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“Turning Off” Your Prison Without Having to Rebuild It (Tip)

There are a couple of circumstances where this little tip will come in handy.Deconstructing Prison

  • You empty your farms by attacking them and you do not want to gather up your farm heroes.
  • You want to release all the heroes held instantly without having to use up a shield or having to release them one by one.

Deconstructing Your Prison. 

Please Note: This tip should be carried out slowly.

  1. In city view click on your prison.
  2. Click “Deconstruct” at the top of the screen
    1. a confirmation will come up – click YES
  3. Two options will appear. DESTROY or DECONSTRUCT
    1. Choose DECONSTRUCT – time will vary but will be around 20-23 days
    2. DO NOT CLICK DESTROY – you will instantly destroy your Prison and you will have to build it back up from level 1 and purchase all new shackles.
  4. Another confirmation will appear – Click Yes.

Your Prison is now deconstructing. After you carry this out you will have the option to ask your alliance for help, my preference is not too, however if you accidentally do or are in the habit of hitting help instantly do not worry.

Even at level 21 SH with 25 helps – this will only decrease the time slightly and will not jeopardise the couple of minutes that you require are your SH with out your Prison.

Whist your prison is deconstructing you will not be able to collect heroes and any heroes that you did have in your prison prior to deconstruction will have been released.

Restoring Your Prison

Once you have finished with your prison being “Turned Off” its time to restore your prison.

  1. In city view click on your prison
  2. At the top of the menu click cancel.
  3. A confirmation will come up asking are you sure you want to cancel.
    1. Click Yes

Your Prison is now restored and working as usual.

I have included screen shots of the different steps below.

IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2936 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2934


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  1. Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

    So simple yet I never thought about doing that….nice tip

  2. This tactic is also good to use for the watchtower if you are being scout bombed, just make sure you are prepared for what is coming as you wont be able to see the incoming attack.

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