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The Race for Kills

Savage Arab winning the iGoW race.

Under a flurry of excitement, porting and a lot of troop killing, iGoW invited members to witness an exciting and friendly race to get to five trillion kills. The top 3 in kills were notified (Bholeblaster, Nawti Lola and former Emperor SavageArab)and after a few days and nights trying to get there first,  SavageArab, who had previously held the record for most kills, ended up getting to the finish line first.  Bholeblaster attained the goal shortly after and Nawti was on her way to the end.  This informal event was filled with laughter and sheer enjoyment by all who were a part of it – fillers, scanners and the supporters. Right after the race a new update totally changed the game, making 5T kills look like nothing, so we had to postpone it to 30T kills.

LSavageArabL 8 days after he hit 5 trillion in kills, he now owns the title for most kills with a whopping 30 Trillion kills (and counting).  During the 8 days,  he used 25+ ports to help achieve his new record.   He includes his friends in the celebration and sends a shout out to The Goat Tone, Aj, Sach, Golf, KissMyCores ,Bali and the best scouter Chick and his PzK family.

Bholeblaster who was really close to SavageArab on the 5T kills race, wants to thank her BOB! family for all the support and help during the race.

An honourable mention for those rallying everything, increasing their kills in no time getting to the top, Gahlaktus, Golfball1 & II WZ II. Stay tuned to our website for our next race and a Traps Competition!

Leaving you guys with a funny Gif created by KissMyCores to LSavageArabL congratulating for his newest record. And politely asking MZ to give SavageArab the emperor adorment where it’s due, like it was done with the rest of the former emperors.



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  1. Hey I’m wondering what the biggest solo you have seen I soloed someone tonight and got 4.6 trillion kills at 100% boost

  2. I think this game is still fun, but for now I will just stay shielded and watch, no sense in trying to trap.

  3. It’s a player in kingdom #856 with 172t kills… IxPUMAxI is the name

  4. Who cares about kills. With over inflated stats these days its all a joke. The real stat is how much fun you have playing this game not whos is bigger. And basically thats what kills or stats come down to anymore a measuring contest

    You can have them

    • I agree we have someone in 841 who does that then talks junk about having kills I only have 17.6 trillion kills and work hard to get them

  5. There’s a guy in our kingdom who just trained 20 tril t1s on his farm and 0’d it. MZ really blew the gasket on this one. Lot of us honest folks work hard to try and dominate the leader board and now we gotta look at that ffs. And top power player barely has 100 mill kills lol. I mean it’s one thing to know they cheated, but to have to see it on the leader board every day…sigh!

  6. Kills have lost all meaning and respect. Make a contest for power destroyed maybe. At least would be a lot more credible (and expensive for the kill farmers ?)

  7. thats easy. ppl are giving kills from their own accounts. new troop queue helps them train 600B+ in a go. get nurfed and give your ally kills.

  8. All the poor traps they must have zeroed to accomplish this, smh the traps cant keep up, slow down MZ

    • Fortunately that asshat lion hart isn’t recognized for his fake kills. There’s videos floating in line of him zeroing the same account 5 times in a KE event. Form what I hear. He has accounts planted in almost all kingdoms. To do this.

      The original-


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