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Boost Finder Tool

Search for a boost to find all the places the boost can be found. Currently Searches Equipment, Gems, Cores, Pieces, Research, Buildings. Still to be added: Hero Skills and Items

Troop Health

Not a Valid Boost


  1. what is the best way to determine the total boosts provided from all building, banner, potion, research, gear, gems, hero skills, VIP level, everything that contributes to the total boost percentage for each boost category? Does this have to manually calculated?

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    yes, still having problems, seems to only happen when I go thru the drop down menu: Tools/All Tools/ Boost Finder but not if I search for “boost finder”. this is a really helpful tool by the way. Thanks for making and maintaining it. 🙂

  3. Tool doesn’t work ps5869 yahoo

  4. So Defense Debuff Resistance is not a valid boost? Maybe because there is so little to gain, but there is DDR and specific troop DDR.

  5. Question….in a situation where someone is defending the wonder with balanced troops and the enemy sends cavalry….

    Obviously it’s best to pull range and add infantry but if one was to keep it balanced for whatever reason would the priority be to increase the ranges attack, defense, or health. I’ve seen conflicting things out there, and I am leaning on increasing range defense but it’s against boost principle of attack then health then def. I think cav attack deb would also help reduce range losses but the range boost is really jamming me up. Which way should I go….. thanks for any input

  6. You should add troop training to the this

  7. Why every time I click on a item it sends me to that damn Mobile Strike website?

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    Boost finder tool for Game of War being redirected to mobile command boost finder

  9. not sure whats going on but none of the stuff i look up has the right stats. this tool used to work flawlessly for what i was looking for but its not working now

  10. What happpended to antique pottery? I think it has a 29% troop attack boost. Also leg warmer cores have a 63% boost. They are gone.

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    Keep up the good work! Your collective efforts are greatly appreciated.

  12. What is “Troop Attack Debuff QA”???? I keep seeing this weird helm on different searches…

  13. tool not working

  14. Add tusk helm core for troop training speed.

  15. Hi, Very nice tool thanks. It will be very helpful if this tool can also incorporate 2 search parameters (search for items with 2 types of boosts)

  16. Maybe a dumb question. What all do you add up to know your true attack, health and defense? In preset stats with a specific troop type cores, example: strategic ranged attack set of cores, troop type attack 1700%, troop attack 400%, hero 268%, health 1100% and defense 1000%….my question is do you add all the attacks up troop type, troops and hero for 2368% attack power? Or is there more to add to it like the research for that troop type in strategic combat tree which would be 131% more to add and March tree for troop attack which would be another 30% add to troop attack..same goes for health and defense..I just want to know the right way to do it and teach other members of game of war..Ty in advance

    • The fastest way is wearing said gear and looking at your boosts page but then your cores start expiring! Lol. The boost page has all your boosts your city has, including what your hero currently has on and research. So to just answer, yes, all boosts apply! You may have gear with 1000% defense and base defense when your hero is naked of 200%, total becomes 1200%. I say naked hero because that equipment could replace another that had some defense boost etc. Hope that helped!

  17. You don’t have the Chalice on here?

  18. there is a troop attack boost but don’t strategic troop attack when searching

  19. Training Speed is a very important boost on this game..I was wondering if you will remember to inset relics and gears that boost it!

  20. Good tool, will definitely be using it

  21. Consider separating the gear by equipment spot. Be way easier to read if helmet, accessory, foot, etc. were separate sections in results. Awesome none the less!

  22. Great start. I would suggest adding a breakout for type of gear as well

  23. Might consider adding prison Attack boost and Alter attack boost along with the skill tree attack boost in the troop Attack boost section. I was thinking the tool would provide all the areas to turn up a specific boost. Which means the side bar boost could be added to. 75% troop boost avail there. Mike

  24. This seems to be missing accessories? E.g. search for troop training doesn’t show up chalice.

  25. Awesome.. THANKS Slaggy, its amazing how you keep improving this site. Congratulations.

  26. *still anonymous for now*

    What’s the reason that VIP, altar and ‘boost’ (e.g. a 24h 20% attack boost) boosts aren’t included?

  27. very nice!
    i will help a lot! i was wondering if its possible to make a new tool, let me explain what i have in mind:
    we can inform what itens and lvl and the tool will give the best equipment for…
    pls let me know what you think
    thanks for all help

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