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Troop Gear Leveling

Gear gets new Boosts

Head to your barracks and click on the new heading Troop Gear to begin the process of adding stats to your gear and troops.

Using the new item Lustrous Spinel, you may add them to several categories – Troop Weaponry, Rally Weaponry, Debuff Weaponry, Troop Armour, Specialised Armour, Attack Debuff Armour, Wonder Supplies, Encampment Supplies and Trap Supplies.  Each one of these categories can be raised to level 10.  There are also some special items which can instantly raise a level.

Arrowhead instantly raises a level in Troop Weaponry, Rally Weaponry and Debuff Weaponry.

Max stats to be earned within these three are:

  • 500M% troop attack and legion attack
  • 1B% rally attack and wonder attack
  • 200,000% empire/legion/type/troop defence debuff

Armour Scale instantly raises a level in Troop Armour, Specialised Armour and Attack Debuff Armour.

Max stats available in these three include:

  • 250,000% troop defence and type defence
  • 250,000% empire defence and legion defence
  • 250M% empire defending attack debuff

Lasso instantly raises a level in Wonder Supplies, Encampment Supplies and Trap Supplies.

Top stats to be gained in these three are:

  • 4B% rally health and wonder health
  • 4B% gathering tile health and encampment raiding tile health
  • 4B% rally mobile trap health and wonder mobile trap health

Consider carefully when to use spinels vs the clickable items, in order to optimize their efficiency.



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