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The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars – Part 5 (Don’t Rush To Level 21 Stronghold)

image1There is an art to playing Game Of War without going broke and for those that have already read my previous articles by now you should know that the answer is patience.  The most feared players in this game are not the ones who are necessarily a level 21 nor is it the player who’s over a billion in power (although that doesn’t hurt).  The real threats to worry about are the individuals who can build an empire for free (or for less than $20) in a short amount of time which can devour marches from those who feel that by throwing money at the game they will become invincible.  The big players typically throw their accounts up for sale the moment their guard is down and they get zeroed but the smart ones who know the tricks of growing quick and free keep coming back at you.

With that said we are going to go into the next trick I’ve picked up along the way which is not rushing to upgrade your empire to a level 21 Stronghold.  This tie’s directly into my previous article which covered “Timing Events To Your Advantage”.  In that article we covered the techniques of generating large amounts of gold while at the same time getting paid for enhancing your research studies (letting the game pay you to progress).

So, how does timing events and speeding through upgrading my stronghold have a correlation?  Well it’s quite easy to explain.  Every time you upgrade to a higher stronghold so does the prize bar to obtain prize 3 for each of the four events.  For example a level 16 stronghold’s Kingdom Event typically allows you to attain Prize 3 if you reach 525,000 where as a level 19 is on average over 3,000,000.  I don’t have to do the math or calculations for you here to make it evident that if you want to amass a large stock pile of reserve gold and complete as much research as you can while getting paid for it that your best suited to stay where you are until you start to notice your options are limited and it’s time to go to the next Level.

Stronghold 16 Kingdom Event
Stronghold 16 and 19 Kingdom Events

Individuals who also rush to reach level 21 typically are confused why level 15’s are burning them to the ground on a daily basis.  Well, those level 15’s were patient and allowed the game to work in their favor and amassed themselves a nice stockpile of gold while they maxed out all their events until all their research was maxed out for their current level.  Keep in mind they achieved most of this for free and have more research completed and therefore have more powerful troops. You on the other hand rushed to the highest level and are now facing some or all of the below situations:

  • You don’t have enough gold to keep your shields up all the time
  • You aren’t strong enough to attack or defend against smaller players
  • Your event goals aren’t attainable because you have not stock piled either the gold or the resources to achieve them.

Allow the game to work to your advantage and be patient.

(This is Part 5 in the Series of The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars, to see the whole series click here).


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  1. I’m sh18 level 50 at 65mm power. Get top 5 in every KE. Game is great. Scared of cores but win every solo hit without hero sent and most every other has long as cores are not burning. Even on 1-3 billion power players. Lots of fun.

  2. I started to wondering who should play in this game? Only spenders whoes can rich for level 21? And rest people should sit on theirs lvl and watch them? Its ridiculous. Ppl playing here from all world with various class of richness. If I can’t finish this game and gain last lvl so game is pointless. And should I spend on inferno all my savings??? All art laying in programmers hands to make it interesting and keeping attention of ppl. If more ppl will be playing so game will be much more popular and interesting. Expensive games making ppl to leave it, because they finding much more interesting things to do without spending so much money. But MZ should know that. Maybe it should be some overvalue in inferno.

  3. It is based on power, and the events are increasing in requirements every 2 weeks. 8 weeks ago an inferno was 60m points. I am 5.5b power and every inferno is 90-110m points and costs around 3 packs to complete (3×1000 day researches, or 3-3.5m t4 depending on how you want to work it out). As long as people keep spending, MZ will keep increasing the requirements. Capitalism.

  4. Did you ever discuss the way to earn google credits?

  5. Firstly I understand the need to help players of lower power. But I do not understand why / how is it justified that a player at 3b needs to spend $300 to complete inferno when a player at less power needs to spend a lot less. 108m so called training infernos that look a hell of a lot like research infernos are not the way. But then again it seem to be mz goal to deliberately remove anything that is beneficial to all players. (Col was prime example if you had 10k gold you could go and do events that moved you game forward quickly, mz didn’t like this so removed the gift port option and buy port options and if you wanted to go play at the cols new crapier events you needed to buy a pack for ports or do inferno t2 ) the worse thing anyone playing how can do is say I like this or do this as it is good event as my will automatically say we can’t have that and change and remove

  6. Everyone should list their stats and infernos to figure it out. I’m currently at SH18 50M power and my best inferno is around 32 days speed ups for 4.5M points

    • SH19 40M power with 25M research, best inferno was about 40 something days speeds (after helps and gear) for 6mil points

      • When I was 70-90m did an event that gave 100k gold and 200m silver for 10m points (2m power) just hit 100m and the events are about 30-40m for 100k gold and 3*30 day speed

      • same thing happened to me, it was the research over fathers day weekend, (Defense Tree thing they had going on) I’m at 127M power now and it takes 30-48M for Inferno 3 now.

    • I’m sh21 at about 30m power. Best inferno was 50d of speeds for 6.5m points

  7. In general, this is pretty true, but I will say that there also seems to be a relationship between the power level and the stronghold level, in conjunction with the amount of points required for prizes (or it could also be the amount of time that you’ve spent at a certain SH level).

    I spent about 4 months at SH19 (power between 35-45M) because I have a trap account and was still maxing out all my research that was available with Academy 19. During that time, it took about 15M-20M points for me to max the inferno events and about the same for kingdom events. Solo events were always low, around 400k points. In the past two weeks, I decided to upgrade to SH20 and then SH21. Since then (now power of 50M), while the Kingdom event point requirements have skyrocketed to 90M points to max, the inferno events are consistently low, down to 6-10M points to max. Of course the prizes differ based on the point requirements, with 5x per research power, these are pretty easy to get and usually have a decent amount of gold, chests, and materials.

    So while I will definitely say that people shouldn’t rush to SH21, there seems to be either more nuance to the point system or no rhyme or reason to it.

    • This is a recent development, it seems MZ is trying to assist those who are pre-t4 and encourage them to grow fast with really good infernos. Ive noticed on my alt, though the KvK is the same the infernos are MUCH better on on my non-t4 sh21

      • It’s all related to your gift level. As higher is your gift level, higher are requeriments for events

      • I don’t think so. My gift level didn’t change when the point requirement changed. Only thing that changed was my SH level and to a much lesser degree, my power.

      • its not gift level, we com[ared with other players and its related to power. a sh 18 w/ gift mode and sh 21 that only bought the 4.99 both with same power get same inferno

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