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The Boycott is Over – Update 27th Sept

Stayalive has called off the boycott. He feels satisfied with Machine Zone’s response to the requests citing that a number of changes have already been implemented and there are plans in place to address the remainder.

We and MZ have finally reached common ground to start the enhancements requested by the community.

Boycott Over
Let us know what you think – Have MZ redeemed themselves or is this too little too late? A sign of optimism for things to come or should it have never got to this stage in the first place.


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  1. Yes. They successfully tricked the players into thinking that got what they wanted. They just wanted to shut us up. Nothing is fixed and they wage on in trying to take even more money out of its players. Players spends thousands and gets banned over bs, game crashes, lag worse then I even remember 2 yrs ago. Back when the boycott even started. They should of not called it off.

  2. MZ has gotten worse since canceling the boycott. Infernos and KvK events are now nearly impossible for most players. The only think I see MZ has done that they agreed to was the Kingdom merge.

    I see no difference in game performance and quick log in does not work. Drop rates still suck, no change to map dig times, Toast pop ups are still a problem (why not just let us turn them off!!!!!).

    So may issues. It’s time for a boycott that lasts until the all items are fixed. I have had about enough of it.

  3. Profile photo of MageJune

    I am a pros and cons kind of gal. I haven’t read everything here but I wanted to comment on some that I have read.

    First… a bit about me. I am good at analyzing, organizing, and convincing people (in text) of my point of view. I am a small alliance leader of 95 people. ((I’m sure some are spies, some barely sign in to answer roll call, and not all are true gamers… (but I wont kick friends as long as they answer roll call, hit helps, and kill monsters every day) I have at least half that honestly sign in and play the game multiple times a day.)) I’ve been leader of my core group for over 2 years. Tried to step down several times and my crew won’t let me. I told them yesterday I want to go to a new kingdom where chat isn’t filled with only executions and meet new players and asked if they want to go with me. I was amazed at how many are willing to leave behind the accounts they have spent time and money on to follow me. We don’t have unlimited funds so leaving our Alliance Shell, Main Castles, Multiple Farms, and the (useless, rss hoarding, only worth the once a day gift) Alliance City that we have invested time and money in is extremely hard to do for us. They are the Blue Collar Crowd like me and I am blessed to have met such wonderful people I now call my virtual family. But the game has become unplayable for our crowd.

    My roll call is my most valuable leader aid in helping my alliance grow and stay alive. I ask questions and reply to each person. I have been with them as they struggled thru all the game challenges. Because of my roll call I understand the position of a small player better than many do.

    On to my list of complaints, pros, and cons. The analyzing of the game, being out of balance, from my point of view.

    First… unlimited rallies and marches would kill the game. Defenders have to be able to defend. Half the challenge of being an attacker is avoiding the traps. Take away the challenges and you take away the heart of the game. Not to mention the amount of players that would quit that are barely hanging on right now, hoping the game will balance out and become playable.

    Second… the gap between spenders and nonpenders is unrealistic. The big guys are outrunning the little guys by miles.
    a.) Updated materials are not available to gather on our schedule. You have to be lucky enough to be online when they are in events… if you are able to hit events… And the prizes for the higher levels aren’t worth the effort. Most of us might hit an inferno once or twice a week and with the poor chest (of which everyone complains) there isn’t any hope of crafting anything necessary to continue playing.
    b.) VIP 12? Only a dream to many. My alliance is mostly at 9, 10, & 11. The VIP in the solo events is a step in the right direction but still only a tease. 1k VIP points against the millions needed? seriously? VIP 12 is needed right now for my alliance. We have a ton of boxes collected and there just isn’t enough time to collect them all. Spend gold to get there? Ha! What’s the point when we probably still wouldn’t get what we needed, then we would be drowning in the combining trap, and we would have no gold for shields.
    c.) Hero 60? We have barely gotten to 50! (hence the need for gear… finally… that we have been working 2 years to get to… to craft good gear… with nonexistant materials) Anyone in their right mind shields from hero 60. Which makes it frustrating for players that big because no one hits them and everyone hides from them. In the home kingdoms it’s like the prize fighters going to the battleground of farmers with broken weapons and leather armor and everyone runs and hides. The only place they can find a fair fight is the Fire Kingdom. (Which lags the game and pops up annoying banners that get us common folks zeroed.)
    *** The pros of the hero levels is that Athenas gifts and solo events has helped small players to get to hero 50 to 53 on average. So that is one positive thing they are doing for small players.

    Third… they have no clue how nonspenders play. We don’t rally… Ever. We don’t reinforce… Ever. We build hospitals to cover troops so it ONLY takes 3 months to recover (sarcasm). We are so far behind on research its not even funny. We don’t craft cores because we don’t have the funds or the research. And guess what is in the solo events that we can reach???? Cores!!!! Yay!! (more sarcasm)
    The Beta is for testing new features but a down side is that it reflects only the playability of big players. They make the events easy in the beginning then they become out of reach again. and they are out of reach much faster for small players than they are for big players. The better packs are helping the bigger players but they are killing the small players.

