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Upgrade your Economic Research Tree

Put on your Research gear and finish the newly updated Economic Research Tree.

Amidst the various benefits from doing this latest research is the chance to gather from tiles all the new resources (cane, enamel, salt, olives and bonds) to help you train the T7 troops and traps as well as the  T7 researches.  Earth shards are used for these researches along with both types of resources.

A more complete list of what you will gain from this completed tree is:

March Size

  • 500 Million max rally troop
  • 150 Million max rally trap
  • 125 Million max solo troop
  • 42.5 Million max solo trap

Economic Benefits

  • 20 Million embassy capacity
  • 5 Million trap capacity
  • 1 Million hospital capacity
  • 250K trading size
  • 100K%  troop/promotion queue
  • 1,000% resource gathering speed

Combat Benefits

  • 200 Billion% wonder/rally/mobile trap health
  • 30 Billion% wonder/rally attack
  • 20 Billion% troop attack and rally attack debuff for empire
  • 15 Billion% legion/all type attack
  • 5 Billion% troop attack debuff for empire
  • 2 Billion% onslaught attack
  • 550 Million% triple defence debuff
  • 350 Million% empire defence debuff
  • 100K% resolute defence

To activate the second tier resource gathering on a tile, you will choose which resource you want to gather while your troops are on the tile.  This choice cannot be switched once your troops are actively gathering.  For example, you would choose either Food or Cane on a farm tile, you aren’t able to collect both on the same march.

The total cost of the research is around 67.3M


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  1. Total amount of shards needed changed after few days of release. They increased the cost for level 10 researches. If you can, please update the current shards needed if you can.

    Thank you

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