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VIP 100

Your Hero is a Very Important Person at 100

VIP levels have just doubled and new benefits added as you raise your levels in VIP.  Currently, the benefits of obtaining level 60 are what will be focused on and higher levels will be added at a later date.

Level 60 will bring you

  • 15.5B% rally/wonder health & defence
  • 6.25B% rally/wonder attack
  • 1.5B% troop attack
  • 4.25M% legion defence
  • 4.175M% legion defence debuff
  • 600,000% troop health/defence, health/attack debuff
  • 525,000% defence debuff
  • 250,000% resolute troop defence
  • 200M troop queue

New benefits begin at level 53.

Level 53 unlocks VIP Queue Express.  On the alliance war page, a vip queue button shows on the page and you can tap that button to fill rally without needing to open the rally page itself.

Level 54 lets rally leaders remove the need for war commissions for your fillers and eliminates the final rally confirmation page.

Level 55 allows the King holding the wonder to select a preset for their alliance members to send the required reinforcements.  The VIP Reinforce button is shown on the wonder page and works in similar fashion as the VIP Queue Express does for rallies.


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