    Fourth… Our goal of nearly 2 years ago when we went into hiding, after reaching SH 21 and faced with ridiculous timers and unreachable events, we have finally reached. And other alliances that have struggled thru in our kingdom have reached the same point. We’ve gotten here and looking around and realize we have run into even more goals that will keep us hiding even longer because of VIP 12. Wea re to Hero 50 and no clothes or materials to craft them!!! Still can’t go to the Ball!!!
    MZ helped a while back when they released the defense tree by FINALLY adjusting the events (after about a year of complaining) so the SH21’s weren’t all the same. That defense tree was a blessing for us small players that could take advantage of it when first released. High power and low timers.The 30 day first prize was extremely helpful. Big players may have not noticed but to small players it was a life vest. It now has holes in it… but it helped.

    Fifth… Please don’t delete the dead accounts. Those accounts are old friends who might come back if the game improves. Besides… how do you think mid sized players survive? Resource tiles are a joke. ‘Let me send my troops to sit on a tile for 30 minutes or more and be exposed to being hit to collect amounts of a milllion RSS or less and a SLIGHT chance of an out of date material’ or we can hit a well producing farm or dead account and get 4 to 10m rss in 2 minutes or less. Those dead castles still have a purpose.

    Sixth… Alliance City. I absolutely hate that thing with a passion. We send valuable rss to that damn thing that gets locked inside to be turned into useless speciall rss that only the dead alliance city can use. the only useful thing it provides is the free gift once a day, the occasional material in the quests, a tiny bit of rss from the quests, and the event prizes that waste loyalty we could probably get the same speedups cheaper in the store for (haven’t actually looked) and lock even more rss away that we need for building and crafting. (Can you tell I really, really dislike that thing?) I visited a new kingdom and am bothered by how much energy I see new players wasting on that thing when they should be building their castles.

    Seventh… RSS isn’t keeping up with the demands. My alliance has FINALLY reached t4 and hero level 50. Just one t4 troop train event would completely wipe out our bank. Same with crafting the good gear we need. We are to the point we will have to farm the kingdom. Problem is that the big guys keep it fairly well cleared already. Besides that our small alliances have all become friends and we know we are all in the same boat. Kinda hard to steal food from a friend when you know they are starving too. The RSS in events is helping but it’s only a drop in the bucket to what is needed.

    Eighth… Materials. I’ve already mentioned materials several times but wanted to make a number for it because of how bad that one is. The other issues seem to be being worked on a little bit but this one is horrible. I have spent $800 minimum for gold and purple level Perseus/Slayer mixed gear.. and that’s just for 5 pieces. We have hit every monster possible when they are available. Oh and Pronged Spears so we can have the upkeep reduction for that set? Pretty much nonexistant. Altho I did see it in an inferno the other day… possibly one blue level mat… for an unreachable event goal… yeah…
    I consider the Slayer/Perseus set one of the basic sets we need to survive. And the magister set? Only available on MZ time table that I can tell.

    Random Analyzing:
    I love that there is more information out there on the web of how to play but having everyone set their castle up the same has the down side of taking away some of the challenge because we all start playing the same. That was one of the main reasons for Cores. To add back the challenge and unpredictability of an attack. But the cores have gotten out of hand. They are too powerful for us farmers and almost impossible to obtain. Some sets are just like the hero 60… you see that set and run. and I think that adds to the lag because the person has to wait for the last second to change gear so the defender doesn’t shield against an overpowering attack.

    We love the game because of the challenge but a lot of that challenge is being removed and replaced with extreme frustration. RSS tile shields are not the answer. That takes away some of the challenge. Instead why not make it more worth the risk? IMHO I think they should remove the old standard tiles and put better materials and higher rss in the monster tiles. How much room would that create to remove the old tiles?

    I hear constantly that MZ doesn’t care about the small players. I see them doing small things to help small players. I see the efforts. It’s just not enough. They provide what we need for just a wlittle while then it goes out of reach again for our style of playing. I can understand how frustrating it must be for the game makers. How do they find a balance to satisfy the big players and make the game playable for small players? the simple fact is that it’s a war game. People are going to complain and gripe and fuss at each other and even some bullying. (as long as it doesn’t last too long and isn’t extreme… it’s part of this game.) But… trying to view it from their perspective… How do they sort thru what we actually need from the temporary griping at being defeated?

    Small players want to be able to battle too. We don’t expect to be billion plus players. We do expect to keep our hero for at least a couple hits. We need the sharks of the game, they make it a challenge. But as of right now we can’t even battle our own sizes. There isn’t any damn materials for nonbreakable gear!!!! And we sure aren’t wasting precious supplies on gear that breaks. We need to be able to pick ourselves back up faster than 3 months. That’s just too long for recovery. Actually… for a nonspender it may be longer than that now. I haven’t tested it in a few months. The temple where people could recover troops was a good idea. I’m not sure how it was supposed to work but for a nonspender that would have been a huge benefit for recovery IF it was something buildable.

    Defenders have to be able to take a couple hits without being zeroed. Defenders need to be able to recover in a decent amount of time so they can withdraw, recover, and get back out on the battle field. Defenders are usually blue collar workers who work long hours so the materials and rss and supplies they need have to be available on their time. not MZ time. The Athenas Gifts are awesome and a huge help right now in catching up the small players in some areas… but small players aren’t always online to collect them.

    And we need ALL players big, medium, and small. The game is no fun without people in it. We need our attackers, defenders, battle support spotters, gatherers, monster hunters, social chat specialists, and all the other roles that have developed. Without them we have dead kingdoms.

