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The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars – Part 6 (iTune and Google Credits)

art-of-game-of-war-6Easy Ways to Earn iTune and Google Credits

In previous articles we covered various methods on techniques within the game to help you progress for free.  However, as your power continues to grow and you get more addicted to the game the likely hood that you will purchase a pack is inevitable.  Lucky for you we have put together this guide which is going to help you earn quick easy cash or credit outside the game which you can then apply to the purchase of packs.  Now, I’m sure there are many more techniques but I’m going to be speaking from experience on these and just provide what I use as methods to subsidize my Game of War addiction.

Blogging/Site Moderating

If you’re someone who spends lots of free time searching the web (we are all guilty of this) then why not get paid for it?  There are many companies and websites who pay a decent amount of money for no more than 2 hours a week of your time to be a Moderator/Commentator for their site (there are equally a lot that don’t pay much so be sure not to waste your time).  On average you can earn $100 -$200 bucks a month for doing what you love which is browsing the web.

Now, the unfortunate piece of this is finding a good one that you are interested in may take some searching.  My recommendation is start looking at sites with user forums that you frequently visit.  Typically if a site is looking it will be posted in their openings section or on their main page.  Also, if you find something available on a site in which you’re very familiar with the product or topic then you’re not going to need a Journalism Major for them to want you, they want the data which is what you’re offering.  What better way to get paid for browsing the web then by hanging out on one of your favorite sites?

App Surveys

This is by far the quickest and most convenient way I earn a few bucks here and there.  But, you’re not going to be purchasing $99 packs as I’ve never encountered any legit ones that pay this high.  So, expect to earn $20 bucks a month with this.  There is one I actively use and one I’m about to try because I’m ready now it pays better for surveys:

  • QuickThoughts:  It’s a very simple app to use and doesn’t require any major personal information to join up.  Every time you reach $10 youare emailed aniTune registration number to redeem it.
    • Pro’s: Very simple to use and there are always several survey’s throughout the day to take which range from 5-15 minutes.
      • Technically you can stock pile these towards the purchase of $99 packs but you would have more patience than me if you can hold out that long.
    • Con’s: The average payout per survey is $1 (So far in three months I only came across one for $10 but didn’t qualify for it).
    • picture 1
  • I-Say: I have no experience with this App yet but based on the average payout range of $20-$25 per survey it deserves a test run. If the App turns outto be legit it will make it that much easier to earn enough side cash topurchase the more expensive packs.
    • Pro’s: Based on what I’ve read they offer survey’s as high as $95 (obviously that’s the highest and most likely rare occurrences).
    • Con’s: Reading various reviews from users on how it’s on a decline along with some glitches.

Now, you can use these credits to purchase $5, $10, $20 packs for your farm account and then off load all the resources to your main.  For example I have a silver farm but stash all the resources packs and wait till I’m ready to do a mass troop training binge or research and then load my main up with all the resources.  All the speed ups are used to make my farm account highly trained in killing monsters.  That now allows me to double team Level 4-6 Monsters with my main and farm on KVK events or if I need gold with my main I have enough energy between both my farm and main to slay one and my main reaps the reward of collecting 4500 gold from a Monster Dig.

This article is going to be open to much debate because I’m listing the techniques I use and there are thousands out there that do the same thing, some pay well but very annoying to have on your device.  So, please post comments and additional recommendations on this topic as it will help all of us.


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  1. If you drink Coke you can use the My Coke rewards program to enter the codes from caps and cases, save the points and redeem for iTunes gift card. Caps are worth 5 points and cases are worth 10 points. A $5 iTunes gift card is around 500 points.

  2. Profile photo of Redsnapr1

    Also if you have a Target card you get 5% off each card

  3. Profile photo of Redsnapr1

    Can you use the itunes cards on google?

  4. Okay, so we’ve covered getting the funds for buying a pack… but…

    Has anyone got a good recommendation on timing your purchases when you do give in to the temptation? Obviously the special offers are a must have (unless going for gift mode) and tailoring your purchase to its purpose, for instance Dark Energy, Wonder etc is just common sense – but I’m always worried that when I finally cave in there will be a better offer on the next roll over.

