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The Current State of Events – Nov 2014

MZ have made some changes to the event payouts recently,which on the surface feels like a change for the worse.casino chips

Rather than paying out large volumes of speed ups (20 x 3 days) they now payout prizes weighted more towards chests and resources. What are their reasons for doing this?

MZ have demonstrated in the past a desire to remove any ‘self sustaining’ strategies. One of these strategies was to optimise your city layout to have a 3 or 7 day building queue. The end goal being to use 3 day speed ups to win an equivalent amount of speed ups from troop-training prizes. Some players reported having an endless supply of speed-ups – being limited only by resources.

By cutting the number of speed ups given out as prizes they have essentially put an end to this (as they did the self-sustaining casinos). Is this a change for the worse? Well, sort of. At the same time as this happening they also massively increased the speed ups and resources contained in the gold packages. Top packages now have over 300 days of speeds and over 80k gold. This is double the amount from 1 to 2 months ago.

I think one thing MZ overlooked though is that people  buy packages when they have run out of speed ups/gold/rss and by reducing the prizes payouts they have removed people’s incentive to ‘spend now’. It has been a few weeks now since there has been an event that screamed “I need to go all out for this one!”.  20 x Spring Chests just doesn’t cut it.

If you are a spender you are probably just as well off,  if not better from these changes. For the non and low spenders amongst you though, the road  just got much longer and harder….




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