    Just a few things on my wish list:
    Alliance City: I wish the Alliance City would have the exchange materials feature. I wish it was a bank for our small alliances. (If they can’t make it attackable at least make the damn thing useful.) I wish it would provide a scoreboard for more than just donated materials to the city. How about expanding the section where it shows member donations to be an alliance leaderboard for monsters and helps and best kvk ke events. I would love that as a leader. (do you know how hard it is to look at 95 profiles, from a farm, for an inner alliance monster killing contest?)

    Forge: I wish out of date gear would be updated, removed, or moved to its own section. I wish gear was searchable by skill inside game. I wish we could combine materials as we are crafting. In that same screen. And it would tell us what dang chests the materials are in. I realize all that information is outside game but still…. it’s on my wish list anyways.

    I wish small alliances had the option to move their original castles to a new kingdom after a few months. Maybe even a year. Bounce around as a family and meet new people without losing the castles they worked so hard on and can’t afford to recreate.

    Wacky idea? Make the level 1 and 2 monster area a neutral zone except for 4 hours before a kill event (to allow for purges) and during kill event. Give people some breathing room to allow for real life and small players a few days to grow in a peaceful zone. But make it so the castles that don’t get signed in to in several days get automatically ported in battle area. We still need the rss they produce. Set the Material we need in the battle zone and not collectible from inside the safe zone. Gotta have some risk somewhere. Make the materials challenging yet accessible at any time. Have the battle zone where we can shield castles but not the tiles. Wheres the challenge without some risk?

    I think I’m done complaining and griping for the moment.
    I truly love this game. Completely and totally addicted just like anyone else who has played during it’s good time and stuck it out thru the bad. I hope they can find balance and bring life and playability back to the game we all love so much.

  4. So besides nothing changed that much or anything at all, at least something changed for us German players. We got a nice little price increase on the packages with the former 49.99 Euro-pack going up to 52.92 and the 99.99 pack going up to 105.84 Euros. I dont think that this depends on currency fluctuations, but imho it is another spit in the face of GoW-players. Thx a lot MZ.

    • This new and exiting feature of theirs the Dungeon! It’s just another way to rip off more money not that I and so many other players already didn’t suspected that it wouldn’t be that way! Why would I and other gamers pay for items that MZ themselves says in user terms are not worth anything to them? Why not give them out for free in that case? I play games but I’m not stupid! And why on earth put almost 20$ more per pack? Most worlds are already low on population increasing the cost of packs is insane. I think I’m just going to cut my losses and start playing something else instead where the company isn’t so openly trying to rip me off…. And where I actually am going to get value of my real money that MZ more the less says i haven’t used on their crappy performing game.

  5. MZ hasn’t done squat In fact, it’s worse now than it was before the “update” and “fixes”

    Before the update, I might get kicked once or twice a day. During the first few days after the update, i was getting kicked every 6 minutes. While I don’t get kicked every 6 minutes, it’s now randomly and I could be doing absolutely nothing.. AND when I get kicked, I’m forced to reboot my kindle 1 out of every 3-4 times..

    The UI “improvements” have caused the game to lag more on both my Kindle and my Android.

  6. First off let’s give credit where it’s due! MZ did increase gold in packs and $50 packs seem to be offered to everyone. However nothing changed when you talk about materials within chest. Also they also are offering different packs to different level of players. As a larger player and R5 of an alliance I would buy my top scorers packs as a reward system. They always had WAY better packs than I did. Some packs were the same but some were crazy awesome packs, which is why I assume MZ didn’t offer them to big spenders. The complaints from this is why I I assume terms have changed. I can not openly complain to MZ about gettimg screwed because I had to violate new terms to know this info. Catch .22 in regards to that.

    People complain about the boycott makes me laugh. Y’all got played like a fiddle from the start and don’t even realize it. Stay released a post complaining about unfair combat boost being granted from winning rounds in the tourney. (After he got smoked in a KE I might add) He was worried about those boost carrying over to the SW and him losing. Once stay realized he need a large crowd to push with him, everything changed. Lag, packs, maps, monsters…blah blah blah. Seriously what has been fixed from this “boycott”? . MZ showed up at the SW to “monitor” game play. How about monitor regular KE and see the real struggles. Also the combat boost won from that tourney were disabled at the SW but still worked every where else. Imagine that! Everything they did benefited one guys main goal the most.

    Last but not least anyone who spent time fighting at the SW knows stay didnt win that event. MZ gave it to him in hopes they will get another huge show out at the SW because it’s been dead for 6 months. God forbid we mention the glitch where stay occupied already occupied tiles. When stay occupied the SW he strong hold would show up. When he got knocked out the names on the empires would start changing and stay wouldnt be there until he took SW again. I’m sure the moderators missed all that cheating. So all this boycott was to benefit one guy while using all of you as pawns to back up his ideology so he benefited again. (Even on games the rich use poor to gain even more)

    • My game stability hasn’t changed one bit! It’s still as bad as it has been lag strange glitches etc nothing but user agreements has changed and even those was fir the worse! If I buy a 100$ pack and don’t receive any items what so ever oops it’s nit MZ fault! I have to fight to get right against Apple or any other store who provides pack buys! How am I supposed to et my money back if MZ isn’t even willing to say no this player actually didn’t get the pack items! Thoigh luck and 100$ down the toilet. I also have to agree to even if I’m a EU resident to give up my rights as the law in my specific country says that I have and what a surprise if you read the agreement and it is in any other language than English if the other language states other user agreements than the English one oops it’s only the English one that is 100% correct? That would say they terrible in even translating their own user agreements? Lol not to mention the 1000day researches? Are they even realistic? Is this game even going to last for that long? Only part that is true in only one way is game is free to download everything else is just B.. The infernos are not possible to be made anymore at the time span no wonder all kingdoms are starting to show low population if MZ going to change anything in game they need to do it fast.

