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The Barbarians Are At The Gates!

Hail, warriors,

Barbarians have come from the darkest corners of the world to try and lay waste to your kingdom. You and your allies need to seek out the Barbarian Citadels and destroy them before they attack in the Barbaric Invasion Event. According to scouts, you have 24 hours to wipe out this attack.

To repel the Barbaric Invasion, you need to take down the various Barbarian Citadels, not just for protection, but also for powerful rewards to help advance your empire, including Unlock Master Demigod Wonder Debuff Research and Mighty Building Blueprints.

In order to get even more loot, try and take out the most deadly Barbaric forces you can find. The higher level Citadels you destroy, the more points and better prizes that you get.

Each Kingdom’s highest-scoring warrior will earn a Power Title and some exclusive rewards, along with the chance to be recognized as a true legend for their valor.

Here are the bonuses the highest scorer will get:

  • Title: The Exalted, with +60% Demigod Attack and Defense
  • 5 Million Platinum
  • 40 Million Demigod Ultimate Grand Conqueror Gear
  • Improvement Material Lv 3
  • 5 Trillion Demigod VIP Points
  • 100 Jackpot – Demigod Executioner Gear Set Chests
  • 100 Jackpot – Demigod Xena Gear Set Chests
  • 100 Jackpot – Demigod Samurai Gear Set Chests

The deadly Barbarians are known to strike and then disappear without a trace, even across dimensions, so always be ready to fight back, and prep by getting all the items you need from the Gold Store.


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