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The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars – Part 2 (Joining the Right Alliance)

art-of-game-of-war-2Joining the Right Alliance

One of the most critical pieces towards being successful in GOW and keeping up with the daily demands your stronghold needs without constantly spending money is being part of a good Alliance.  Many think that the primary objective of joining a powerful alliance is for protection, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Landing in a good alliance with a high gift level will allow you to reap the rewards of earning free gifts, access to alliance quests and assistance towards building and research speed ups.  Below we will cover how to spot a good alliance and what to look for once you’re in to determine if its members are active enough.   First we will review three telltale indicators to look for before applying:

  • Current Gift Level (Access this by clicking on a player’s stronghold>Select Profile> Click Alliance in upper right of screen):  This is a pretty simple formula because higher gift level equals better free gifts.  As a rule of thumb, gifts start to get a lot better at level 15 or higher.
  • Number of Members: Each alliance can have up to 100 members and therefore the more members equates to more people contributing to earning free gifts for the alliance and helping you speed up your research and builds.
  • Do they have an Alliance City:  Alliance City was only added to the game about three months ago but for an up and coming member if you find yourself in an Alliance which has a “Hall of Quests” built in their Alliance City, you just hit gold.  The Hall is very similar to your daily quests you receive every five hours but with a twist as the resource payouts are much larger through the Hall of Quests.

** Note that most Alliances with high gift levels will have a minimum power requirement and may ask you to join a Sister Alliance until you meet the requirements.  This isn’t a bad thing as the main Alliance typically provides assistance to help their lower alliances grow quickly.

So, you landed in the Alliance you applied to but now you need to start investigating whether or not it’s still an active Alliance.  The below outline a few of the main things to look for to answer this question for you.

  • Are all the members active:  Having an active Alliance where members aren’t all over 100 million in power is far better than a not so active group of 500 million + members.  Remember, the more active your Alliance members are, the more you all benefit from it.
  • Are members all slaying monsters:  Killing monsters is one of the largest contributions members can bring to an Alliance.  Every time a member kills a monster every member is awarded a free gift.  Each time a member opens and collects this gift (which is on a 24 hour expiration clock the moment you receive it) it raises your Alliances gift counter.  The gift counter is what raises your Alliance gift level and as mentioned above the higher the gift level the better the free gift you receive.

Large alliances can easily contribute over 100 free gifts a day.  Do the math as that adds up to lots of free items that help you grow without you spending any cash to purchase packs.

  • Do members in your alliance purchase packs:  If you are lucky enough to be part of an Alliance whose members like spending money then you will receive free Gold, Platinum, and Bronze (or better) gifts which are typically nice gifts.  Each time a member purchases a pack each member is rewarded a free gift which again once opened contributes to raising your Alliance gift level bar.
  • Do members chat often in Alliance Chat:   A good Alliance is a talkative Alliance.  This not only helps pass time quickly in the game but also provides a valuable knowledge base to share information about the game between members.  GOW has so many tricks that sharing information is one of the key aspects to learning all the trade secrets.
  • Do members share Resources:  Everyone runs short on these things from time to time and being part of a group that wants its members to succeed will not be a selfish when it comes to sending members what they need.

** Don’t be a mooch who just keeps asking for resources every time your online as most members get tired of this and will eventually kick you.  Gather resources on your own and share what you don’t need with others and you will find you will never be short on help in your Alliance.

GOW has designed their gaming platform around teamwork.  Therefore, landing in a large group of active members is a vital piece to not only growing in power but also preventing you from spending an excessive amount of cash.

(This is Part 2 in the Series of The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars, to see the whole series click here).


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  1. I’m looking for a teaching alliance. How do you contact the people who post comments?

  2. How about make it a little less expensive research not so hard and do away with kvk and just open all of them to one another and see what we do with it we spend a lot of money to play we should make our own rules it might be good for gow I know it would be good for us thanks

  3. Hi I am looking for a good alliance to join.I am fairly new to the game.What is considered an active player.I am five mil power and growing daily.I dont like the alliance i am in and would like to be in a more active one.My leader just says stay shieled all the time and doesnt train or teach.Let me know if you are interested in recruitimg me into your alliance.

  4. Basically this article is explaining how to mooch off the gifts of real players. I have dealt with a lot of moochers and they rarely ever help in return so we screen moochers first than inactive players these days.

    • contact me if you wish.. i joined an alliace 3 months ago.. quite chatty and supportive ive grow over 20m power… we are active and have our own events.

  5. Where’s pt1? I just found this! So great to have this, thank you!!

  6. Where is part 3,4 & 5?

  7. When might Part III be coming out?? I’m in a inactive (DEAD Actually) Alliance and gotta find a new ACTIVE ALLIANCE. Thanks for the tips. THEY WORK – Thanks Muchly

  8. I love this series! And as an alliance leader, I am always looking for active players! Any ‘secrets’ to that?

    • Tell mz to do away with guardian peace shield and junk events and people might actually play lol

      • wasn’t the guardian peace shield supposed to be for protecting kingdoms?

      • We are still recruiting player,, no minimum power reqiured, we only want active player, and best thing in our kingdom is no purging to those actively play. We are at 324:164:1016 wWC

      • I almost forgot, pls reply to this (for those who interested) to guide you, we need good playing beginners. We can also teach you and help you.

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