      • when MZ tells us that they have fixed the game and all of its glitches they are just blowing smoke up our bleep!bleep!bleep! I know I have spent alot of money getting sucked into buying this over priced packs but I know its my fault! But I expect a game that is half way enjoyable and one that doesnt involve constant lag,boots and freezes whenever a ke comes around. i am totally disgusted with this game and MZ now am almost about ready to cut my thousands of dollars in loses. I dont have fun playing this game because MZ can’t pull thier heads out of there ass’es and fix the damm problems!! If there was ever a lawsiut in the making it should be the players about getting screwed by these crooks MZ and taking our money!

  7. Yes, Max, it is coming. Class Action is being started by Edelson on how MZ have retrospectively FORCED existing players to accept the TOS.

  8. For those of you who will not agree to the terms of service you may wish to report that the GoW app is no longer working for you. You may do this at https://reportaproblem.apple.com

    You can send in a service request to apple for every single in-app purchase you have ever made. Now go have some fun.

    • Everyone who has spent any money on this game should do that Max! They cannot hold an account you ” already ” paid for by blocking your access until you…sign..lol,
      …but there was that time I bought a new house and after all the papers were signed and monies exchanged they said..” By the way, you have to paint it purple with pink polka dots…
      Everyone who is unable to play with what they have built and paid for should do what you said…for every ticket ( purchase ) then perhaps Apple will see how many are being effected and how their name is connected to MZ with their agreemant to present themselves as a conduit to the game and their customers!!
      I did it…before I came to answer your post.
      And I never wanted my monies back…I only wanted to be able to play with my investment!!

      • Well, you know that MZ does not care about their customers so attempting to go to them with a complaint is pointless. If enough players complain to Apple then maybe something will come of it.

        It is my opinion that the game is now in a death spiral and that due to the exodus of players for various reasons (crashes, lag, getting zeroed, too expensive, horrible terms of service, etc.) it cannot continue.

        I will not agree to the terms of service for many reasons but the biggest one is that MZ wants me to agree that all those times I pressed the “buy” button I really didn’t buy anything but instead I was just leasing something. They want me to agree that I have not purchased anything with any real value. They want me to agree to allow them to terminate my account at any time for any reason that they choose and to not compensate me in any way for my investment.

        And it has been and continues to be an investment of my time (which has value in and of itself) and especially my real money. That MZ does not agree with that is one of the primary reasons for their belated terms of service. They also want me to surrender my right to litigate at some possible future time should the need arise.

        Ultimately, MZ is going to be sued out of existence. You know it. I know it. It is inevitable. The game will become unplayable at some point in the not too distant future and the remaining players (all of them very wealthy and not afraid to spend their money) will probably loose the litigation hounds on these bastards.

        It’s coming.

  9. The original post from last week. Copy and pasted from the Google web-cache version which has disappeared.

    Also on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/3n7001/

  10. Rob, google SLAPP lawsuit. It’s what rich people and companies do to silence less wealthy critics. I don’t know for sure if MZ has done that or threatened to do that, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The rich in this country have a host of perfectly legal intimidation tactics available to them to silence the little people from speaking out against them.

  11. Profile photo of Rob

    What could GOW be doing to silence this website, I wonder?

  12. Not counting the article that was taken down (by legal force?), there has been no new content on this site for over a week. It looks like MZ’s bully tactics are working. Something similar happened to gowrealtips several months ago, and they haven’t written anything that might raise the ire of MZ since.

  13. Profile photo of Troll

    I suggest everyone file their complaints with California Consume Protection Agency and the Better Business Bureau of Santa Clara.


    Seriously starting to think about quitting… this game is less and less fun each time I log in…and more and more expensive…its like a chore now to maintain so I don’t get zeroed…and I’m 2B

  14. For those of you who missed it or want to show it to your lawyers the new crashy Game of Wars Terms of Service can ver viewed here:


  15. Getz – I am thinking it is perhaps a server by server or by kingdom rollout of the new TOS – of course, the EU has far superior consumer protection and privacy laws than what’s in place in the U.S., so it’s entirely possible you would get something different based on that or what they put out isn’t even enforceable in your part of the world. Hell, I question what they put out is even enforceable in the U.S. – particularly retroactively; and it’s so ludicrous I am sure it will be challenged by a legal firm that thrives on class action suits; it certainly has opened up the door for it.

