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Update on the Battle Calculator and Welcome Sensei to the Team

I am pleased to announced that we have a new member to the team. Please welcome Sensei.Battle Report Tool

A number of people have approached me with insights and ideas regarding the combat math but Sensei’s work was definitely the most progressed.

He has nobly volunteered to join the battle math cause and we already been making good progress.

We hope to have an update on the combat algorithms and battle calculator for you shortly.



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  1. I need the battle calculator for t1,t2,t3 and t4. acmmobil@hotmail.com
    Send please

  2. Question – I ran two tests (many times).
    Test 1 – Attacker = T3, defender = T1, and losses were 190
    Test 2 – Attaxker = T3 (same number), defender = T1 (same number) + T3 backup , and losses became 314 – that’s HIGHER – how can adding stronger troops to your defense INCREASE your losses?!

  3. Any update on the Battle Calculator? Been a long time and could really use some info. Thank you!

  4. Been a long time. Is the battle calculator still in progress or has it been aborted?

  5. Profile photo of Jarhead

    Is there no aspect of the Battle Calculator Tool available? I cannot see any sort of tool when I click on it…??

  6. Any chance you can provide some data on the unit stats or algorithm? I’m happy to help if there is any way to do so.

  7. dying for this to be released!! Or at least some general stat tables that would give us a general sense of scenarios. Hint hint.. 🙂

  8. I’m building an equipment spreadsheet for my alliance. Your website has been an amazing help. I am wanting to integrate the formulas from your “boost” scenarios linear regression charts. I realize you have some of that completed on your website, but I would like to run complete side-by-sides. Could you make those regression formulas available, or at least provide the combat data used to make them. Thank you for all you do for us enthusiasts!

  9. HI Slaggy..great site and great tips over here but i must admit im overcame by them, too many calculations and ratios for a middle range.. 🙂 at the end of day what i wanna know,in the most simple way will be: for ”an attack account” what would be preferable in terms of type and rank of troops, then researches and then hero research and gear! hope i made myself understood! Thanks

  10. As you are getting the math sorted and finalized, it would be nice to have a general table on how many more kills (or less kills) for each boost. For example +100% Attack boost kills 50% more troops, +400% kills 150% more troops. Etc. I’m guessing you have this data and it would be great to see!!! Thanks!

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