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Research and Building Calculator

Research and Building Tool

This tool will tell you the time and resources required to upgrade a building or complete a research in Game of War: Fire Age. It will also tell you the Power and Hero XP you will get as a result. Simply start typing in the box and select an option from the list. Note: To see your boosts, go to your city screen, tap your power at the top and then choose boosts.


  1. Can anyone tell me what is the max research power.

  2. can you allow the addition of the +10 helps? k1008 has +10 helps and maybe others too. thanks.

  3. March tree troop def base time is incorrect. 14 to 15 i show base time at 187428 days.

  4. Does this calculator take you to account all the requir d research it would take to hit multiple levels? So to go from level 8 to 10 for example does it know the tree reqs to meet that research in addition to just that one research item?

  5. Master Architect Gear with Architect Gem and Mason Gem along with construction blessing you be a good reduction time

  6. What is the best thing to equip hero with to reduce building time?

  7. Can´t get days for Watchtower 21 to 22.

  8. Have not been able to get buildings to go above level 21. It seems you used to be able to do this. Will this be updated soon to include through building 23?

  9. There seems to be some researches missing from the calculator. I cannot find Hero Attack March Tree, Troop Defense March Tree, Troop Health March Tree, Troop Attack March Tree and Monster Defense Debuff March Tree. When you type in the name they do not show up.

  10. building time is wrong for barracks lvl 21 to 22. It shows 67k days original time and everything else is wrong

  11. If anyone is inerested to go from start to end to unlock normal equipment full set 7 it is about 14.3 million power

  12. The new Strategic and Wild Siege research tree needs to be added. Also would like to see calculations for each research tree giving how much power each item in each tree is, plus total power for each tree.

  13. Requirements for the 22nd buildings are so wrong:/
    Academy for example demands 6000ish hammers, but not 1000ish…

  14. To see the Resources required for this upgrade click here. Is not working for buildings lvl 22

  15. Profile photo of MITZA

    Hi, something is wrong now…

    base time to complete: 24d…
    time to complete after boosts:4d…
    time to complete after helps 119d ???

    Can you fix the problem please. Thx!

  16. Don’t think the research times are calculating accurately.

  17. It’s not showing research times for Hero Attack from lvl 10 to 13

  18. Still waiting for updates on Wild Research and now on new expanded March Research

  19. When will you have the updates for the newest Wild Troop research?

  20. Do you have the update for the new March tree?

  21. Anybody know the power gain from level 5 cores to level 6 cores some reason I can’t get it to work

  22. Please update with new March Tree research!

  23. When will the new march size increase be added to the list

  24. Have other folks noticed that the time after helps has been nerfed a bit? Slaggy’s calcs used to be spot on, now off by days… (my last infernos, anyway)

  25. It would be awesome if there was a checkbox to check when the 10% speed up bonus event is in effect

  26. It would be nice to have a starting lvl and target lvl for buildings so you can see total rss and time to build say a lvl 18 barracks from scratch. For those needing drastically different city setups for training/battle this would be really useful.

  27. When are you going to add the Set Bonus research into the Research section and Research calculator?

  28. Fourth gem slot in core/relic helm equipment gives 10,032,400 power, not 2,006,500!

  29. Power for fourth gem slot in normal armor equipment is 6,693,500, not 2,024,100. thanks!

  30. March speed economics level 9 256000 power added

  31. do you have a time calculator on research for the new Defense tower. Infantry Defense II and so on?

  32. when will you be adding the new Defense research tree to the research calculator. Id like to get and idea on level 9s and 10s. Thank you for this great tool.

  33. monster mastery lvl 5 is 400k power now and time might have changed too

  34. There talk that helps from lower lvl Strongholds provide less time off then helps from a stronghold 21. I know it sys each help is worth 1% but I can’t help but wonder if MZ has changed this procedure. can u you confirm or deny this ?

  35. When will the new defense tree calculations be available?

  36. Are your numbers for Hero Presets correct? For Preset 6 you have a power gain of 3,540,000 and for Preset 7 you have a power gain of 2,731,700 ; are they perhaps reversed?

    Also I’ve noticed that several of the timers at least in the march tree give incorrect calculations by approx. 5% for the amount of time after helps.

  37. Time after helps: 129d 16h 12m

  38. Power amount for March slot 1 in restorative should be 470K not 520K

  39. Just a thought of something I’d like to see on this calculator which is the percentage of time it takes to complete the construction. So a building with original time of 15d and real time of 5d would show a 33.3% of original time to complete. I built a spreadsheet which shows similar data to what you have here except for the percentage part. Thank you!

  40. can i post the link to this page on my site i made for my alliance?