    Keep in mind that MZ and its executives don’t come across as the sharpest knives in the drawer, so it’s likely they employ legal firm and minds that mirror their lack of intellect. Lawyers in this country have a tendency to milk their clients and employers for anything that will keep them happy… They don’t usually pay very close attention to what will actually stand the scrutiny of the courts or what the law will support and I would surmise they don’t mind going to court to fight things and lose because that’s job security for them. It’s the MZ C suite of executives that are the suckers in that respect, but it’s not their money either, it’s foolish venture capital investors that haven’t done an adaquate job in due diligence to peel back the onion and realize the people in charge and making decisions at MZ seem to be clueless in how to run a succefull business, let alone tech company. Personally I hope to read reports at some point those that made investment and bankers that put money behind this gimmick goes after a few in the MZ leadership ranks, or at minimum marks these idiots so they can’t get like kind funding ever again. It’s a shame they have taken something that could have been a good and lasting thing and burned it to the ground via mismanagement and customer alienation.

    Hey look at the bright side – a couple nice to look at celebrities got a decent paycheck in the process, but after reading a few things… That may have been only to create an opportunity to get a few of the C level exec’s in the company to play in a cameo role alongside those celeb’s, and to boot, using investor money to pay for their enjoyment.

    It’s going to be hard for this company to survive this. Their systems and platform has become extremely unstable on most mobile devices despite their proclamations of enhancements and optimizations and the reviews on all of the games distribution points are filled with cautionary warnings to anyone thinking of playing. The only positive ones being written are by what clearly appear as financially motivated plants.

  16. OK, here goes, we need a lawyer who is as pissed off with MZ as most of us appear to be, taking on the might of MZ will likely cost money, they will likely disable your account and I for one am prepared to write off my investment by taking said action, losing the right to play my account, but money is tight, I need help (I may even look to source crowd funding)!

    Under UK contract Law a contract is formed as follows: You (the player) made an offer of money to play the game as soon as you made a move to spend real money, that offer was accepted by MZ and you then paid consideration to bind the contract. MZ did not make an offer to you (with their Gold Offer Popups), they merely advertised, this is treated as an invitation for you to make the offer, which you did by clicking the BUY button!

    My understanding of contract law in the UK is thus – a single party cannot unilaterally change the terms of a contract without consulting with the contracted party, possibly resulting in a counteroffer of compensation for introducing detrimental terms, this counteroffer must be accepted by the contracted party and said consideration paid to rebind to contract. The recent ToS pop up requires you to click the YES button, note there is not an option to click No. This renders your account useless unless you do thereby forcing you to accept unfair contract terms, MZ being the dominant party. Both of these actions are in breach of contract law and you have a basic right under UK contract law to take action (expensive).

    I foolishly spent £800 on 10 packs when the boycott was declared “over” giving me around 75000 chests. When I clicked the open all chests (I am VIP16), I only got 14 pages of listed materials/gems, with 100 per page that means I got 1400 material/gem items. I was expecting 750 pages at least. That happened almost 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive a response back from MZ – 92 hours down to 22 hours (at say 8 hours per working day, I should have had a response 1 week ago, eek). Zero improvement in their CS.

    I am now entering a period of mourning for my expected loss of online friendships and loss of ability to play the game. I will have serious withdrawal symptoms, but this addiction needs to end, I am 48 for gods sake!

    My account is 12bn putting me in the top 10 players in my Kingdom and in the top 5% of players game wide, I must be mad to consider throwing it away, but I am going to play the “Spock” card for the greater good of the playing community, someone needs to, StayAlive77 did this for himself, not for the wider community, in spite of what he says. Being a hero is not my intent, I am merely out for retribution!

    Any lawyers out there wishing to start a fight please contact me by replying to this.

  17. Is the new ToS for North America only?? Haven’t seen any new ToS here in the EU on the 3 accounts I own….

    Sad to see that this website seems to have gone the way of the dodo….

  18. Hmm Interesting…It looks like StayAlive77 took the Kingdom of Fire again. Did someone just get screwed?

  19. So its been a few days since Silverhair posted his article, a very nice addition to the site, informative in many respects and entertaining. But where is it now?
    Most of us guess that mz has clawed its way to this site, their goons being always wary of negative feedback and above all, light shining on its shadowy mechanisms.
    What I humbly ask is to be informed as to the true reasons behind his lengthy article’s demise.

    I would also like to thank all the people in this site with the gumption to speak their minds, this game we call gow is a large part of many of our lives. Many of us dedicate extensive parts of our free time enjoying and participating in communal tasks which fill us with entertainment. All that we want is for this game to not only prosper, but above all, be fun again as it was and can be. Voices like Silverhair don’t create problems, they help us see those issues that need to be resolved. Mz would be wise to at least have his voice and many others like his heard, not censored. Listen and fix your game mz, lest you be one of many games to be left in the dust, rotting like yesterday’s novelty.

  20. gowrealtips dot com – there was a couple small write ups regarding everything of recent, the boycott, etc… but the one I referred to had to do with legality of trading with the terms of service

  21. Jeff, what other site are you talking about? Im ready to jump into a suit but how does one do that? Does this waiving of rights actually hold up since this is AFTER we paid for the game.

    Please also visit reddit link in below post

  22. Ugh is this new notice even legal . I can’t choose to get into my account without waiving my rights away! But if I don’t enter my account it will be worthless. This seems like such a switch and bait. Can this even hold up in court!

    For those looking for a certain article please follow the link I posted.

  23. seems MZ zeroed this webpage, one article missing and no actualization since one week haha

  24. MZ your shield has fallen. Prepare to be zeroed.

    • Lol, I like it. The ToS is them trying to shield after losing their hero. Or is it their hero with no troops and no shield?

