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VIP 50

Raise your VIP to Level 50.

In an effort to spare your fingers from becoming mere stubs, you can raise your VIP levels easily with the Use All Instant VIP Level Token found currently only in packs.

VIP 50 will grant you boosts of

  • 50,082,500% troop attack
  • 250,036,000% wonder/rally attack
  • 108,500% troop defence/health and attack/health/defence debuffs
  • 500,043,000% wonder/rally defence and health
  • 100M troop queue
  • 10 Boost presets
  • 12 Combat Boost presets
  • 12 Economy Boost presets

Reaching VIP 48 will let you access the Boost Presets. Similar to skill presets, you will be able to choose which boosts you would like to have going for whichever situation you want , label it and then, with one click, you have the boosts activated.

A few things to note are that the last preset you used will become your default boost preset until you either reactivate it or switch to another preset.  Your boosts will stay active until their time duration runs out and, if one of your boosts has a shorter time span than the other boosts, you can replace it once it expires with the preset still going.  You can activate the boost preset from your march screen in the upper-right hand corner, the icon showing three soldiers.



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