  41. Profile photo of John Kawski

    Salutations of the day. First of all, awesome website. Very informative, very easy. My only… concern, is I’ve noticed some differences in research between what I see in the game and what’s on here. For instance, I’m looking at Strat Inf attack lvl ten. I have 184.6% research boost. At sh 21, on here, it says after boosts, before helps, the time is at 78 1/2 days. On the game I see it says 73 days, five hours, nine min, and 55 sec after boosts, before helps. I’m well aware this is a massive undertaking for you to catalog all the data in this game and you certainly can’t get everything right at once, hence the need for feedback. What I’d like to know is: Do you just get a rough estimate on the times or do you strive to get the info right down to the .1%?

    • Profile photo of Nathan

      These are not estimates, its straight math down to the last .1%. All that needs to be done is tweak the javascript formula just a bit to make sure its identical to MZ’s

    • Remember, your Alliance City may provide research boosts. This needs to be factored into the input.

    • Are you really that anal you have to have it down to the exact second? As long as I have an idea of what it takes I can plan just fine. Great tool!

  42. Whenever I try to use this calculator for T3 troops, not including siege towers, it adds time instead of decreasing. I currently have 160.2 boost, and it makes the training time go from 15 days to 15 days and 18 hours and some.

  43. I almost hate to ask this, ALMOST. 😉 Have you given any thought to an advanced calculator that we could feed in all of our current levels on research and then punch in points needed for an event, kind of like the troop calculator? Give it our boosts, tell it we need X points and have it spit out the best research (or combination of research) option(s)? My guess is this would be horridly complicated, but figured if I don’t ask…lol

    • I agree Silver, this would be very VERY useful. Unfortunately, the only way it could work is if the game knew what research has already been completed. For a user to input every level of research, I don’t think it would be feasible for most. I think it could work if you needed like 3m points and you were on a 5x event (so 600k points needed). Maybe they give you all the researches available in the 300k – 600k range. Furthermore if it was done in a way so that you’d know what tree it’s in, that would rock and it would be very useful.
      Combat 300-600k points : Cavalry Attack 7, 8, 9 Infantry Attack 7, 8, 9
      Economics: March speed 6, 7, 8
      Restorative: Tier 3 Trap Salvage 10
      (This way would be interactive by user putting in points needed.)

      or ex. 2
      List every research from largest to smallest by points. It would be a long list but the user would just scroll down to how many points they need and then they could find an open slot.
      (not user interactive)

      or ex. 3
      Silver does his preparation a couple days to a week in advance and makes notes of a few different researches that carry big points and what’s needed. That way, when the event comes that you want, you already have everything and don’t need to look anything up.
      (Easiest AND most organized route but I don’t think too many ppl would be this organized, it is a game after all, not a work app….lol)

  44. Hi, I been trying to use calculated to figure out how many resources and total hours it would take to start and finish March research. Anyone know these figures? Don’t think I am doing it right

  45. You can ignore the last comment, I’m an idiot. I did construction boosts because I’m researching construction and not research.

    Please disregard and go about your day!


  46. No information for construction research

  47. Spent 2hrs calculating time required for my research and buildings. Thought it was great and had a chance to test for altar 15. It failed. I hope may be this is with one calculation.
    Example : Bulding altar 15. Construction boost – 325% at SH 21. tool gives
    Time to Complete after Boosts: 0d 9h 59m 31s

    I am getting 14+ hr after 7 helps.

    BTW what is the base speed (no boosts, no research etc..just plain) for construction and research? Also how much % for each hep?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, Thanks for the feedback,.

      I just retested it and was working correctly for me. Just to confirm, if you set the calculator to lvl 15 it means you are upgrading TO lvl 15. Also, might seem crazy but did you have all your construction gear on? 325% is very high – I presume you have three Odysseys? It might also be that the research times for the Altar are wrong, I can check in a few days. I am not sure what you mean by base speed? Helps do 1% or 1 min each, Whichever is higher.

      • I have construction research till 10. 3 purple odysseys. my research boost is 266%
        By base speed, what number are you multiplying the boost percentages with to come up the no of days with boosts.

        I am going to go T4 with only $19s spent on high roller n gift package. Got all the gold for money builds, 1 or 2 researches left before acad 21 requirement.
        Also ur T4 calculator needs works. Just gave me what requires for moeny builds and no of speeds required I think was off.

  48. no clue how to use this… what is “level”?

  49. information missing for forge level 15, great site still tho, thanks for the great info and tools

  50. I’m a bit confused as to how I get the numbers for the boosts. Construction for instance has a boost percentage in the hero boosts section, but also has boosts from doing the research in the economics section. Do it simply add these two together?

    A clear description on how/where to obtain this data would make an excellent tool tip for a (?) help icon or the field itself. Thanks for putting such a great site together!

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, the best way is to go to your profile and then look at boosts. The easiest way to get to your profile is to go to your city screen and tap the power number across the top. Thanks for the tip – I’ll update the tool.

  51. Siege Defense 10 is incorrect it gives 1,525,775 Power, thanks for the great tool, you rock!

  52. When i put in stronghold level 21, the calculator gives me 24 helps. Should be 25

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