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Game of War - The Best Gems for Combat

Guide to the Best Gems in Game of War

This tool will help you find the best gems for combat.

This list is created by adding together all of the combat boosts which are then weighted by how effective they are:

Tier 1 Boosts: Troop Attack, Enemy Attack Debuff

Tier 2 Boosts: Troop Health, Enemy Health Debuff

Tier 3 Boosts: Troop Defense, Enemy Defense Debuff

Tier 4 Boosts: Trap Boosts, Siege Boosts

This list is automatically kept up to date as new gems are added.

When attacking, you generally want to be attacking with one troop type. As such, in the Attack Cores list, 50% cavalry attack is better than 30% troop attack.


When defending, you are nearly always defending with multiple troop types. As such, in the Defense List, 30% Troop Boost is better than 50% cavalry attack. It also takes into account Trap Attack.


This is not relevant for most players, but if you are going to be zeroing people with over 20mil troops then the optimum gear becomes very different. Specifically Health Debuff and Defense Boost become pointless and Defense Debuff becomes very good.



  1. Profile photo of Knox

    What is the troop ratio for t3 t4 t5?

  2. In the list of BEST GEMS FOR COMBAT, I clicked on defense and all the attack gems came up. Is this broken? Could you check it out please and fix. Eg. Defense gems. Top 7 were all identical to the top 7 attack gems. Victorious doesn’t have defensive stats at all.

  3. 35% troop since it gives 35% to any troop type including Cavelry .

  4. If attacking with missile core Ares for example and trying to get most from attack gems is it better to use 35% troop attack gems or 25% Calvary attack gems

  5. Where does the anihalation gem fit into the scheme of things

  6. Michael Raymond

    I’m slightly confused. Why is it that the domination gem is at the top of the list for defense when it is clearly an attack gem? Can anyone provide some insight on this please? I’m trying to gear up for big time defense and putting gems on my shogun equipment.

  7. would you say this is the gems to use in cores since everyone is over 20mil troops?

  8. Why would health (Egg) and Attk Debuff (chocolate) make the top 5 in suicide? If you’re planning to lose all your troops regardless, wouldn’t 4th slot leap year and power be well above those other two gems?

  9. i am confused and alittle ignorant as to why chromos tops the list and not the defence gem for defence. also should this not be split between gems and special gems?

  10. If my gear has 100% calvary attack but no troop attack and i get attacked with troop attack debuff gems does my calvary attack go down?? I cant seem to understand if troop debuffs affect specific troop attack.. Hope i am making sence?

  11. Anyone know why there are multiple gems that are repeating here? Kind of need more gems listed for more options. I have a lot of these gems tied up in other cores. Any advice is appreciated

  12. gems list seem to be glitching today

  13. Gem of power is number one defensive gem? It’s all attack isn’t it?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, defense is about winning the battle as well – not just keeping your troops alive. The main difference is that defense is based on having a balanced army of defenders.

  14. Ok so I’m trying to decide which gems are best for colossus gear, I want to think the troop specific gems are best but all my teammates seem to think a 12.5% troop attack gem in every slot is the way to go, I always attack with a single troop type, but once I zero a troop I’ll need to be able to send a different troop type to counter..

  15. I have a 5b account I use Xenia gear for defense …80m troops…what about the heroes preset and gem?do you think it’s better to use all defense gem or the gem in this post….I don’t really know where to go…attack or defense ?thanks

  16. I know these values are weighted based on situations where troop losses are high, but for defending with 30 million troops against a fully cored T4 rally is the standard defense gem the best?

    • Once you have enough troops to kill a rally with no hero it is safe to assume using defensive boosts for defending is the primary stat to go for. Defense and attack debuff. Obviously the core used will change the amount of troops you need to accomplish this. I think generally 40-50 mil t4 is enough to focus on defensive boosts more than attack. You can’t kill more than they send. However, you need to get past the health, defense, and attack debuffs of the attacker which vary by core set.

      • Thank you Gilbert, that makes a lot of sense. At this point, is defense better than health? In the guide to combat boosts it says defense is better when you greatly outnumber the opponent, but also says health is better when troop losses are high. I have 30 million troops and am losing about 1.9 million per rally. Should I change out health for defense gems to lower my losses?

