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Core Builder Tool for Game of War

You can use this tool to test assembling cores in Game of War to see what the total boost output will be. There are a lot more features to come so watch this space.

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Boost Amount
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  1. Why don’t you all the L27 cores I can’t see my stats will be for a custom I want to make

  2. Can we get the set bonus add in there to the stats please? Nothing shows up under the set tab.

  3. Profile photo of Peter Zambuto

    Core builder piece selector will not scroll or sort

  4. It doesn’t seem to be loading the list of items to choose from.

  5. Is anyone else not getting the list of cores? I’m able to load secret recipe cores but when I try to design a custom, and click the +, I get a blank list for some reason. I’ve tried on my ipad and my iPhone and nothing

  6. Nice thought but not calculating correctly

  7. Is there a way to save the stats you want? Having to repeat for each piece is annoying.

  8. In the core builder tool, when selecting gem boosts, can you allow non-combat gems again? I would use it to check for the best gem boosts for things like research, construction, training, troop load, etc… all the non-combat boosts. It was just an easier way to find certain boosts. Thank you.

  9. Why are my sabatoons cores not calculating right. its of by about 15%

  10. why cant i see the set stats?

  11. Is the roman standerd good. i got a few of them but dont know if i should use them

  12. The new Hera cores aren’t showing for me. I can’t find them in the load from set or the load from secret recipe section. I’ve even tried searching for the individual cores and pieces and still can’t find them. Did I miss an update or something…please help šŸ™‚

  13. Yes having issues with the correct secret bonus loading properly, they dont seem right. As some are different then a month ago.

  14. How ca I get premium for free?

  15. Still having tons of issues getting the page to display correctly

  16. I’m trying to build a core set by setting the gems I want to use based on what I have available. When I try to put 7 Defense gems it shows to be a 14% defense boost, but the boost for all 7 pieces to the set should be 175%. Can this error be fixed please

  17. Your gem list is missing the Defense Gem. Please add that in for def core crafters. Thats 350% that they dont get to see.

  18. I’m new to core set crafting and heard pieces have to be put in certain order to work, is it alphabetical or follow core set recipes exactly?

  19. can you please add red hot bottle and a few other new pieces? Thanks.

  20. It would also be nice to be able to add a piece to all 7 items with only one click. It can be done with gems but not pieces. Can this happen?

    • Add all pieces to a single core, click load, and with the third option you can load the pieces from that core to each other core.

  21. I’ve created a set in the core builder tool. I’d like to view the stats for each individual item created as opposed to the entire set?

  22. If I had in a custom set, say, 900 Infantry Def + 600 Range Def + 600 Cav Def, all that plus 2k Troop Def, among other boosts, and I’m trying to defend from a full Range attack, could I interpret that my total Defense in Infantry would be 2.9k ?

    • Yes you could. The only thing is the 2k overall and 900 inf defense would be debuffed by separate stats, defense debuff and inf defense debuff.

      On a side note, you would probably want higher defense than that in a core set.

  23. I cant get the core builder links to work. Has it been disabled?

  24. Silver seal is missing:)

  25. I just honestly want to make a anti
    Possidian core set I need help please

  26. Hi! Great tool but when I’m crafting a custom core I get the combined stats of all cores assembled at the bottom. I would love to see an option of the stats of the particular core and / or combined stats upto the other spots assembled. Will that be a possibility to incorporate? Thanks

  27. Would like to request to have added the skill points in a separate tab. that way we can apply the skill points too and have a true stats reading.

  28. Can you make this tool into a printable or “save recipe” option


  30. I got lazy and didn’t read all of the comments here so I apologize if this was already mentioned. It would be nice to be able to load the same pieces in each slot. For example if I wanted to make an infantry missile with the same pieces in each item it would be nice to be able to load the helm then select the armor, boots etc and hit a “use the same pieces” button.

  31. great work..wondering if u can add 2 drop downs for boost search..like give me cores for infantry attack + ranged defense. that would be so awesome.

    • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!!!! I would even go so far as to ask for up to 3 drop downs. This would be incredibly useful!

  32. Can you please put in defense cores

  33. Hey great work which is very appreciated congratulations. Loos like pareo stats for defense is wrong. Thank you

  34. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Note: If you haven’t visited the tool for a while you may need to hit Reset All.

  35. I like the builder tool, the only thing I would adjust to make it better would be to put the cores and pieces in descending order according to their specific boosts. So if you are looking up a piece for infantry attack, the top one should have the best boost for infantry attack. That is it, other than that it is a great tool.

