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The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars – Part 4 (Trading to Your Advantage)

The Art of Trading Within Game of Warthe art of trading

On your quest to acquire the coveted T4 and S4 troops the most important thing is Gold.  However, once your hero reaches Level 50 and you have unlocked tier 4 troops silver becomes the most important thing to you.  This is because all your troops and gear which you want to start working on costs a tremendous amount of silver.  Now, here’s where having a lucrative silver farm and bank becomes your fast track to saving real cash by trading a virtual commodity (silver).  In order to have a successful silver farm you need the following:

  • An account thatis loaded with Villa’s
    • Your hero boosts are all maxing out silver production on the right side of the attribute tree for your hero (bare minimum for everything on right side of economy tree and Silver Production and Silver Production II are both maxed out.
    • Equip your hero with gear that doesn’t require a high hero level so you can start producing quickly. I personally like the Chalice and Gold Ring as both of these require an easy hero level to reach and have great silver production boosts
  • A Bank
    • This has been discussed in previous articles on this website so I’m not going to go into granular details. However, in short if your producing silver your combined Villas can only hold a certain amount which is viewable by clicking on one of your Villa’s and seeing the Max City Capacity you can hold.  Once you reach this amount you will not generate any more until you spend it or ship it somewhere else.  That somewhere else is your bank.  Many Alliances have shared banks or you can have your own.  It’s ultimately a Stronghold that you always have shielded so it can’t be hit and you off load your silver farm to when it fills up.

So, you now have a bank with all your Silver and it’s time to trade, but with whom and for how much?

With Who?  This is going to depend on how well you build contacts up that are in the situation of needing silver on a daily basis.  One thing I can tell you to avoid is always posting on Kingdom Chat that you have silver to trade.  You might as well hold up a red flag saying “Watch for my shield to drop and hit me”.  Be discrete and keep it to a consistent circle of people you deal with (this will also lead to both of you cutting each other a break from time to time when you’re in a pinch).

How Much?  The rate of silver to gold fluctuates based on the demand.  A good rule of thumb is 15 million silver will fetch you one 3 day speed up and a 3 day shield will cost you anywhere from 3 – 5 million.  Now, I’ve received 3 day speed up’s for as low as 10 million silver and 3 day shields for as low as 2.5 million.  So, it all depends on the group you trade with and the demand during that given time.  Now that MZ is doing KVK events every weekend this is a good time to get into the silver trading market.

** Note there are a variety of ways you can execute a trade.  My preference is to use a third account (a dead one that isn’t loaded with resources or soldiers).  Send your main Hero out to a tile with one troop then capture that hero from the tile with your dead account.  From your main put a bounty on that empire for lets say 300,000,000 (or whatever the trade is worth).  Now, the person your trading with can attack that empire, release your hero and claim the bounty.  You just traded 300,000,000 silver without getting taxed at all.

(This is Part 4 in the Series of The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars, to see the whole series click here).


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  1. Join warped diplomats In kingdom 1094

  2. XUF3 28540 66269 add me stronghold level 5 or below

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  6. if u have gift mode, can u gift to anyone, or just to ur alliance members?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Just to your alliance members. Doesn’t mean that you can not have anyone join your alliance or you join there alliance and then gift them. So ultimately you can gift anyone along as they are in the same alliance as you.

  7. Brian, They have to have gift mode to send you a speed up

  8. Ok, so she gets her silver; how do I get my 3 day speed up?

  9. So many changes. This is not a game where you can change an account “totally around” in a week. MZ….how about getting back to basics….don’t increase the amount of traps that people can build….that should go with city size…..change the “power” of traps. they should be able to kill troops (barring cores) at a rate of 10 – 1. Make it easy. T1s fight t1s, and all other troops are “discounted” against t1 traps, by a ratio similar, or the same as, their power. So, a t4 troop, not withstanding hero and research boosts, will kill 18 times 1 – t1 trap. equals, 1/2 of a t4 = 36, notwithstanding onagers. The “power loss” idea, is the correct idea, but you must balance a “strong city” that, probably with anti-scout, many will attack anyways, against the power of a large t4 account…….If not, you give either…no incentive for the big guy, or no incentive for the little guy.

  10. Watch the large bounties. There have been reports recently that MZ is taxing large bounties.

    • Lmao thats hilarious. New gear almost weekly. Mz cant figure out what kvkke format to go with. Research event after research event. Taxes on bounties. This is such a great game.

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