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The Art of Playing Game of War Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars – Part 1 (Introduction)


Game of War is a very addictive game and as a result can become quite expensive as the game progresses and you want to advance.  This will be a five part series where I go in depth on various methods of earning virtual commodities in the game plus credits outside the game that can be applied toward itune/google marketplace credits.  Below are a few of the individual topics which would each be covered in depth and on a more granular level:

  1. Joining The Right Alliance:  Many feel getting into the most powerful alliances are the only way to progress, they couldn’t be further from the truth.  Some of your less powerful alliances have higher gift levels with more active members which in turn allows you to receive more gifts and helps.  The purpose of this topic will be guiding individuals on what to look for both before applying to alliances and what the keep an eye on once accepted to determine if you made the right choice.
  2. Timing Events To Your Advantage: It’s one of the easiest ways to progress in the game.  By being patient and waiting for special event day’s (such as overlapping inferno/solo events, training events, etc) you can not only earn gold and speed ups but acquire troops and research for free at the same time.  I would cover several examples and explain the math behind achieving the perfect results that pay you rather than the other way around.
  3. The Art of Trading within GOW:  This would provide in depth details on crafting secondary accounts tailored to silver and other rss (resources).  The basis is the proper way to seek out trading partners/alliances, different methods of trade exchanges to avoid losing rss by getting taxed, how to keep tabs on the daily silver exchange to gold rate to ensure you are getting the most for your silver.
  4. Don’t Rush To Level 21 Strong Hold: Another misconception in this game is that you need to rush to SH21.  What many people don’t stop and look at is there are a few specific levels that if you stay at for a while have the best payouts and easiest to reach prize levels for events.  I will cover a few of these levels and provide examples of the payouts.
  5. Easy ways to earn itune/google credits:  As I mentioned the game is addicting and you do eventually need to bite the bullet and get packs.  The key is avoid spending cash out of your.  I plan on covering several safe survey apps which provide easy and quick payouts that you can have directly applied towards itune or google marketplace credits.

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  1. Right now I’m getting inferno with spending USD 1 cent and prize3 is 490. Obviously MZ try to make me to purchase $4.99pack. I am SH 21 with 150 mil power. While other SH21 are getting research inferno, the account didn’t buy $4.99 get money spending inferno. Is that right MZ target non spending account and deliver different inferno to urge purchase?

  2. Profile photo of Redsnapr1

    I have a few tips that will help the smaller players. I wish someone would have told me these things way earlier I could have saved so much money, gold and speeds!
    1. collect all alliance gifts. use the alliance funds to buy your higher gold items you use like ports,and monster attack boosts.
    2. try to finish all infernos. BEFORE collecting on the rewards buy and activate a 25% xp boost.
    3. when you do the infernos go to a help alliance so you get 25 helps and lower your days for research. go to the More page, search, alliance, enter help or helps and look for one with a high member count. read the requirements!
    4. Save all the free quest resets that you get from the alliance gifts for when you use this bonus.
    5. use the Speed Dungeon but use it on Max Attack. don’t bother with Normal attack. you get A LOT of smaller speeds, I have over 2000 15min and 1hr and 300 3hrs right now. Max gives 11 or 22 of each at a time.
    6. you can buy speeds bundles from the MZ Items store. just look under treasures, it saves gold. the medium and big bundles are best of course.
    7. fight World Monsters on Max Attack. you get more items and XP.
    8. to save time go to your options and switch off notifications for refine and combine.
    9. don’t scout players from the bigger alliances, most times its considered an act of war and they will hit you back!
    10. FIND A GOOD ALLIANCE! I didn’t learn crap my first 3 alliances now im in a great one.
    ask questions!!

  3. #BULLLLLLLLLSHIT. Spend money like the rest of us…cuz let’s face it. In GoW if you’re a player that doesn’t spend money and you just choose to piggyback off the spenders, you’re going to get annihilated. If you’re in a small alliance, you will get zeroed as soon as your shield drops. That’s the bottom line. Spend money or get smoked. GoW may be free to play, but it’s definitely pay to win. Join the dark side. Spend the cash.

  4. When will the number 5: topic Easy ways to earn itune/google credits: be discussed?

  5. Looking for information on turtle accs

  6. I’ve spent $25 on my main, but I rushed to SH21 and now must wait 3 months before I can build anything. It sucks. Also I lose ha my troops every Ke

  7. personally I’m interested in tip 4.Don’t Rush To Level 21 Strong Hold: Another misconception in this game is that you need to rush to SH21. What many people don’t stop and look at is there are a few specific levels that if you stay at for a while have the best payouts and easiest to reach prize levels for events. I will cover a few of these levels and provide examples of the payouts

  8. Actually, it was very possible to grow big without buying. I have a 4b SH by playing events right & selling rss for speed ups. Fighting tends to slow A LOT your progression, as lots of troops are killed constantly. And let’s be honest, events payouts are nerfed by at least 5% every month. There are still occasional “troops for free” first prizes infernos, but they are so rare and random I wouldn’t count on them.
    Rss prices are dropping since the gold packs offer so many rss, so yes, it’s possible, but harder and harder to keep up with spenders. Which is logical, MZ isn’t in charity business.

