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VIP 36-40 with Instant Hero Preset

5 additional levels of VIP released

A month later, MZ has released higher VIP levels. This next release features Instant Hero Preset, when core crafting, once you reach VIP 38. You will also get increased Attack, Defense Debuff, and Wonder stats.

VIP 36

3600% Rally Attack/Wonder Attack
10600% Rally Defense/Health
10600% Wonder Defense/Health
4375% Troop Attack
3750% Defense/Health
3750% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health

VIP 37

4200% Rally Attack/Wonder Attack
11200% Rally Defense/Health
11200% Wonder Defense/Health
5250% Troop Attack
4000% Defense/Health
4000% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

VIP 38

Instant Hero Preset
4800% Rally Attack/Wonder Attack
11800% Rally Defense/Health
11800% Wonder Defense/Health
6650% Troop Attack
4400% Defense/Health
4400% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

VIP 39

5400% Rally Attack/Wonder Attack
12400% Rally Defense/Health
12400% Wonder Defense/Health
8400% Troop Attack
4900% Defense/Health
4900% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

VIP 40

6000% Rally Attack/Wonder Attack
13000% Rally Defense/Health
13000% Wonder Defense/Health
10500% Troop Attack
5500% Defense/Health
5500% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

Total VIP for 40- 41.69KT

With VIP 38, you can instantly apply Hero Preset. Use VIP craft, and you will brought to the original gem select, power up screen. Below gem select there is now a hero preset select box. Select the preset for your cores, and then hit apply preset, and it will instantly be placed in your already skilled tree.

As usual, there are VIP events running. Level your VIP with the events, to earn additional VIP points.


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