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The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars – Part 3 (Timing Events to Your Advantage)

Timing Events to Your Advantage art-of-game-of-war-3

If growing quickly without spending money is important to you then pay close attention to this as it will be your ace in the hole.  In your stronghold city there is an Event box to in the middle right hand portion of the screen which contains four different types of events:

  • Kingdom Event: This is on a 24 hour refresh time and is typically the easiest of the four to achieve with the biggest payout.
  • Alliance Event: This is on a 24 hour refresh time and all members of your alliance contribute towards achieving the tiered prizes as they complete specific tasks within the game.
  • Solo Event: The time for this counter varies but is typically refreshes to a new event every hour.
  • Inferno Solo Event: The time for this counter always refreshes every hour.

** Within each event is three tiers of prize rewards (1,2,3) with prize 3 being the biggest payout.

The goal with events is to time them properly so you can maximize all your tiered prizes at once by utilizing the least amount of speed ups and gold.  If done properly you can not only max out your prizes but the reward is sometimes paying you back everything you spent to achieve them, that’s how you progress quickly through the game.

  • Watch For Overlapping Events: If you plan on doing research always check your event tier prizes and how much time is left before a new event begins. For example if there is only 10 minutes left in a solo event I wait until it refreshes along with the Inferno event (they are usually only 5 minutes behind one another).  Now, you have 50 minutes on both events which as you progress through your training and research you are increasing the reward bar for both, doubling your reward.
  • Read GOW Blog For Upcoming Special Events: Within GOW you can click on the profile button and press the blog icon. This is where you will get all the latest upcoming special events.  Keep a close eye on this as some training and research events have payouts that are so lucrative you will not only get your training and research for free but get paid additional gold for completing them.
  • Don’t Rush To Max Out Your Kingdom Event: The Kingdom event occurs once every 24 hours and it typically always offers the best prizes and has the smallest tier 3 prize objective to reach. So, here is where we take advantage of overlapping events as discussed above and apply that to our advantage.  Throughout the day you would continue to max out your Solo and Inferno Events and stopping once they max out.  When both events refresh continue working on them till your Kingdom Event is capped out.  Remember the key is getting the most value out of your speed ups and gold.

As a final bonus item take note of Dungeon Events.  Keep an eye on the blogs for when these may be coming.  They typically overlap in multiple simultaneous events and all you need to do is stock pile Dark Energy which can be slowly amassed over time.  Again the goal is be patient so don’t go using all your Dark Energy the moment you get it and ALWAYS ATTACK ON MAX ENERGY (50k Dark Energy per hit).


6/11/2015:  Inferno Event max prize was 700,000 and the reward was:

Prize 1

  • 8 hr Speed up x 1
  • 1000 VIP poins

Prize 2

  • 12 Million Silver
  • 600,000 Dark Energy

Prize 3

  • Epic Snow Defense Chest x 25
  • Epic Snow Calvary Chest x 25
  • 7 Day Speed up x 1
  • 35,000 Gold
  • Epic Snow Attach Chest x 25
  • Epic Snow Health Chest x 25

Each max hit in the Dungeon gave you 2500 points and each kill on max attack was 4000. So a quick math formula on how much Dark Energy you needed:

(700,000 (Prize 3) / 2500 (pts per max attack hit)) * 50,000 (cost per max attack hit) = 14,000,000

So, over the past four weeks through acquiring Dark Energy from Athena Gifts, Events, KVK’s, I needed three 600,000 additional Dark Energy packs to get the prize.  Some simple math again:

Each 600,000 pack cost 9500 Gold which is 28,000 Gold (Prize 3 is 35000 Gold).

The end result was that in addition to opening the treasure boxes 8 times I got the following for spending my accumulated Dark Energy and 28,000 Gold:

  • 3 day speed ups x 11 (I technically could stop right here as winning)
  • 55, 000 Gold (35k for prize 3 and another 20k from opening up treasure boxes)
  • 3 hr speed ups x 68
  • 24 hr speed ups x 4
  • I’m not even going to list the millions of resources, chests, gems, etc which I got.  But, this is a very simple yet extremely recent example on how being patient in this game has massive benefits.

