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Battle Calculator

Update April 24th 2015: See this post for the latest update. Also, we have recently solved multiple defender scenarios.

Just to keep you updated, the following have been completed:

  • Unit Stats
  • Battle Algorithm
  • Troops
  • Traps
  • Siege
  • Simple Inter-tier Battles
  • Application of Boosts
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Multiple Defenders

Not finished:

  • Multiple Attackers and Multiple Defenders (nearly there)
  • Complex Inter-tier battle.
  • Scaling to large troop numbers (not necessarily inaccurate, but very hard to test).



  1. Please. Send battle calculator. acmmobil@hotmail.com

  2. Can you please post a link to a google drive version of the spreadsheet? Even if the data is old, it’d still be quite helpful

  3. When can I use your battle calculator? I really wanna test it as soon as possible. I don’t care whether it is perfectly done or not. I can pay for it if needed. Please email me.

  4. Slaggy,
    So I realize something like a battle calculator is a major undertaking as reverse engineering MZ’s battle formula isn’t easy. Seeing as how this doesn’t look like it will be completed maybe you could share some of the insight that you have gained so that others might be able to pick up where you left off. The battle algorithm seems to be quite complex but maybe you could post test results and the simple stats that you have found. So for example T1 troops have 1 attack, 10 health, and ?? defense. Attacks and health are easy to figure out but maybe you could fill us in on what each tiers defensive value is (how much damage is mitigated by each unit in this example I set the T1 attack to 1 so defense would be something less than one, if you are using a different scale, maybe T1 defense as 1 then just let us know what the scale is too).

    • I saw a basic calculator, the issue is at low numbers like 10 mil or less it’s easy to do but beyond that and with higher boosts it seems things change rapidly so scaling troop powers must have points on them like t1 =1.02 attack etc

  5. Hi Slaggy,

    I understand that this battle calculator thing you’ve been working on is clearly a much larger task then you may have originally envisaged but given the total lack of guidance from MZ on how the combat mechanics work and the fact that you’ve clearly made a good deal of progress unravelling even if you’re not yet ready to publish could I ask you to cast your eye over the way that I think it may work and let me know if you think I’m on the right track so that I can use this understanding to better set up things in my account.

    Stage 1
    Calculate base combat strength (CS) of two forces as:
    (T1# x 1) + (T2# x 2) + (T3# x 3.33) + (T4# x 5) = CS

    Stage 2
    Net off boosts so that for each side and for each type of troop and overall troop boosts:
    Boosts – (max((debuff applied by enemy – debuff resistance),0)) = net boost by type

    Stage 3
    For each side subtract
    CS x net defence boosts x some number
    CS x net attack boosts x some number
    to derive net combat stength (NCS)

    Stage 4
    For each side calculate total loss factor (TLF) as
    (NCS x net attack boost x some number) / (NCS x net health boost x some number)

    Stage 5
    Apply TLF to combat strength taking account of troop type and strategic troop strength weightings and “killing” lowest tier troops first.

    I know I’ve simplified massively in particular in the area of troop type wieghtings but this post is long enough as it stands and I think I’ve put in enough to show the gist of my thinking.

    (*my own tests on limited number engagements lead me to believe that T1 is only 20% of the strength of a T4 and a third of a 30% of a T3 although I am aware that historically you’ve found it to be slightly different to this)

    Thanks for reading.

  6. This feature is starting to remind me of Alliance City…

  7. Any ETA for this. You guys are killing me! 🙂

  8. How do you know best way to set hero tree?

  9. Where is the calculator?

  10. Is there a maximum number of troops you can lose when taking a rally if you are not NERFED, or is this a myth? I was told I could only lose a max of 2x the attacking troops.

    • this is not true, unless you are talking about t4 specificly that i do not know, iv tested several rally trap scenarios and have seen 6m+ kills

    • I’ve seen a battle report on line app that showed in one rally the defender lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 260 million troops in one hit. I didn’t really feel I had to look to know that it had to be t1 troops as the report was unreal enough to be anything else.

  11. Any update on when this will be available?

    Thanks for the site, it’s a great resource.

  12. any chance you can release some “teasers”… specifically regarding the Battle Algorithm and Unit stats?

  13. Obviously still a work in progress, but i really just want to know one thing. what is the relationship between army size and troop loss? I know it probably isn’t linear but i’d like to know what the optimal break point is where building more troops just isn’t worth it.

    I’m mostly focused on t3 armies vs t4 for my trap account but i would see that info being helpful to people with all different tier armies.

  14. Battle calculator seems like a very valuable tool, any idea when it’ll be available though?

  15. Any possibility of getting a sneak peak so that we could run numbers against it with actual scout, battle, and attacking boost reports from rallies to help you tweak the numbers?

  16. you’ve done some great stuff here thanks man hope this calculator will come soon its an amazing idea

  17. Should have put this in your poll for what we want done next 😉

  18. I, can you release what you have of the battle calculator please.

  19. Testing in large scale is definitely difficult. But… I think you have many supporters here, that if you put out what you needed help with, you would have more than ample help and many tests to check. 😉


  20. is the battle algorithm available? would love to understand how battles are computed

  21. i cant wait on this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it quickly 🙂

    • I’m sure he’s going as fast as he can. We’ll probably see it somewhere around the same time MZ decides to release L21 Alliance Cities and all the city buildings and research.

