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University – Alliance City Building


The University is where all Alliance City Research takes place. Whilst it is currently possible to view the research, it is not possible to do any. Upgrading this building unlocks new research and provides research boosts to your whole alliance:

Level Research Speed Bonus
1 0.5%
2 1%
3 1.5%
4 2%
5 2.5%

To Build Level 1 University:

112d 1h 0m 0s2,5003,7506,2506,25044,476100

To Build Remaining Levels:

218d 1h 12m 0s4,5006,75011,25011,25073,087125
327d 1h 48m 0s8,10012,15020,25020,250111,480150
440d 14h 42m 0s18,96428,43847,38547,385167,325175
559d 19h 12m 0s38,08157,09495,13895,138242,638200



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