  36. if i click on see in core builder it comes out way higher than it is. Ive crafted two different pieces and the totals were waaaaay lower than they showed in the core builder

  37. Need to reset every time to get correct calculation. Replacement of one piece and loading it to other cores doesn’t seem to work properly. Boosts appear doubled

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Thanks, will take a look

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I have tested this and it seems to work fine for me. Are you able to give me a more specific example? Thanks

      • I have this problem too.. If you load a piece into the tool then swap that piece, stats from the previous piece are still included in the stat totals.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, Thanks for the feedback. if you could let me know step by step what are you doing (and which pieces you are using) to cause this it would be much appreciated as I am unable to recreate this. Thanks

      • I’ve tried it again.
        So I did helm, armor, weapon and foot from emerald set. Accessories were nose chain x2, jeweled bangle. Pieces for accessories : scarab brooch, earthen jar, decaying flesh, underwood seeds, leather gorget, winter glass.
        Next I change underworld seeds to asgardian inglot in one accessory and copy to other accessories. I get higher defense and health, seems ok.
        Then I change asgardian inglot back to underworld seeds and copy for all accessories. I should receive stats same as initial, but they are significantly higher.
        Hope that explanation made sense.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        This should be fixed now – thanks for the feedback!

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Thanks Tweets, I am able to recreate this so should be able to fix it.

  38. Profile photo of icg

    Excellent tool, saved me hours of work and math. Very well done!

  39. you need to make it to where you can put gems on here also, than i can see the full boost with the cores gamed.

  40. Profile photo of Peter Zambuto

    Trying to use the builder, when I click on a core or piece it is not being assigned. Help please.

  41. total summary stats incorrect.

  42. can you make the pieces and cores go from highest boost to lowest boost for easier location of best items

  43. I used the beta core to create defense cores, I crafted them and the stats are off by 300-700.

  44. not getting the core builder to work tonight.
    tried to build a weapon and no bonuses are popping up.
    Used other link and it seems some bonuses aren’t clearing out.

  45. Profile photo of Reazy Rick

    Would be perfect with a whole set boost calculator šŸ˜‰ Nice Job IGOW!

  46. Profile photo of Dormant

    When i hit the drop down box it goes up and I can not see the options its showing

  47. I second the request for a quick copy of pieces when you want to use the same pieces on each item.

  48. Nothing coming up when i try to pick a core or piece

  49. Okay so I dont get your core builder. If I use the builder with specific pieces in as per your site then it doesn’t even come close to what it is supposed to be. For instance a winter glass piece is supposed to be 63 percent ranged attack and when I put it in the builder it only gives me 20 percentish wise ranged attack. Why? Are your boost equipment specific? If so shouldn’t you list that?

  50. this tool ROCKS!!!! Thank you so very much!!!

    I hate to even as for any upgrades on something so useful, but what are the chance of being able to search dual boosts for cores and pieces at some point in the future eg… (infantry attack, enemy cavalry defense debuf) ?

  51. what might be a reason it does not work for me? I click on + and nothing happens

  52. Need a way to quickly select the same pieces for all 7 cores

  53. Great tool, would suggest adding the ability to Filter ( search), Add Multiply Search Filters ( example: when i am looking for a piece that has Cav Attack, and Defense debuff, it can show me any pieces that have both), the ability to sort by Boost %. when i click for pieces to select to add to core it show them in alphabatical order rather than with boost %. also if we can copy pieces from on gear piece to the rest would be great as well. like i already selected the pieces i wanna use on my helm, if i can apply the same pieces to the rest of the core that would be very efficient.

  54. everytime I click on any of them, the drop down box isn’t working, and also can not type anything in.

  55. Can you make it so the add piece/core menu moves down the page when you scroll to the 5th and 6th pieces, as it is right now I have to position the window in such a fashion that I cannot see some of the pieces named in the menu while scrolled down on the main window. Also 2 of the boosts do not show the titles, they are between troop health bonus and enemy strategic infantry attack debuff. Other than those 2 issues I really like the tool.

  56. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming. Hopefully will be able to have them up soon.

  57. Let’s you select two of the same pieces.

  58. When I click on the Core + button nothing happens.
    When I click on the Piece 1 button a drop down appears which it looks like I can key something into, however when I type nothing shows up on the screen. The cursor moves, but nothing is visible.
    Could this be an IE issue? I use Chrome at home and IE at work and I notice that most of the oddities occur when Iā€™m using IE.

    • As I suspected most of the issues are not issues when at home using Chrome instead of IE.

      Some options that might be nice, a way of seeing what set the core and piece belong to.
      It would also be great to find Cores and Pieces (C&P) that meet certain criteria, like only display the C&Ps that have Troop Attack boost or whatever boost that you’re looking for.

  59. would be helpful to have pictures with the name in the selection menu and a check box to use the same accessory three times

  60. Can you add categories in de dropdowns, so you have an indication of the boosts of the added cores or pieces?

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