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Titan Flask Potion

New potion added to Alchemy Lab.

The latest flask can be filled with 6 of the 8 new ingredients to help you customise the potion to suit your needs.

Stats on this potion could as high as 30M% for rally/wonder attack, 100M% rally/wonder health/trap health/troop health on tile, 7,740,000% for both troop and legion attack, 51,000% in legion/empire defence, 25,500% legion and empire defence debuff, and 51.6M% trap attack.

The Vial

Titan Flask – max stats possible are 2.175M% in troop/strategic/wild attack

The Ingredients (with max possible stats)

Goliath Flower –  2.9M% rally/wonder occupy attack and 7,300% enemy empire troop defence debuff

Dragonfly Wings – 1.45M% rally/wonder occupy troop attack and 7,300% legion defence debuff

Glow Stones – 2.9M% rally/wonder occupy troop attack and 7.25M% rally/mobile trap health

Blue Salt – 1.45M% rally/wonder occupy troop attack and 21.75M% rally/mobile trap health

Pyrite – 2.175M% legion health and 14,600% legion defence

Bent Iron – 14.5M% mobile trap attack and health

Liquid Smoke – 29M% troop health on tile

Roc Feather – 14,600% empire troop defence and 14.5M% mobile trap health



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    Put the titans potion recipe in the potion tab for defence,, attacks Please

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