  25. Like I mentioned below – some hungry lawyer with a pissed off GOW playing client is going to latch onto this and run…. If it hasn’t already happened and this is a retroactive cover the ass maneuver. The article that got posted and then pulled touched on this subject of TOS or lack thereof, and the other site had a small piece on it masked by to legally trade rss within terms of TOS.. The author had nothing but an um, um, um answer when questioned about just when was it the terms were ever presented to someone PRIOR TO INSTALL OR PLAY… He also didn’t have any answer or how this will affect the poster boy for GOW foolishness and how he managed to protect the emporership all those hours without breaking the TOS and sharing his account details with a trusted helper(s) – it’s a joke really and I suspect this game and MZ is going to go down the tubes embroiled in lawsuits – hopefully the founder gets nailed for fraud by the poor investors that put up the money for this venture to get started only to get the celebrity boobs AND to see it waisted because of mismanagement and incompetence. The new TOS hit our kingdom today – naturally there are several up in arms now that they understand they are only leasing their accounts and that includes the items in the pack – oh, and MZ doesn’t actually sell anything – problems, not get what’s advertised?? take it up with Apple, Google, or Amazon – lol

    Got to love it!!

  26. I just had to agree to terms of service for the first time ever before I could access my account today. It doesn’t bother me because I sold off the accounts I had spent money on months ago and am now playing for free. But what about players who have spent thousands without ever having to agree to terms of service who now can’t log in to an account they already spent money on without agreeing to these new terms? That doesn’t seem fair or legal to me.

  27. When is Inside Game of War going to comment on the new Terms of Service? It seems like the article you pulled had predicted this very problem for Mz.

    I actually didn’t experience severe lag this KvK. Everything ran smoothly, with one glaring exception. I was trapping a solo attack from a 4B player. I won the first battle on points (750k dead units, 250k hospitalized). Unfortunately the first hit cleaned out too much of my silver, and I couldn’t heal without going to the resource screen (because you stupidly aren’t allowed to open silver packs above 200/600k in the hospital screen). The super wonder changed hands several times, and that jammed my screen long enough for him to stick me with a second attack after my hospitals were full. I hate the super wonder so much, I wish it would die in a fire. Why does everyone in every kingdom need notifications for every little attack? You should be able to disable that feature, which would probably reduce server load for them.

  28. Probably going to kill off my 50 million t4 during the next kill events….after spending thousands and thousands for a product that according to the seller has zero value I don’t plan to spend any more.
    Maybe I will come back in a few months and buy an account for 500$ with better research then the account I spent 10K on..since the packs are now 2000% better then the ones I bought to build it. Do your selves a favor, uninstall, they ruined it and they can’t undo whats done – dead game is dead

  29. Ha,ha,ha…looks like they put all their time and efforts and money into that ” notice ”
    It certainly was big enough to cover some fat cats butts with!! Really? First time they
    made me laugh in months…you cannot check your shield or have access to your paid
    property…until you sign this! Yeah, ok, MZ..no one will make or file any further complaints now…lol, you were holding my account…” Hostage ” wtf..?!$&@!?
    Ha,ha,ha…should have just fixed the game!
    I still never saw or experienced any ” quickened log in…BUT if you want a quick exit,
    just about any function button will do or go out side and try to hit a monster, you will
    be immediately transported ” out ” of the game! I wish I had seen any, little, itty,
    bitty improvement…anything! At least I could have tried to convince myself they
    were listening and trying. Guess between lawyers and movie stars the funds just
    aren’t there for the game guys. MZ gotta eat you know….lol,lol,lol,lol,lol

  30. So over the weekend during kvk ke, MZ puts out yet another self congratulatory blog announcement about how many enhancements and optimizations to the UI is NOW LIVE!… And in same announcement how this has been in the works for a year, or something along those lines. Corporations typically are careful and confident that what they publicly proclaim as being effective and an improvement is actually true and tested, not to mention verified across large portions of the user base. I guess they haven’t reached a maturity level in their IT or communications operations to follow industry best practices. I also could not help to notice some very important key words or proclamation being absent from that announcement, and that would be we should notice a reduction of app crashing or better app stability. For me, I noticed NO CHANGE when working in the map view OR that it can pan or scroll a little better…. Did it stop or even reduce the amount of app crashing when in that view after the year of hard work they did??? Hell no!!

    I and others crash just as frequently as before… It’s consistent, it’s repeatable, and it is almost predictable in time (within 5-7 minutes) if I go directly into map upon logon and clearing of pack advert. If MZ really wanted to get things right they would be focusing their (as announced on previous blog post) robust crash monitoring tool onto specific accounts having the widespread issue and see what data is kicked back to them when it happens… If they fix why it’s happening to the few accounts they are monitoring it will likely fix all others, unless of course it turns out it is individual account corruption on the server side – all caused by their rollout of client app updates in the previous month; then the task of fixing the mess is as massive as they want your army’s to be….

    The app reviews have turned increasingly negative and by all accounts are accelerating in reports – the paid marketing hacks, and the other pay to review schemes they have in place to give fake good reviews can’t keep up with the 1 star complaints from real and users. And the silence coming from this and the other website covering this game has now started to engage in indicates to me there is an active effort by MZ to suppress the bad info the best they can, which is undoubtably counterproductive… Unless of course they have no intention to actually fix the app and it’s problems and goal is to just milk as much as possible until it all collapses after a lawsuit or something. I can’t imagine a hungry lawyer not being interested in going after MZ regarding this. People obviously feel they have paid for something when buying packs in this game, and rightfully believe they are entitled to having a reliable service to enjoy and use what they paid for.