  22. Will we be able to enter our boosts and the results of a battle report to get an estimate of the boosts the enemy has?
    This is a great blog. Keep up the good work.

  23. Slaggy, I have a question concerning defense… for example cores like the spring give a ranged def boost.. now does that

    A. boost the def of your ranged troops against we will say calvary, or B. give you a defense against that type of troop

  24. Increíble sitio/ amazing blog.

  25. Would like to see more on the T1-T4 comparison considering boosts applied etc

  26. Profile photo of oox JC xoo

    you should make a “points given up” calculator where you input the number of troops killed and it tells you how many points you gave up

  27. Your website is rocking!

  28. Twigglet from Locris

    Hi, I’m curious about timings. If I’m about to be rallied and I want to use a 75% defence boost, will the boost take effect if the enemy is already marching? I’d ideally like to stick with the anti-scout right up until the march arrives, switch to defence boost and then straight back to anti-scout. Also, if a march has started will an attack boost work (obviously providing it is selected before the troops arrive at the target).
    Thanks, Twigglet! 😉

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      Yes, attack boost can be applied at any time up until the march hits you, and yes it works if applied before the troops arrive at the target. On a related note, that is exactly how people are using presets, whether for defending against rallies or in wonder rallies. The hero gear is switched in the few seconds before the march arrives. Boosts / hero gear can be changed right up until the point of contact.

  29. Looking forward to it – would you be willing to post your formulas for some things?

  30. I’m really looking forward to the Battle Calculator. I’m trying to decide if I should wait for it before designing a rally trap, to test out some possible designs. How soon do you expect to have the Battle Calculator live?

  31. Super website.. I appreciate your efforts

  32. I am probably hitting the same snags you hit and am looking to network. I find out next Wednesday if my academic project advisor will give the okay for me to do this for the next year, and with help! Lol, here is one of many tools I’ve created for event planning: http://youtu.be/TltjtHM7im4. Shoot me an email so we can chat please as I am amassing data and working on software that will detect anomalies and create predictive code on the fly to rationalize. Danielericking@gmail.com

  33. Make up your own health values and then just calibrate them to get results like in the game. Was doing this my self. But testing within game is mind numbing so i stopped. Huge props to who ever has the patience to carry out all the tests!

  34. I totally agree with Mike!!

    Had they not asked for payment for info I would have never have landed here and now glad I have as the information is well presented and easy to navigate!

  35. xxxSALTHEART #136

    Speaking of which … I hope you don’t make the ill advised move of monetizing content.

    • Salt is correct. I’m actually glad they did, otherwise I would have never found your site. Very well done. I too am looking forward to the new calculator.

  36. xxxSALTHEART #136

    Just throw it out there Slaggy… Of course, be prepared for it to be sniped by the other site pretty fast. Smh.

  37. What are the variable values for each of the troop units’ health? I was working on a basic Excel spreadsheet myself but without a numerical value for health (instead of stars) I’m at ground zero. I’m not wanting to decode any complex algorithms (I’ll leave that to you experts), but just knowing the base health values would give me a much better grasp on how effective some boosts can be.

  38. So how is your calculator coming along? Really eager to take a look

  39. Great work your doing here
    and best website I found until now
    can’t wait to see the result

  40. Still coming soon?

    Maybe you should change your name from ‘Slaggy’ to ‘MachineZone’. 😉

  41. You could always just post the calculator as-is for 1v1 calculations and finish the multiple defenders later. 🙂

  42. Is that right? Health and defense equally important? Seems weird based on tests I’ve run…

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi – not sure I understand what you are referring to. Could you elaborate

      • He’s referring to Nitr0’s comment:

        “Specific type troop ATTACK % +
        Overall troop attack % +
        (Def + health / 2.77) =
        Troop attack power”

        That formula labels defense and health as identical.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Oh I see, thanks. My tests have not shown this. Defense and Health work differently to each other. FYI, There is a guide to combat boosts going live tomorrow.

      • Maybe he meant the actual health of the troop unit (as opposed to the Troop Health boost)? I don’t know, but that formula seems like it would be missing a few things, such as specific troop types strengths and weaknesses to each other.

  43. Troop ATTACK power formula
    Specific type troop ATTACK % +
    Overall troop attack % +
    (Def + health / 2.77) =
    Troop attack power.. About 5000 excels of game data later this formula was calculated
    A good range to be in pre boosts is 1200+
    This comes from 50b plus power alliance research with all new knowledge of updates etc etc

    You are correct in your discussions regarding one troop type.. Pick one build your gear around it with applicable gems and shoot for the above #.. gl and hf

  44. Will the calculator show the math behind the calculations? Or is that a secret?

  45. How close are you guys to finishing the developement of this tool? By the way, i’m sure this will be the only one out there.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi Matt, It is working in Excel pending a few quirks with some of the boosts that I am ironing out. That bit shouldn’t take too long. Then I just need to adapt it for the web. That bit might take a bit longer!

  46. cant wait for it !!!! 😉

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