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Time to T4 Calculator

This tool calculates how far away from unlocking T4 you are. You can also enter the contents of the gold packages currently available and it will convert it into a dollar/pound amount! For information on the requirements to unlock T4 troops please see here.

For most people it is upgrading of the Hall of War, Prison and Altar that determines how much unlocking T4 costs. The Basic Tool just focusses on these.

Current Contents of a $100/£70 Gold Package

Current Inventory

Enter what you currently own


The Advanced Tool, in addition to the core buildings, also looks at all your research and buildings and tells you everything you need to unlock T4.

Current Contents of a $100/£70 Gold Package

Current Boosts

Current Supplies

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Combat Research

Economics Research


  1. I’m SH 21, all buildings level 20, research completed through what lv20 academy can do. I’ve 4500 shackles, daggers, and books of war to get lv21 HoW, prison, and alter.

    It’s saying I need 224,000 more days for construction, and just over 1000 for research. And says I’m 26,000 daggers/shackles/books of war short.

    From the first time I unlocked T4, research seems right. Construction is obviously off, maybe considering lv22 buildings by mistake? And items for the three gold buildings is definitely off.

    And after those mistakes, still says I need $-163

  2. Profile photo of l Lord Sky l

    Hey Slaggy! Great website that I use CONSTANTLY man. Great job. I would just suggest maybe making a “Time to 1 min rallies calculator” maybe? I have been working towards this using your research and building calculator which is awesome too! But just extremely tedious every time I need to check what I still need. Just a suggestion haha. Keep up the great work! 😀

  3. I think the calculator is broken. All 3 building are 18, and I have 10,000 of each resource, but it still says I need 10,000 more. Cheers!

  4. I am at -$64 this means I am ready to get t4s if i speed through all my builds ? research is all done just need to upgrade all buildings

  5. well i already have t4 and its telling me i need to spend -$100010005….. MZ PAY UP

  6. Calculator must be broken. The math between total remaining daggers, books, and shackles and less everything I have is incorrect. Also I am getting completely different results than I got yesterday.

  7. Current pack containg 1800 days, calculator says i need 6400 days to unlock T4, but also says i need to spend only 55 Bucks, why is this?

    • The 6400 days is without any boosts applied, so at 250 percent is around 1600 days. Take into account inferno prizes and helps sounds about right

  8. Hey, i like this calculator, however the packs seem to have changed to £79.99 (not sure what they currently are in USD) just thought i would mention so it could be updated 🙂

  9. Hey, is it possible if you could add how many speed ups to strategic T4 also?

  10. Can you make a guide on rally traps? That would be great if you could!

  11. Jason Sarmiento

    So this includes all the research time for economics and combat right? And does that include the gold I’ll need to spend to get master hammers? Last if I spend $538 that means I can get t4 right away?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, It does not include master hammers yet but will add that in soon. In theory if you spend that you can get it right away but obviously you’d want to time it with infer and KvK events and also wait for good gold packs to buy

      • Right now, I can only buy one dagger, shackle or book at a time for 15 gold each…when are you able to bulk buy by the 1000 as I have seen in screen shots online?

      • Profile photo of Slaggy


        If you go into the building into question and click the upgrade button then purchasing the items from here will give you more buying options.

  12. Any chance of getting Road to Strategic T4 Troops?

  13. Bahahaha $842.

  14. So it says $-57, does that mean I’m ready for t4?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, Yes, unless one of us has made an error somewhere it means you have enough stuff to unlock T4

      • Thanks so much

      • Hey slaggy. Mine says $-24 which means I have enough to get t4 in 7,486 days. But is this just calculated using original time? Alliance helps, hero gear and any other boosts would reduce this number, right?
        Also, where is it assuming I’m starting from in the economics and combat research tree? Does it assume I’m already at SH21? Without knowing where this calculator places my starting point, I’m not sure how the time can be accurate if the only thing I entered was the levels of those 3 buildings, number of items, and my gold…

      • you complete all this info in the blocks – SH, construction and research boosts. it wont be able to calculate any future changes such as different hero gear but its a rough idea.

      • Just kidding. Found the “advanced” calculator link!

  15. Hi slaggy,

    If I don’t enter anything, it assumes its a sh 1 account without anything correct?

  16. Am I missing something or is the calculator not taking into consideration extra speed-ups when calculating costs? It says I need 600days beyond what I have, but somehow the cost is only $28…

  17. Has any research been done into how many days the alliance helps take off the amount you need? I know it won’t be a vast amount but anything will help my alliances morale lol

    • Not 100% sure but as far as we suspect its 1% each, or somewhere around 25%. Can anyone else confirm this?

    • Alliance helps actually help a great deal! For each build/research over 100 minutes, helps give 1%, which can be days depending on how long the build/research takes.. for every build/research under 100 minutes, each helps give you 1 minute.

  18. So can you provide a snapshot of each type of troop as far as what tier they are or did I miss that? How the heck do I know what is T4 or what is T1 or any in between?

  19. How is it 51 buck till i have t4 i dont understand when you cant get enough gold or anything with a single purchase

  20. Slaggy does this tell me when I am in a position to research one t4 troop type or all 3? Or does it take me to when t4 are completely researched?

  21. would be nice if the tool separated the number of shakles, books, n daggers

  22. There are packages that offer 2k of daggers, shackles, and books, having that as a package content would be great.

  23. Buy hammers in bulk, cheaper that way

  24. it doesn’t seem to include the hammer costs.

  25. There are 7 different types of t4s to unlock, including the strategic t4s. Does this tool calculate the time and resources to fully unlock all of the different types? or does it calculate the time and resources up until you are about to unlock the first type? or up until somewhere in between?

  26. why is there not provided a package with lots speed ups and lots rrs so you can grow and 100 k gold. looked at 100 M in power of vision is not it fun to be reset all the time by those with 1B or over there in power.. so be sweet and make a really good package so you can get many man and so you help to play the game

    • There is something called a shield. Stay shielded 24/7 until you reach 700m Figure it out. I did and so did oh so many more players…. K196 is where its at!

  27. Does the t4 calculator take into account help bar when calculating research days requiered ??

  28. Hello calculator works good but it will be nice if data could be save ones u are done with it,it is pain to have to log everything back in to see what u need

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