  9. I have played in mutiple kingdoms. ..at one time I was so pissed at mz I gave away every acount I had …but that didn’t last long and I came back..point is…as for spending money on gow…… It’s absolutely a necessity ..and it is expensive. .. .but… so is golf and I have never herd of a good coarse with free greens


  10. I’m asking you please do not post anything regarding events. Someone already posted a guide on how to profit from events then a few days later MZ nerfs them so you can’t profit anymore. the person who posted the guide now has to resort to selling farms to fund his GOW account because of the nerf.

    • Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

      I’ve yet to see mz do anything with their events other than try and pull bait and switch techniques.. Lure you in on a good one then starve you with a bunch of crap ones. If your friend posted something please post hyper link in here as I would like to read their post. My article isn’t going to be giving up any top secret info. But it’s knowledge most of us didn’t know till we were already fully addicted. So this will help new comers as well as those already playing who aren’t familiar with all their options. Kingdoms without growing newbies = dead kingdoms. So this is designed to help all power levels out.

  11. Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

    Hey everyone, I’m glad to see people both interested and skeptical to this write up. I can assure you if you feel it costs $100 to get to 100mil then you can definitely get good pointers from this. Unless that is you rushed to level 21 stronghold. So, keep an eye out as we release each topic in further detail. Also, this game has lots of tips and tricks so I encourage feedback and additional recommendations as the articles are released.

  12. I want to know what their going to do about old kingdoms, not many people are active and it sucks, I spent a ton of money and I’m stuck, they need to merge kingdoms or idk do something, hell you can buy a 4 billion power account for 500$ in my kingdom. Ps the guy that said he didn’t spend anything on 500 million power The people that helped you spent lol

  13. Yeah, it can save you some money by killing your time? Hundred of dollars? thousands are more correct? the current price tag is $100 for 100m power or so. Take it or leave it, no shortcut.

    MZ ruled this game, no matter how smart or cheap you are 🙂

    • Your an idiot I’m currently 500m with full t4 and I haven’t spent a penny yet I continue to grow with timing events and trading.

      • How many kills u have? I’m 1b and didn’t spend a dime too, but I am actually not growing, just rebuilding since every ke I lose like 60m power. Grow for free if you fight is impossible.

      • Hi, I started playing recently, I need guidance on how to progress. R u willing to mentor me? I want to play and grow, but hadn’t spent any rl Monet so far.
        Is there a way to get a kick or line acc for u to mentor new players and answer questions?

      • Lol, keep watching the timers, don’t you? Huggers


      • Nice try troll. If you didn’t spend anything, then someone spent thousands on you via gifting.

        Also it’s impossible to get any level 6 set gear worth a shit without dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

        Events have not paid out positively in months (since NYE)

      • Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

        I pulled in close to 350k gold amongst other good stuff just over a month ago…since then there’s been a few here and there that broke even…it’s still very possibly. Since that troop training event there were two more but garbage in my opinion….gotta be patient if you don’t want to keep jumping in your pockets. By the way I only have one farm ….anything more is great but a job to manage in my opinion

      • So you’re not SH 21 and in terms of power, 350k gold is not much of help tho..Plus, 350k gold in a month..thats really a huge period..with my training troops setup I do 18k T4 in 3 days..and thats a badass setup already..350k gold means around 80 3 days and that means around 1.4m t4 which is around 50m power..than, back to the point, if you fight, you’re definitivly not growing, right the oposite since losses per month are way bigger than 50m power..who wanna play for free and fight thats not the game you seek..try another!

      • Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

        Hey Fernando, I think your your going on one extreme side here. Again a piece of the title “Without Spending Hundreds”. I’m about $200 into the game but I have what most spend $500-$600 to get. So let’s not lose focus and remember these are intended to not go broke while growing. Which if you truly feel is impossible I feel bad for your wallet because it’s totally possible to attack and play often while growing. Heck I’ve got a 40mil account with 16mil kills that costed me $5(taken hits from 1bil players a few times with it). Also that $200 is between all three of my accounts.

        This is a guide for those who don’t know all the tricks and aren’t interested in spending a thousand bucks yet want to enjoy the game.

  14. Bro, it’s actually impossible play for free. I used to do that..I remember some training troops many months ago paying like 200 days, and all I needed to complete it was like 100 days max with t3..t4 could make it even better in terms of speeds but rss was really expensive thing back in the day..mz “fixed” it making training troops worse but yet you could end up profitting playing smart, but actually as this dude just said, we dont have research events…to play for free, need lots of full built farms, and yet you wont be able to even rebuild troops lost on combat with such crap events..and honestly, if your reply is make more farms or something like that, that would cost so much time that you could even work more on real life and buy packs instead of dedicate so much time on a game just to play for free..truth is, if you wanna be competitive, you must spend or find another game to play.

  15. If I cancel a build do I lose all the resources?

  16. Do troop training infernos even exist anymore? I havent seen one in my kingdom for almost 17 days. Honestly if they have done away with those whats the point in playing? You cant fight someone with research.

    • Profile photo of The Wolf Pak

      Last really good troop training event was over a month ago..kingdom, solo, and inferno all back to back throught the day and giving 25 Pts per t3 and 45pts per t4 …..those are the money makers to look for…it lasted 4 days and was followed by a research event…it’s been a drought since, which is typical mz….

  17. This is a much needed topic useful to anybody. Can’t wait to read the rest!

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