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The Dungeon – New Feature Coming Soon

The Dungeon – New Game of War Feature Launched in Betadark-energy

It is a Dungeon Runner style mini-game where you attack monsters to win prizes. Each attack wins you a prize.

Attacking requires ‘Dark Energy’ which can be purchased in the store (and presumably from gold packs). There are two game modes – regular or hyper. Hyper is presumably more expensive but offers larger rewards.

To attack you tap and swipe the screen until the monster is eliminated. Here are some screenshots:

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  1. this dungeon game looks beyond rubbish

  2. Alliance city is only good for quests…what other benefits are there?

  3. Profile photo of Nathan

    Machine Zone really needs to focus on the Alliance City. It is useless and has been out for over a month. None of the ‘filler’ content that other games have!

    • Ac Teleports will be out soon
      Ac wall traps are being tested at the minute seems to be a few problems with them
      There is also new ac trap research

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