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VIP 31-35 with One Click Power Up

5 levels of VIP released

The next levels of VIP are here, and they come with some pretty high combat stats. In addition to those, you can also now save yourself sometime, by using the One Click Power Up feature.

VIP 31

1250% Rally Attack/Defense/Health
1250% Wonder Attack/Defense/Health
1750% Troop Attack/Defense/Health
1750% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

VIP 32

1500% Rally Attack/Defense/Health
1500% Wonder Attack/Defense/Health
2000% Troop Attack/Defense/Health
2000% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

VIP 33

VIP One Click Core Set Power Up
1900% Rally Attack/Defense/Health
1900% Wonder Attack/Defense/Health
2400% Troop Attack/Defense/Health
2400% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

VIP 34

2400% Rally Attack/Defense/Health
2400% Wonder Attack/Defense/Health
2900% Troop Attack/Defense/Health
2900% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

VIP 35

3000% Rally Attack/Defense/Health
3000% Wonder Attack/Defense/Health
3500% Troop Attack/Defense/Health
3500% Enemy Troop Attack/Defense/Health Debuff

After you craft your gear using VIP Craft, you can now use Instant Power up, to instantly Power your gear up to your highest level. If you have the new Powerforged Set, you will not only gain a reduction in essence required, but also receive a longer core direction time.

There are currently VIP events running, for each level. Take advantage of those if you still need brass rods, and VIP points.


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