    Of course the good news is STAYALIVE77 is still successfully protecting his emperorship – good for him… I wonder if he has followed all the “terms of service” I am now starting to read about in the reviews… Guess some are now being forced to agree to something before being allowed to play…. Guess that article that was pulled from here and never returned hit a nerve with MZ and they are scrabbling to cover their asses.

  31. This is the usual cut and paste poor support you get in Game of War, Machine Zone haven’t done anything to fix the crash and lag issues. I don’t they should be continually allowed to get away with this. We need a longer boycott or some legal action.

  32. Damn I hadn’t overly noticed the lag before the ke, (I’m stuck out in a fairly unpopulated corner of our kingdom and been on holiday a lot over September so it hadn’t been too bad other than map loading for gold tiles occasionally) but it was truly awful in the ke. Even simple things like clicking on a sh and checking a hero was lagging massively.. and little things like that make a hugh difference as a trap account when someone has ported and is sending a march.. ended up shielding half the time as I couldn’t take the risk of chancing whether they had cores! I can’t believe it’s started to lag that much – a games performance is meant to improve over time not massively get worse.

  33. The boycott was supported by a lot of small players but nothing has been done for them so it’s all good again now the spenders got what they wanted and the little guys get nothing

  34. Me:
    can you believe this game was not showing me that I was being attacked it didn’t show marches warnings or hospital being filled. I lost most of my troops because the game screwed up I want my troops back and my RSS this is unbelievable!

    Machine Zone Support:
    Thank you for contacting Machine Zone Support!

    I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. Whenever you experience this kind of issues, I would recommend you to force close this app and all other apps that are running in the background because they compete for internet bandwidth and device memory. This should correct any issues that you discover within the game, including lag.

    Unfortunately, considering that this is an online MMO, we cannot guarantee stability as this is dependent on the player’s device and internet connection. Because of these factors we urge players not to wait for the last minute to perform actions.

    We would not be able to provide you any form of compensation on the issue. I am sorry for disappointing results.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  35. here in k326 we just finished first kvk ke since the boycott…my app crashed on average every 10 minutes. Most crashes occurred when rallies were set or when going into the wonder forest–both essential activities in kill events. Nope nothing was fixed that really needed to be fixed. I have begun sending tickets every day for this issue and am beginning to get the canned computer generated responses again telling me to delete the app and reload it.

  36. Magnus Magnusson

    Just finished kvk kill event last night. It was too unstable to unshield, so I hunted some monsters and commiserated with others about the constant lag and crashes. NOT a fun time….
    Why are we bombarded with constant notifications of changes at the Kingdom of Fire? I don’t give a rat’s behind about the KOF, I have never been there and most likely, never will. All it does is slow down my game.

    Why are the infernos suddenly almost doubled in point requirements? And why are some of them only worth 4 instead of 5 points?

    I’m a moderate spender, growing slowly but steadily. I will be happy to spend more on this game, once it is fairly stable. Until then, I will sit tight, for a while, but not forever. mz must realize they are at a critical juncture. Once people start leaving the game en masse, there will be no stopping the stampede for the exits.

  37. Have you given away your account yet, Dave?

  38. Yeah what’s going on here, that was the best article I’ve ever read on Inside Game of War. Is MZ censoring the sites content? If so that’s unacceptable and a new low for MZ.


  40. I agree Apple has some culpability in this. I also contacted app review team and reported the problems and they informed me they would take it up with developer. They really need to make MZ recertify the app. It clearly doesn’t run reliably on many Apple devices that can run the latest iOS and I would bet it wouldn’t even launch on one that is still running iOS 6 – which according to app system requirements, it’s supposed to be compatible with. Right!!!

    I also have concerns this website and maybe the other are receiving outside pressure to not report or publish any more on this subject… There was an excellent article that was recently pulled that very susinctly (if you could get through the metaphorical way it was written) described the box MZ had gotten itself into on so many levels… That hasn’t been returned and no reason by site operators why it was pulled… It’s already been reported MZ has used stifling tactics within the game to silence the complainers – it would be a shame outside sources are being influenced to not report the truth as they and user community sees it.

    • I heard that Apple recently required all apps to be compliant with 64-bit devices. This is the 5S, Ipad Air, and Ipad mini 3. The reworking of the game probably screwed up something.

  41. This game has turned into one huge disappointment. For the money and time spent on it I would’ve expected alot more out of it. I stuck around for a couple months putting up 30days to see if anything would change before spending anymore. Nothing has changed, if anything it has gotten worse. Stayalive and all the others in denial can battle it out at the SW, sending rallies and burning cores, along with some basic strategy. I, for one, am glad to move on from this subpar phone game.

