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VIP Prestige Levels 14 and 15 – Coming Soon

New levels of VIP have been sent out in Beta testing today. On the positive side Stats have increased all round – a few additional quests, some extra combat boosts and even some additional Hero XP. There are also a couple of major new features:

Open Every Chest:
This will open all the chests in your entire inventory with a single tap, which I suppose will save a small amount of additional time vs. the Open All Chests feature available at lvl 12.

Use All Resources:
A much requested feature – this will let you open all your resources with one tap. This will be useful in certain situations but less so when you want to open some (but not all) of your resources.

Currently, level 14 requires 6,700,000 points and level 15 requires 9,550,000 points.

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  1. So top level VIP now allows you to save a whopping 1% of research costs? What a joke. People are to spend $5000 getting there to save $500k in silver costs for a research? Looks like MZ is going full “scrooge” level.

  2. I purchased the level 14 just because I had the vip points just sitting in my inventory. not really impressed with the added benefits, as they are minimal considering the cost.

    If MZ wants to keep it’s players, they are going to have to come up with massive weapons that any player can build.

    As for me, I have gone from playing 4-6 hours a day down to 1 hour and that’s just to collect the quest and check on my shield.

    I have reached 2 billion power and there is no real reason to continue a game that cant be won.

    MZ you have lost your way. Too bad GOW was a oood game, but now just another dead app

  3. Open xxxx amount of rss would be more useful than open all, we could enter a number we need and get the amount to the nearest multiple available. I might need a bill for training but wouldn’t want to open it all. Open all gifts also would be handy.

  4. Hey guys, one question, I been thinking about investing gold in level 12 VIP but haven’t decide yet, I been growing a lot in the past month, I buy some packs and that get me thinking, I use the speedups and resources from the packs, also the materials to craft some gears but I don’t spend gold in something different than shields, what do you guys recommend as a good investment to a player that has T4 troops ?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Its all personal opinions a lot of people save there gold, however should be invested back into the account. Speed ups, VIP points, XP are all the main things people purchase. That being said depending on your alliance loyalty and the growth of that loyalty you can use that on VIP points as well. Just have to weigh up what is more important in obtaining.

  5. How about combine everything? That’s a feature I would pay for.

  6. The only feature I would like to see is the no limit war rally. I mean a max war rally of 2.3 million against a player with 70 million. at least give us a chance

  7. is the use all resources apply to single type (silver, wood), or does it open everything including food?

  8. How about a “combine small speedups to target length ” feature. Thousands of 15m and 60m aren’t much fun or time efficient while eventing.

  9. The feature i really want is increased percentage luck in crafting so your chances of getting the legendary quality item increases. That would be super handy.

  10. much better ability would be a “open all alliance gifts” button!

  11. Off course the rss item is in vip15… A basic feature dropped in another money greedy mz dump.
    Is the rss open for all or also per item? If it’s for all then it’s again a Nice feature fucked up…

    • I am sick of MZ greed and this might be the nail in the coffin for me leaving thanks for pushing me and I am sure others out of a game I had enjoyed playing

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