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Troops Boosts also Boost Traps

TrapsTroop Attack and Defense Boost also Affects Traps

An interesting find here. Trap attack and defense is affected by your troop attack and defense boost.

In other words: Total Trap Attack Boost = Troop Attack Boost + Trap Attack Boost

(and something similar for trap defense).

This means you should always focus on Troop Attack before focussing on Trap Attack and makes Trap Attack gear much less useful.

This is not stay that you can’t have a troop attack gem and a trap attack gem in the same item – just make sure you prioritise the troop attack gem first.

This kind of makes sense, without this traps would be very ineffective against troops with high levels of defense boosts.

Here are some screenshots:

No Boosts – 1 Trap dies, 0 Troops Die:

Had an error in this screenshot – will redo the battle.

With 20% Troop Attack Boost – 1 Trap Dies, 1 Troop Dies

Troop Attack Boost

With 20% Troop Defense Boost – 0 Traps Die, 0 Troops Die

Troop Defense Boost


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  1. OK question does trap attack gear help u with attacking traps or boost your own personal traps such as a torch for example

  2. HD Trap Gems help your traps kill troops or help your troops kill traps?

  3. And how certain are you that this scales from 23 traps to 125k T4 traps? From what I have seen, the game dynamics are unreliable at 20 troops. I have had battles with 1 T1 vs 16 T1 come out as a nil-all draw. 1 T1 vs 17 come out as a 0:0 draw, 1 vs 18 come out as a 0:0 draw. 1 vs 19 come out as a 0:0 draw. 1 vs 20 come out as a 0:0 draw. 1 vs 21 come out as a 1 death vs 0 deaths. 1 vs 21 come out as a 0:1 loss. Below 21 troops, I have found that the participants sit around, drinking mead and sharing war stories, before agreeing to go their separate ways.
    Worth more extensive testing than 20 troops vs 23 traps.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      This test was inspired by some other work I was doing so was fairly confident of the results before I started. But…would love to see the results if anyone wants to verify this.

  4. I assume that this would apply to troop health as well… ?

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