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Battle Report Tool

The Battle Report Tool lets you calculate out how well you did versus your opponent. Enter both of your losses and you will find out:

  • Who scored the most KvK points
  • Resources Required to retrain losses
  • Time required to retrain losses

For a reminder of the troop names and their tiers See here.

Your Army

Total Number of Troops:

Opponent's Army

Total Number of Troops:

Your Losses

Opponent's Losses

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  1. Profile photo of JonnyBlaze

    I dig the site! There seems to be a few thing that are not up to date. The battle report for instance doesn’t have the option to add the t4 troops. Also the calculation seems to be off.

  2. What do the green arrows mean on a battld report i.e. march/ defense or they can be anywhere in the research history of the players

  3. I am a novice in this game, whenever I attacked somebody, the troops will only wounded but not killed, I wanna know how to kill the troops? And how do I occupy a farm on the map? And I want to build a prison, how do I get those cuffs in the game?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      When you hit a player there troops will fill their hospitals up first. If they have a hospital of say 5000 hospital beds and only 5000 troops, all 5000 will go to the hospital and not die. When the player has more than their hospital space, in this instant 5001+ anything above the 5000 capacity is subject to dying.Unsure what you mean by occupying a farm ? do you mean build a farm ? as in start a new account ?. Shackles are available to purchase in gold store, bazaar from time to time and in gold packs pending on your level and what packs are out. They will also pop up in alliance gifts from time to time aswell.

  4. I am a novice and have a question. I hit a T2 trap, killed 2.3 million T2s, wounded 50 K. I lost 247 K T4 troops. The defender lost 18.3 Million power, I only lost 8.9 Million in power. I consider this a win but the calculator says I lost 13 Million more points but clearly won the power battle. Does this mean I lost points for KvK during the attack?

  5. nice tool! thx!, but have a question….I put in a real battle scenario where 4M T1 casualties (500K wounded, 3.5M killed) resulted in 1.375M T4 killed on the rally attacking side. why would my t1 replacement training time show up as Zero? There is definitely a training time component to replacing that number to T1….thx!

  6. Traps are very important in battles, why have them been left out? This tool seems only useful for tile hits or rare scenarios where there are no traps defending

  7. Hi can we have this updated as per the new points system for the power loss as points gained in KvK KE

  8. Not sure if it matters but on the video, it looked like he typed in 209k troops as opposed to 309k troops.

  9. Traps are an important component of the game. I would love to see how their loss figures up in rss and time. The ability to factor in boost would be nice too. Great tool thanks.

  10. Jjmoore1981@gmail.com

    Interesting to see how much rss I need to replace my meat after hitting folk. Will you be putting tier 4 in? Would like to see what kind of points I’m getting from hitting guys trying to set traps on tiles.

  11. Should I be including traps lost when tallying up the numbers? No, right? Just troops?

  12. Profile photo of John

    Very nice tool. Cool to see the total damages visualized. Would be nice to be able to add in your training boost to see how much time it would actually take to retrain your own troops.

    Does the “training time” lost include healing times for wounded troops?

  13. This is really good. I didnt realise how much rss and time i was losing each kvk. ALTHOUGH, its still worth it if you are managing to place top three most kvk’s.

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