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Violent Beauty Wings – Gear Review


This is a review of the Violent Beauty Wings equipment for Game of War which is part of the Xenas Gear equipment set.

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Violent Beauty Wings

Hero Level 50
Item Slot Accessory
Type Standard
Event Xenas Gear
Silver 94,525,000

Xena’s Gear Overview

The Xena’s Gear set was released in December 2014 and is comprised of 5 items. They are all combat focussed and three of them include the new boost – Enemy Defense Debuff.  MZ have stated these are some of the best items they have ever created, and the boosts are certainly looking very high. They primarily use standard materials which is great but the two violent items need a rare seasonal material. Silver costs are expensive to very expensive.

Purpose: Combat

Troop Attack is normally more useful defensively (as when attacking it is generally better to focus on one troop type), but as we will see, this is just the best combat accessory full stop.


Lvl. 6 Overall Ranking
Troop Attack 33% 5
Troop Health 10% 51
Strat Health 10% 52

Total Combat Boost: 43%

On paper this looks like an above average combat item. The 33% combat boost is good but 10% Troop Health is fairly mediocre. But when you consider this is used in the accessory slot it becomes the very best combat accessory there is. It is notably better than any of the alternatives.


An accessory with high troop attack boost and troop health boost is great and useful in all combat situations.


Silver Cost: 94,525,000

At just under 100m silver this item is expensive.


Deaths Ashes








With two standard materials, a seasonal material and a rare seasonal material this item is hard to build. Fortunately though, the boosts make it worth the cost.


Don’t build this as your first combat item as there are better items out there. But if you are looking for a combat item for the accessory slot this is the best there is – build three.


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  1. I understand this is more about the stats of the gear, but when crafting the violent beauty wings, the chance of crafting legendary is 80%, but when I craft it without using speedups it has completed at level 5, but some gear that I’ve crafted at 80% using a day speedup completes at legendary status, how come?

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