(This is Part 3 in the Series of The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars, to see the whole series click here).


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  1. I think it is a good thing that MZ provides different point targets and prizes for inferno events, but what I don’t like is that I almost only get Speed Dungeon Monster inferno events. I have only bought a few 5 USD packs when I started playing, I don’t have this max attack mode, which makes these infernos useless. I have been checking infernos every hour for the last three days, but only got Speed Dungeon Monster events. I am currently 300m, other people with similar power that spent more did get research and training infernos and without those it is very hard to grow. I have a suspicion that MZ is consciously trying to force non/little spenders like myself to either spend big (start buying 100 USD packs regularly) or quit the game. MZ keeps changing things, hopefully they change this back, although most changes are for the worse, clearly for non-spenders, but most changes also hurt spenders, because they require them to keep spending or even increase the spending rate. I recall there were very favorable events in the past, in the beginning of my kingdom I could win gold and 3 day speed ups by just hitting a lvl 4 monster 4 (if I recall correctly) times, and there were casino events that gave me more casino chips for prize 3 than I had to spent to get there, without high roller mode. Construction, research and training events were also a lot more favorable. I personally don’t have the experience, but I can very well imagine it was easily possible to reach 1B without spending much, but I think MZ has closed most loopholes and 1B power is also nothing anymore.

    • Feel the same here! I’m only 45mil power and my infernos have been the speed dungeon for the past 6days!!! Emailed MZ 3 days about it. It is so discouraging to not be able to grow or earn favorable rewards. I upgraded to SH20 hoping it would trigger an inferno reset and even blew through 4mil loyalty points this morning to attempt the impossible dungeon inferno just to have it renew again. Very frustrating! Lost a week of growth, rewards, experience, etc. what hurts the most is I just brought a small pack 2 weeks ago, now that I able ready to use the goodies obtained to grow, I can’t

    • Im at 120 mil in power, I was hitting up several infernos until about 4 or 5 days ago and now all my infernos are speed dungeon… this is very annoying. I was hoping it was just like a power range that influenced the events but now it sounds more like its about how many times you’ve previously completed the events. Its a bit unhanded to punish those that put a thought into growing their power.

  2. Over the last three days, Inferno Solo events are only allowing me 1 point for research increase. Everyone in my alliance and others are getting 5 points. Is there a reason that only get 1 point?

  3. Current inferno that I am seeing is a mere 76 million (mere in that some of the others have been 92 million). The use speeds and get points is a nice canard. 80k points for a 30 day speed. 10 30 day speeds equating to 800k points is not even a drop in the bucket.

  4. Farm-Sell-Build-Farm, that’s currently our way to grow. Still plenty trap/farm accounts loaded with rss in 8 months old server :(((

  5. Our alliance events are no longer 24 hours but only 6. Is this not true if all kingdoms? Am in 192.

  6. The art of training troops during infernos to earn speeds or gold should prolly be takin out of this guide as far as timing events since troop training infernos dont excist anymore. The infernos that do offer troop training is a joke to train troops during those cause they are inflated by 5x research events which seem to dominate the game atm. Guess we’ll have to find ways to fight people with research instead of troops lol.

    • Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

      Hey smoke it was only 2 months ag the overlapping training events occurred which were offering 45 Pts per t4 and 25 per t3 so I think it’s a little hasty to say they are gone. Maybe few and far between but that’s why we have to try our best and be patient (which is hard as hell).

      • I would really like to see that again or at least just do away with 5x research not sure why thats something there doing people should be able to choose between training troops or research. Not practically forced into just doing research for 2 months straight.

  7. MZ segregates inferno events. I have multiple players in my alliance of different powers at SH 21. Some have Prize 3 infernos with only 16m point requirements, I have 39.575m point requirements, and another has 49m points needed.
    Not everyone gets the same inferno but some how we all share the same leaderboard. MZ is segregating these infernos either by: Power level or $ Spent by the player. The billionaire powers all seem to have higher inferno requirements and have also spent the most. I’m in the 400m power range and have an in between requirement, and the 120m power SH 21 has the easiest inferno and also still can but $20 packs.

