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Find Gear From Materials

Simply enter your materials below, click search and see what gear you can craft. There are filters to only show gear under a certain hero level and to find gear for a specific boost. The results are sortable by Attack Rating and Defense Rating which come from our Best Combat Gear tool here.

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Standard Materials


  1. Profile photo of Redsnapr1

    Hi! I am trying to craft some relics and am short some pieces. I’m not sure where to get them and can’t find them listed. Dragon Bone and Dragon Tooth. I couldn’t find anything regarding relics at all actually. Thanks!

  2. How can I find out what core pieces come from certain events: Example Straggele, are there any core pieces associated with it?

  3. Cant see spiked armor anywhere… update it pls!

  4. Profile photo of Xpio

    What would also be really useful is if you could put in a quantity for just one specific material and it brought up all the gear that uses that item… so often I go to craft something and have to go through and check that I don’t need that item for something else. Would be able to just scan through the list of gear then that uses that item…

  5. Profile photo of Gambit

    You cant enter a number in the broken blade slot on Gear to materials. Also missing slot for Grip of Thyme.

  6. Broken blade does not allow you to enter in a value

  7. Getting another fatal error Slaggy.

    Is there any way I can help you enter new materials & formulas? Perhaps in a particular format in a text file?

  8. just found your site and its fantastic such a great help. with reference to the find gear with materials, i know this is a stupid question but when adding numbers of materials, do you just type how many you have total or different level of mtrls ??

    • Paul, before you combine materials, enter the total number in this tool. If it identifies an item you’d like to craft, check the quantity required of each. Then combine each of those materials to the highest quality possible, without reducing the quantity below what is required for your item.

      An alternate approach would be to only enter the quantity of each material that is above a certain quality. For example, if you only wish to craft with L4 or higher quality, then only enter the quantity of each material that is L4 or above.

  9. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, sorry about the delay fixing this tool – was away for the weekend. Should be fixed now.

  10. “Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /home/littlefe/public_html/gow/wp-content/themes/sahifa/page-find-gear-from-materials.php on line 73”

    You’re also missing: Awl, Canine Jaw, Chain Link, Cloven Hoof, Coarse Rust, Curved Fang, Cyclops Bone, Dragon Bone, Dragon Tear, Fused Alloy, Infected Saliva, Iridescent Scale, Marble Column, Minotaur Horn, Ribbed Fin, Rough Wool, Severed Tail, Snake Skin, Spike Collar, Tea Leaves, & Worms.

  11. Profile photo of BoulderCO

    Great site! However, I have 2 comments after just signing up minutes ago and browsing around a bit:

    1. I am logged in, but the top of the page still has the “Login” and “Register” links, giving no indication that I am logged in. I suppose this means that I also don’t have access to a profile for my user?
    2. This tool and several others could really benefit by using saved user data. It would be awesome if I could input all of my research levels, mats, gems, etc. into my account so that I don’t have to re-enter them per-tool or anywhere else. It would just be a running “list” of my game progress that the site could use to make the tools more useful/intuitive. Some tools could even use the browser’s local storage to save previous values. This would help tremendously with, for example, the troop calculator tool.

    Thanks for all of this!

  12. Missing chissel as well.

  13. Great tool! Still some bugs to be straighten out, as mentioned above.
    I can’t help but be greedy though. I would love to be able to input the quantity of Gold and Purple mats respectively.
    Then have the tool build a recommended set based on where I should prioritize my higher quality mats.
    As always, awesome site and Thank you!

  14. Figured it out, 9.6 is being treated as .96 while 81.2% is also treated as a decimal (.812), so the higher boosted items are ranked essentially by first digit instead of percent boost.

  15. This is amazing. Only thing that I see is the sorting is a bit off. Thank you.

  16. The ability to find this tool doesn’t seem to be present in the tools drop down menu or on the tools page. Great addition though!

  17. Thanks for putting this together. You’re missing granite slabs from the list of materials. Also, there’s a bug that doesn’t allow you to input the number of anniversary flames.

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