      • I don’t have an exact answer on that other than what this site states that health is more effective than defense. If your not winning rallies (taking them) I would test going higher attack and less defense. Add health were you can. The goal is more kills vs losses to win it. Unless your using lower tiers to defend for kvk ke scoring purposes. The amount of hospitals also matters because you can count them out as you don’t lose them if you have a kvk point set up. Burning doesn’t always mean losing. Without knowing more about your account it’s hard to tell you what to do. Kinda just have to play with it. More defense and health will mean less attack. Save more but kill less. Might work might not. More attack less health and defense might work might not lol hard to say. Who attacks you with what cores also matters a great deal.

  17. When i checked this list a few weeks ago, rose, mother earth and father times were rated at the top of the list after scarlet and dragonfire, with troop boost gem near the bottom. Now it seems the weighted values have changed and troop boost is the strongest gem outside of 4th gem slot. How did this happen?

  18. Profile photo of Skilly

    It seems like a calculation is off on this chart. Range Gems are weighted much higher than others for some reason.

  19. Please add sovereignty and gem of courage to the rankings. Thanks!

  20. Profile photo of gowanus

    I like to battle monsters .What gear and gems do you suggest. I’m at lvl 48 now closing in to lvl 49.

  21. Need to add the Sovereignty Gem to this list.

  22. Health and defense can be more than*** 25%??correct?

  23. I didnt know gem boosts cap at 25% . Am i understamding this right? Is it only with troop specific boosts that its capped at 25%? So things like health and defense can be than just 25% correct?

  24. Sorry but i have to ask, should the standard defense gem be on this defense list or no?

  25. One question I have to. What gems would be for the set1 Xena recommended?
    I currently have it so:
    Krone – Rose gem, health gem, gemstone Domination
    Tutu – Rose gem, shadow gem, minotaurs gem
    Toe shoes – Spring gem, Domination gem, father time gem
    Blade sharpener – Rose gem, Domination gem, father time gem
    Wing violence – Rose gem, Mother Earth Gem, father time gem

    Would that be a good thing? Use for the attack ranged. Thanks for the answers. 🙂

  26. Seem to be missing the standard blue Defense Gem. It should be at the top of the defense items at 25% shouldn’t it?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, the boosts are weighted and as defense boost is worse than some of the other boosts the standard defense gem is actually quite far down the list.

  27. Absolutely correct Vance.

    How do your maths work when using prophecy gems though – in a ranged set 2x ranged and a wights eye = 62.5 attack and 12.5 heatlh – which is vital if you want your hero back 😀

    • I don’t use prophecy gems in combat normally. its great idea for a gem if the gem itself took on the properties of 1 one of the other gems and didn’t take up a 4th gem slot. Your math is correct.

      I thinks it fairly safe to assume people have many level 5, dragon 4th’s with the way they have been handed out lately.

      So doing the math using that instead of the prophecy gem would look like this.

      Ranged gem 25%
      Wright Eye 12.5%
      rose gem 12.5%

      with a total of an extra 25% to health for the last two gems. Now add in 18% for the dragon 4th.

      Using level 5 dragon 4th instead of prophecy:

      68% ranged attack +5.5% ranged attack
      25% health + 12.5% health

      It may not seem like much, but if you can reproduce this times 7 cores or gear items, its an extra 38.5% to ranged attack and 87.5% to health and that’s extra boosts that you wouldn’t have using a prophecy gem.

      Using Prophecy:

      62.5% ranged attack -5.5% ranged attack
      12.5% health -12.5% health

      Not only is it less attack but also half the health using prophecy gems in this case. I don’t like them I think they are a waste of space. lol

  28. Awesome! I think it should be noted however that in non-specific attack gear like the samurai gear placing all 3 troop specific attack gems in one piece of gear will result in loss of major boosts.

    Samurai armor boosts all troops types as such placing 1 of each attack gem IE cavalry, ranged, and Infantry will only give you 25% to each type and because this piece of gear will be used for each type of troop you are losing boosts not using other gems.

    Here the math:
    (3) troop specific gems = 25% to each attack thats it done besides the 4th gem

    (1) Rose gem= 12.5% attack to all and 12.5% health
    (1) Father time gem= 12.5% attack to all and 12.5% Health Debuff
    (1) Sovereignty gem= 12.5% attack to all and 12.5% Defense debuff

    For a grand total of
    37.5% attack boost to all troops +12.5% attack vs normal gems
    12.5% Health
    12.5% Health debuff
    12.5% Defense Debuff

    As you can see in troop attack gear IE non-specific gear special gems far out weigh the boosts from normal attack gems given the 3 slots available for gems.

    Now specific attack gear is different because there is no need to boost all troop types with specific gear so the standard attack gems will give 50% more boost to attack gem for gem.

    This might be obvious but I see it all the time.

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