  42. Huge disappointment in Apple as well, everyone is so frickin’ afraid we want our money
    back..lol, when all anyone wants is…” What we paid for! ”
    Apple IS the fruit that filled MZ’s pie…no matter what they say in the fine print you would
    think a company like Apple would care that apps produce, preform and service their
    goods as promised. And no matter what they say..this kind of ” mass failure ” is a
    reflection on them and the services and products they represent. They should care
    and they should get involved!
    Without Apple…MZ would never have been able to reach the success they had and
    I believe at one point there was a feeling ( false as it may be ) that seeing as the
    app was offered through Apple, we had a sense of security that they would not
    offer it’s customers such an ill functioning app.
    GOW IS the kind of game you make a huge investment in, both time and money.
    There are plenty of apps out there you throw a few dollars at and move on.
    This app is ” designed ” to be an investment you develope, grow and commit
    to. That so many people with so much time and money invested are not able
    to properly access and play is, well, it is just a crime. False advertising, bait
    and switch..whatever you want to call it, it’s just wrong!
    They continue to offer it, they continue to advertise and they continue to
    misrepresent any true ” fixes “…long time customers grow weary of the fight
    and aggrivation and finally just move along, move on…and the next batch of
    ” suckers ” are being led to the slaughter….buy a pair of shoes you can’t wear,
    order an expensive dinner and can’t eat, build a house you can’t live in..
    the consumer ” should ” ALWAYS have the right to expect to be able to have
    access and use what they paid for in the way it was promised to function.
    And no matter, like you say, how many are still happy now because they ” can ”
    still play, there are many, many who cannot and the others will be where we are
    before long if nothing is done. But no one will be left to care…just the new ones
    coming in and the cycle starts all over.

  43. @octavius – there is no justification for continued pack purchases if the game stability is not improved in any significant way. At least not by someone who is of sound mind and is still experiencing the chronic game crashing and other problems introduced after the install of the update forced down everyone’s pipe in September. There is no visible improvements by myself and anyone I’ve read descriptions from and in the last month alone I’ve seen the kingdom I am in (only 6 months old) become a shell of its former self. Many sh 21 with a base power over 500mil+ sit zeroed with for sale in the name. I was stupid and made a few pack purchases just after the update and problems surfaced thinking there was no way MZ would allow the instability to continue and not rectify quickly – boy was I wrong. I did try to get refund from Apple but they balked at that, so I will take what gold resources I have and use them on 30 day shields and hope at some point I can resume to use all the speeds and rss I have in reserve for continued growth. Shortly after I realized MZ wasn’t in any hurry to fix I kicked off a research that had a 60+ days after helps were applied and I haven’t put one speed toward it since -it’s the last thing I’ve done and will be. I see this game dissolving soon –

    The fools participating in the kingdom of fire/super wonder things that are going on right now, are just that – fools. And like several in my kingdom and even alliance that have the “it’s not happening to me, so I don’t care” syndrome, they don’t see the big picture that the game is dissolving all around them due to an exodus because MZ is being irresponsible to the greater player base; But they are the first to complain when they’re bored and not enough others are in participation in a kvk ke or everything on other side is already zeros or whatever…. Yet they continue to feed the greedy monster that has caused it all. They are all suckers for the “LAST CHANCE” or “DOUBLE EVERYTHING” marketing lures. Maybe it’s just more money than brains – who knows, but I am done spending another dime until it’s improved significantly for everyone.

  44. It is sad to say that none of the purported fixes do anything.
    I have a lot invested in this game, and have been trying to no avail to justify buying another gold pack for the past two month.
    This game has become ridiculously expensive, tedious, and time consuming to say the least.
    I have now realised that the main impetus for carrying on in this game is to safeguard one’s investment in it.
    I have spent upwards of £50,000 on this useless game already! I think that the wisest path to take at this juncture is to write it off, join the many friends I have made while playing in leaving this game behind and move on…
    My 2c

  45. I agree the infernos have gotten worse and it’s obvious. MZ isn’t even trying to hide how crappy they are. They take us for idiots who can’t add and think useless monster chests are valuable prizes.

  46. Want to try and have your voice heard, ask that burning question that never seems to get a reply or if you do it doesn’t even seem related to then original question… Want to send a complaint and perhaps have a little hope it may be seen and read??? I think we all do. Well here is possibility – go to 4:256:512 and you will see several MZ cities – can’t miss them as they have a unique MZ banner – pull a profile on one and go to alliance button – there ya go – now you can see members and have access to mail them. These guys aren’t your tier 1 robots we all hate – they a likely the app dev engineers that are strings behind the curtains. Have ago – would love to read a post from someone that gets a reply. Don’t forget to have a look at their comment walls – hilarious!!! I’ve seen several that tells them to fix the app – some not in such polite terms. – lol

  47. Yes that article is still available via a cached copy – capture it while you can, they don’t last forever. Not sure why that was removed, it was an excellent article and loved the metaphorical theme. It would be nice to be given a brief explanation as to why? Just so we understand.

    In gow land – nothing has changed in a noticeable way stability or preformance wise, however their is certainly a noticeable dwindling of activity… And it’s unfortunate I see some in my own kingdom and even alliance with blinders on and ear plugs in. There is a distinct “it’s not happening to me, so I am going to remain status quo” attitude with some, and they don’t see the deterioration of the kingdom happening around them. If it’s even brought up, there is a la, la, la, way of handling it… Some get offended if it’s pointed out in a joking way how wonderful the LAST CHANCE or DOUBLE EVERYTHING pack advert is – such suckers some are..

    I don’t think this message box will allow a post link to article or I would.

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