    Also the KvK events have gotten out of hand. Whenever I finish a KvK research for example, just barely hitting prize gets me leaderboarded in the top 30. KvK research events that require 275m points (55m real research power) is not that easy to come by. You are looking at 7-9 researches between 6-8m in power (level 10 early defense tree stuff) which require over 300d @ 305% research boost. Even then knocked down with 25 alliance helps you’re looking at 210-220d of speed ups required per research. So essentially you need 1500-1600d of speed ups returned between KvK and infernos, which is hard to come by. The 39.575m research infernos rewards around 200d back.

    The defense tree is one of the highest PPM (power per minute – of time required to speed up) research trees.

    MZ not giving uniform events is unethical in my opinion. Why do I have to do a 39.575m inferno while someone else gets a 16m inferno when we share the same leaderboard?

    • It’s giving the smaller players a chance to complete infernos. Would you rather everyone have 65 mil point infernos (that’s what mine generally are)? Plus the prizes aren’t the same. My infernos give out 64 Blue Flames, 64 Gold Flakes, and 64 Demon Tails.

      My SH 21 turtle only has inferno point requirements of 20 mil but it doesn’t include any of those material prizes. It still gives decent gold.

  8. Lately i tried to complete one inferno event once in a while. I make sure i got all the rss and speedups before i start the event (helps not included). Then i wait for the right events combined at the same time. Patience and preparation is key. Never waste speed ups on anything besides those events you really push for.

    That way you can get par example to a 3rd prize solo and 2nd prize kvk at the same time and win quite some of your used speed ups and gold back.

  9. I ve spend 20 dollars on this game, i m 1b+ with 85M kill, so it s possible

    Instagram: louix_82

    • You will zero yourself. I’m 1b with more kills than you and I know it used to bpossible but not anymore. Mz changed too much the events. FYI I spent 0 and I’m quitting the game cause it’s not possible play at a competitive level for free.

  10. I’m not sure why you opened treasure boxes 8 times? In order to gain 700k points you need to kill the dragon 26 times.

  11. I think your math is wrong. 14 million points is not 3x600k. The gold required for 700k points is 22x600k de energy packs, or 209k gold. Looks like you win back only about 15% give or take. The dark energy events have generally sucked and the old casino was waaaaaayyy better

    • MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

      The gold price was for the difference between the dark energy they already had , and the total energy they needed to complete the event . As stated in the very brief article, they stockpiled dark energy for 4 weeks and only bought the difference in gold because it resulted in gold profit after the event, even if they didnt collect any gold from treasure chests whatsoever

      • Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

        Thanks for saving me the time on the response moremoney. Mz is making people think more now with events. You have to break down your odds before going into it. Plenty of times you come out on top by investing a little.

    • I agree with burner…It’s really not proftble event..payouts are really far from worth it. He mentioned he only needed 3 600k dark energy wich means he had in hands 11450000 dark energy and you really cant get it in a few weeks..more like months. At the end of the day, if you wanna play the game wihtout spend lots of money you must be a solo turtle or you must not fight at all cause if you join rallies and lose troops, play smart and be patient is no longer sustainble. There’s no more good event and seems MZ will never release them again..they pushed hard this time..no matter how smart you are and how well you know mechanics game, you still need to spend to play the game fighthing..

      • The article isn’t how to play without spending, but how to play without spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, it is still possible, yesterday they had really great infernos, that made maxing kvk very possible even for sh21 who usu have crazy high points requirements

      • Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

        beg to differ Fernando. I did achieve it all in 4 weeks flat…every kingdom event for over two weeks straight was offering 250k, then Athena gifts, alliance gifts all stock piled and I spent 30k gold on the difference and prize 3 was 35k gold. That plus all gold earned from hits resulted in insane profits… I feel your pain as Ive only been playing this game for a year and sounds like you’ve been around much longer. So I’m sure your use to dats when things weren’t so stingy. Since that’s all I’m familiar with these are the things I’ve learned in my time in the game and I’m sure that’s frustrating when your use to different times. We must remember mz doesn’t get Super Bowl halftime commercials by giving us things for free.

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