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Troop Gear Leveling

Exceptional Troop Gear Levels

Within your barracks, the troop leveling tab is ready to help you access more boosts/stats to help you conquer and burn.   Make sure to wear your Inquistor’s Gear set to receive a 32% in cost reduction on the spinels needed to level up.  You will need Sinister, Crystal, Lustrous and Dense Spinels to use in gaining levels.

At its current highest level of 200, your troops will have the following stats to use

  • 50MT% rally/wonder health
  • 25MT% mobile trap health, gathering health & encampment raiding health
  • 10MT% rally/wonder attack & rally attack debuff
  • 5MT% troop attack
  • 1MT% onslaught attack
  • 25KT% unstoppable attack
  • 100T% resolute defense
  • 25T% troop defense & triple defense
  • 15T% defense annihilation
  • 1,000% training speed

The total to max is around 166,000 Billions Spinnels.


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