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Troop Gear Research

Warrior, there is never any time to rest. You must ensure that every ounce of strength you have is
devoted to the cause. Do you have all that you might need to shed the most blood in the Savage Kill
Event? You must hurry to prepare because the fight is imminent and there is little time.
The only way to ensure success is by making use of the Troop Gear Research available to you. With
proper planning and research, you will enjoy a bigger advantage in battle than ever before!
To level up the gear used in your troops arsenal, you must take advantage of the exclusive benefits
available to you by engaging with the Troop Gear Research Tree.
Troop Gear Research
What You Must Do
1. Unlock the potential to Level Up your Troops Gear
2. In your barracks, select the Tap on Troop Leveling Button
3. Select the Troop you want to bring the Level Up advantage too
4. Put them into battle and watch the blood flow!
What to Expect
 50% Poison Enemy Troops
 50% Poison Enemy Mythical Creatures
 25% Troop Antidote
 25% Mythical Creature Antidote
Boosts Available to You
 200MTT Mega Rally Size
 30BT Mythical Creature March Size
 300BT Mythical Creature Rally Size
 6Ktt Mythical Creature Queue Size
 38TT Troop Rally Size
 1.5BTT Trap Rally Size
 60MTT Troop Solo Size
 150MTT Trap Solo Size
Mysterious Monster Bonuses
 300MT% Spirit Mythical Creature Attack
 3000MT% Spirit Mythical Creature Defense
 300MT% Spirit Mythical Creature Health
 300MT% Horror Mythical Creature Attack
 300MT% Horror Mythical Creature Defense

and more!

You can find all Exclusive sales
only available for a limited time – like the Lustrous Spinnels and Instant Complete Items to finally
complete the imperative Troop Gear Research. It is the only way to ensure you will come out on top in
Always remember to tune in with the blog for more updates and special announcements.


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