faster and easier.  Access the one-button set gear levelling option beginning with VIP 80.

The new highest levels available, with their stats, are:

VIP 90

  • set gear leveling of 20 levels per tap
  • 150KT% onslaught attack
  • 100T% resolute defense
  • 50T% legion defence
  • 25T% type defense
  • 10T% defense annihilation

World Slayer Anniversary Gear Set Level 200

  • 50MT% rally/wonder troop health
  • 25MT% mobile trap health
  • 10MT% troop attack
  • 25T% troop defense
  • 300M% legion defense, troop defense, enemy troop defense debuff & legion defense debuff



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