    Am I the only one who has noticed there appears to be a build up and a decline in how good the additional bulk in the packs is? Has anyone worked out a good way to time them and get the best deal?

  5. Check out your local b j wherehouse store can find $100 iTunes cards for $80 all day

  6. Just wanted to add for Android users that there is also Google Rewards. I’ve found most of the surveys are less then a minute in time (usually asking if you’ve visited one or more of 5 locations, if so when and rating) and give about 10-40 cents in Google Play credit. You get one survey about every 2-4 days and might get up to $4-5 in a month. But as mentioned they’re quick to take.

  7. I’ve used Amazon coins to buy a pack for $80. Also checkout itunescarddeals on twitter. They periodically post 20% discount on iTunes cards from Paypal digital gifts where they email you the iTunes code in a couple of hours.

  8. Game of War “Q”… I purchased a big package with many Treasure Chests… My Q is… Is there a faster way to open all these Chests than just one at a time? Thanks anyone!

    • Yes, reach VIP level 12, then you can open all specific chest. At VIP 13 you can combine all specific pieces, gems and materials. One of the best benefits of the VIP level-ups.

      • you can also double or triple tap which means line up two or three of the chests you want to open and hit each one starting at the bottom it will open two or three chest instead of just one at a time

  9. I use the amazon app with the coins. Its nice because you can purchase coins in small bundles and they add up, or you can buy them for $90 or sometimes $80 for a $100 worth of coins. Plus using the “1 click settings” you can earn bonus coins too. Mostly the benefit I see is purchasing coins in small bundles of $5, $10, or $20 vs 1 $100 drop of cash at a time. Yes its still spending but in a more convenient and affordable way.

  10. You can also buy discount itunes cards when on sale. Search google for “iTunes Gift Card Deals”. Change the search to 1 or 7 days. Many large companies (Staples, BestBuy, Target, Costco, Sams Club, etc) will have specials where you can buy cards at 10-20% discount. Still have to spend your own money, but it helps.

  11. For my farm accounts I personally do bing rewards it can take time but if you do it correct you can get the $5 amazon cards quick n I buy the small pack to start with kill some events save up all monster energy n packs… n eventually when u hit a certain power it’s time to find a new home for one of your bigger accounts and owner? N you work on your small from there they are stronger n the end n you will be better ☺

  12. I love how the last one says spend money. Lol really. Oh well.

  13. If you have android you can download the amazon app and save 10% on purchases and get $10 worth of credit, on a $99 gow pack. Plus they occasionally send $15 emails to be spent on apps.

  14. Article
    The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars – Part 6 (iTune and Google Credits)

    hi I don’t understand this commet guys in the above article.

    I have enough energy between both my farm and main to slay one and my main reaps the reward of collecting 4500 gold from a Monster Dig.
    Any chance you could explain in more detail and the monster dig and using both the alt and main

    • I believe that he is talking about the monsters that leave behind gold tiles. So you hit the monster once with your farm account it takes out 50% of its life, then you finish it off with your main account. Monster dies, a gold tile spawns, and you use your main to collect the gold.

      Only thing is that collecting gold is soooooooo slow. So you’ll have your main account’s troops out on a tile for a long time

      • Actually, I think he’s referring to those monster maps that lead you to treasure. I had my troops dig at a legendary site, and got something like 3600 gold, plus a couple of legendary armors.

    • Profile photo of PapaG

      I can tell you that he’s using both accounts to double-team slay a monster, but letting his big acct farm the tile after it’s killed. LVL 5-6 usually spawn gold tiles with a ton of gold!

  15. Isn’t this akin to saying go get a second job to pay for your packs? When I first read the title I thought you were going to make suggestion for things like iTunes gift cards or Amazon coins, where you typically can purchase them at a 10% discount of the credit (ie $90 for $100 credit). From what I have been told you can find the iTunes gift cards like this at Target, and Amazon is almost always selling their coins at this price.

    The other thing that you neglected to say, is that you are buying the packs on your farm, then save up and buy a pack with gift mode and just gift yourself with the gold from your farm. Granted it takes a $100 pack to get the gift model chip, and that in and of itself is $100, but the suggestion to do surveys seems along the same lines.

    Otherwise I have enjoyed your series.

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