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Troop Training Calculator

The troop training tool lets you calculate the amount of resources and time required to train troops. You can set your training target by: Number of Troops, Event Points or Train Queue Time. You can optionally enter your Troop Training Boost for a more accurate result.

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This tool lets you calculate how long it takes to heal your troops. Just enter the tier and number of troops, enter your boosts and click submit!


  1. This training calculator needs to be pdated for tier 5 training

    • At this point in the game anything below t3 is useless even t3 is becoming obsolete these days its either t4 to t5 meatshields to be a trap and even then its 50bill t5 and 35bill t4 to just not burn as quick

  2. I need to know with 50 mil in a rally how much troops I need to have to not burn and what is the makeup of troops, before it was T4/T2 now we have T5 so we do away with T2s? I notice they are getting crushed

    • Ive seen troop counts as low as 14b cap, but that isnt very reliable without amazing stats… so id say train up to about 24-30b keeping close ration between t2s and t4s. Should only account for a few hundred billion power

  3. When is T5 being fed through?

  4. I don’t understand at all
    What kind of troops should I have and what percentage of t2 t3 t4 should be

    • Make 1mill T1 ARCHER 1mil T1 Catapract (T1 only)
      Make 1mil Gladiators and 800k Sharpshooter and 800k Reptilian Rider (T2only)
      Make 500k of everything (T3 only)
      Make make better Gears (WAR Gears ONLY)
      If made all of above then you can eat solo Rallies ez

  5. Where exactly does one find the troop training bonus % at?

  6. It’s way off, in game at 610% training boost, 70,762 t4 shows 6d 22h to complete but here it says 13 days

  7. What about adding an option for Training speed boosts, like the 1000%?

  8. The troop training calculator is wrong, I had to train 10M more troops that it said to get inferno points this may be due to mz changing it from 15 points to 10 points per T4 trained.

  9. Hi, when healing troops does any of the resource troop cost reduction apply that is earns in restorative tree or via VIP?

  10. Your website is bouncing and hard to read it’s the social network portion messing up

  11. It would be great if there was an option to account for the 10% “speed up usage bonus”, makes things easier 🙂

  12. Mz need to get priorities straight .. GOW is not a cheap game .. its not for weak minded either .. but a lot needs to be done to make it worth the $$

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    Hi Slaggy, I hope you can help me, i’ve just unlocked all T4 troops and have begun training. I need to know how many T4 troops my hospitals can accommodate …. i currently have a 440k bed capacity?
    Thank you 🙂

  14. The healing time seems to be off. It takes longer than 37 minutes to heal 556,000 T4 troops. The rss is just about right on though.

  15. I would suggest as Gene did to include cost reduction on t4 it will help me know how much i need to load form the bank. Thank for the great site and information.

  16. What program do you use to run GOW on the computer? I’ve tried BlueStacks but I ran into a lot of problems with it. Yours looks very smooth.

  17. Howdy, your very useful Troop training calc seems to be down!

  18. Healing of Immortal needs wood instead of stones.

  19. Are the bonuses from the one hour 10% and 20% training sped boost and the bonuses from any relic gear additive? i.e., right now I have 229% if I used the 20% boost does my speed go to 249%? If I use boots that have +21% training speed does it go from 229% to 250%? Thanks!

  20. For the Healing calculator, please add sliver needed.

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    Would there be a way to add or make a calculator to account for how much food the troops would eat. Accounting for Food Production Boost, Upkeep Reduction and Type of Troop?

  22. Could you add a part that says how much power is gained after you calculate?

  23. I like this troop training calculator and I use it a lot….however, the onager calculator is not correct. my actual t4 siege takes mmuuuccchhh longer

  24. Hmm… It seems the calculator would need a field to specify the point value per troop rather than choosing KvK vs Normal event. Reason I say this is that current KvK awards 15 points per T3 troop trained in my kingdom (Gythium #90) and the calculator assumes 10 points.

  25. May I suggest a Healing time calculator or did I just miss it?

  26. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    I just used this calculator to realize you require a equivalent 550% boost to break roughly even in time used vs speeds gained back,which is not even close to being possible with permanent gear ,even if you used relic gear ,which makes no logical sense to use in such a way. This is based on SH 14 inferno Build/research/ troop train events where the 2nd prize is 60,000 points for 24,15,and 8 hour speeds,and 3rd prize is 110,000 with same prizes as #2 + 1200 Gold. I will be staying at SH7 for months to stockpile 8 hour speeds, 1000-2000 of them ,and when using the Building/Research events in unison , break even or make profit ( at SH7) . They really nerfed the prizes past SH7, you cant break even/make profit anymore . I should have stayed at SH5 , but i liked the people in this kingdom and how weak it compared to its peers and the fact that the top spenders are splintered into several alliances ( Andris 414) . I used an different SH14 account for the calculations. I actually spent enough on this SH7 account to go straight to T4, but because the event prizes are so intentionally bad now, i dont want to go past this yet. Its really a punishment to go further,even as a big spender.

    • Agree. The prizes was nerfed so bad, that I don’t bother to speed build anymore. Enjoy the slow life

      • With T4 / SH21 and a speed building setup, you can easily make a profit on speeds…but not on resources. You’ll be doing an awful lot of noob farming or playing multiple accounts to truly turn a profit with T4 as well.

        Also, SH14 is not ideal for turning a profit in anything. You need to be at the minimum SH level for the Tier of troop you are building. Get to SH8 and build T2 troops, you’ll be more likely to make some type of profit with infernos.

        If you’re over SH8, get to 15. If you’re over 15, you’re screwed unless you can somehow make it to T4 building.

        There is absolutely no hope of completing inferno events (research or troops) above SH17 without T4 troops.

      • Correction to last line.

        There is absolutely no hope of completing inferno events WITH A PROFIT above SH17 without T4 troops.

      • I am T4, with 400% training boosts, quite decent, but the pay pack for t4 training at max is 50% speedup. That was about 10 days back to now.

  27. Since there is cost reduction now in training troops, it should be implemented in this tool.

  28. Can you add a field for “Resource Reduction Cost”? Thanks!

    Also, if you are up for a challenge, you could add “Troop Queue” and then calculate time for that que and how many speed ups of a certain type you would need to get to your goal.

    Also, another thought. Working backwards… You could input resources and speed ups you currently have to calculate how many troops you have to potential to train in a short period of time.

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    28th Dec: Added choice between Normal/KvK training events. Fixed to show Stone.

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