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Ultimate T6 Troops Released

Tier 6 troops/traps have arrived.


Purchasing the Ultimate Troop Manual will upgrade your garrison to unlock these troops in the new Ultimate Combat research tree.

All 12 troops and 9 traps have been released in this update.

Regular troops – Duelist, Sword Thrower, Knight, War Wagon.
Regular Traps – Mounted Ballista, Bear Trap, Hidden Spikes.

Strategic troops – Champion, Twin Shot, Armoured Chariot, Bolt Battery.
Regular Traps – Dragonfire Tower, Spear Wall, Bolt Launcher

Wild troops – Savage, Eagle Eye, Ravager, Wall Breacher.
Wild Traps – Cannon Tower, Constricting Vine, Shredder.

With these new troops/traps and research tree, you will be able to increase your solo Marches by 5 million and your rallies by 25 million.  Your mobile Trap amounts will also increase – an additional 2 million for solos and 5 million for rallies.

Benefits that come with these new troops include

Total Solo Size 17.2M
Total Rally Size
Total Attack
Total trap attack 200,000%,
Total health 24,000%
Total defence 21,000%
Total Defence Debuff 6,000%
Total Health Debuff

Current rumor costs so far is a bit over 200MT.

So far an estimate costs per levels are, FROM RUMORS. Our official individual evaluation should be posted as soon as it’s finished.

Level 1 – 1KT
Level 2 – 1.5 MT
Level 3 – 3.0 MT
Level 4 – 6.5 MT
Level 5 – 14.50 MT
Level 6 – 18.23 MT
Level 7 – 20.13 MT



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  1. Hope you guys can shed some light on this as I doubt MZ will reply.
    I’ve got a token last weekend for ultimate combat research tree, instant ultimate combat research pack for tier 6 troops and for combat stats but it won’t let me use it, it says to make sure there’s no active research timer, which I made sure there aren’t. I’m lvl 22 so I’m wondering if that’s a problem.
    Any help or ideas will be appreciated

  2. The high attack percentages is why I asked if traps can keep up now. If you have enough troops but it will soon be t4’s and lower won’t help and you would need a mix of t5’s and t6’s to trap. They take a huge amount of resources and speed ups and trapping was a cheaper way to play. It won’t be cheap training t5’s and t6’s, so no point really.

  3. I take my word back, even you want to be a traps. You still need spend lot money to keep up with these crazy high % attack stats

  4. Is there any hope for traps now with the crazy high attack stats? If so, how many troops are needed and what type? (t2’s and t4’s with some t5’s and t6’s? Or t4’s and t5’s with some t6’s?) thank you.

  5. No one ask you spend that much money. I only spend $4.99 per week or 2. Fill rally and play as a trap. But I still think about to quite the game. That still too much money for me.

  6. use your brain. KURAN was saw it StayAlive77 was saw it and they left several years ago. stupid peoples are keep spending. you r too late folks. you should quit 3 years ago.

  7. Switch to Game of Kings, the Blood Throne. Same exact game just at the very beginning.

  8. It took like 3 years from t4s to t5s, t5s came out like 12/24/16, t6s 4/17, t7s will be coming out in 4 months after that probably, that’s just pure greed on Mz’s part, the rss and speeds to train them is insane (just like the ultimate combat tree)

  9. How is it that T6 troops killed game of war?? The game has been this way since the introduction of strategic troops. Good luck!

  10. Yes, t6s killed game of war, several of my friends are quitting the game, game to expensive to keep up with, moving way to fast.

  11. in the control point I have a small account, there is 700 trillion players. pretty much everything that comes out, the next day, its in game of war. slow down MZ, people will still buy, cost money to zero someone and build troops.

  12. more and more people are leaving this game, so many kingdoms are dead now. thanks mobile strike……..they say it’s not mz, but it is….

  13. this game is moving to quick, back in the day. They gave you time to grow. this game is like two car payments now. About to quit to have 2 more cars.

    • They gave you maybe a few months. But when did they ever really let you grow without spending to complete the newest research and get the newest gear.

  14. Why do they even bother changing the game at all? Why don’t they just offer an across the board increase in all stats for like 100$ for every 1% increase?

    So spend 1000$ and get a 10% increase in all stats, something like that…

    It’s no secret the game is totally pay to play, why not quit trying to trick people and just do upgrades for $$$$$ without all the stupid higher level/tear releases?

    BTW: I see double digit trillion power accounts selling for the price of one pack on E-bay LOL

    Think about that before you buy more packs 🙂

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