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Use New Demigod Rewards Research Tree Additions for A Research Boost

Hail, warriors,

Your Demigod troops are some of your most powerful assets in battle, and now you have the chance to make them even stronger with new nodes in Demigod Rewards Research. These nodes are available now in your Academy.

How do they work? You have two options for getting boosts through your research. You can either collect free Athena Gifts and get Advanced Demigod Reward Research Tokens, or take on special rewards challenges. These earn you special Advanced Demigod Reward Research Athena’s Gift Tokens.

Wondering what type of benefits your new insights will yield? Here are deployment benefits from Demigod Rewards Research:

  • 1,444,000 Overlimit Troop Rally & Mega Rally Size
  • 150% Demigod Rally Attack
  • 90% Demigod Rally Health
  • 720,000 Overlimit Trap Rally & Mega Rally Size
  • 720,000 Overlimit Mythical Creature Rally & Mega Rally Size
  • 126,000 Overlimit Troop Deployment Size
  • 63,000 Overlimit Trap Deployment Size
  • 63,000 Overlimit Mythical Creature Deployment Size

Here are the combat benefits:

  • 150% Demigod Control Point Holding Attack
  • 90% Demigod Control Point Holding Health
  • 225% Demigod Troop Attack
  • 225% Demigod Trap Attack
  • 225% Demigod Mythical Creature Attack
  • 150% Demigod Empire Defender Attack
  • 90% Demigod Empire Defender Health
  • 150% Demigod Empire Defender Defense

And here are the economic benefits:

  • 22.5% Demigod Research Time Efficiency
  • 22.5% Demigod Construction Time Efficiency
  • 22.5% Demigod Training Speed

A powerful combination for your army, indeed. Take a look at your events to start earning Advanced Demigod Reward Research Event Tokens right away to start working your way through the Demigod Rewards Research Tree. Advanced Demigod Reward Research Athena’s Gift Tokens are also going throughout the realm, so start collecting your Athena’s Gifts right away.


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